Today I was inspired by a few people, and started poking around my yarn bins and got out some yarn to make slouchy hats! Y’all know me though. Can’t just find a pattern and do that.  So I went poking around, and I’ve incorporated like three patterns into what I think will make a nice end result! I am working in Homespun yarn in the color Waterfall, and so far it is coming out just lovely! Already have two kiddo’s ready to grab it as soon as it’s off the needles, but I have news for them!  This one is going to be mine all mine…. until one of them snitches it straight away from me! LOL

In other news…. I got a copy of The Opinionated Knitter finally!!! That only took 9 years! LOL I remember waaaayyy back when it first came out and the KnitBabySurprise group had aaaaaaalll kinds of cool knit-a-longs, and now that I have my copy I am ready to dive in and work on a couple of the sweaters in there! And all the Elizabeth Zimmermann stories in there just take me right back to when I got my copy of Knitters Almanac! It’s like, you don’t need a pattern at all! You just sit down and read an EZ story, and you are just inspired to get out your needles and TRY things… on a whim like that! And amazingly you CAN knit pretty things without following patterns!!!! I love EZ!!!!!

In around the house stuff… I’ve moved my desk around, and boy oh boy is it ever weird!!!! For the past 11 months mine and the girls desks have been in an L shape around the edges of the room, I was facing west, and now we’ve swung my desk sideways and added another desk to that (more space for the printer and scanner ~and my loom, but don’t tell no one I’m planning on setting that up here too! shhhhh!~) so now when I come into the room it’s like all of my stuff is on this one side, and I can get to everything so easily! Weaving on one side, spinning wheels on the other! Yarn bins in a more better spot then they were! And I am now facing north!!!! I love it! It’s taken me a looooong time to get used to this CO space we’re in, and for months and months my internal compass has just been messed up!!!! And yeah, I know the mountains are in the west, but we are just far enough away from it, and cutting back in to the back roads here on the plains kinda swings you around a bit, so I was all mixed up for a while.  It has taken a lot of meditating, and constant rechecking myself to get used to it! FL was much easier. 😛

And in just two very short weeks we are coming up on our one year anniversary of our move here! I remember packing the moving truck while watching 4th of July fireworks over our rooftop in FL.  And then after the fireworks were over, dh and me just kept loading boxes, and all of our stuff onto the truck for hours and hours and hours into the darkest parts of the morning. I remember about 4:30 in the morning on the 5th falling asleep on our living room floor and crashing, because there was just no furniture left in the house. Oh my goodness was that ever thee roughest four or five days of our lives!!!!  We should celebrate somehow that we don’t have to do that again any time soon! Haha!


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