Start, Stop

I have started four blogs over the past week, and none of them got published because I just keep thinking of more things to add, and then I drift away to something, and never get back to finishing. So here’s what I’m gonna do to quit that. Short to the point with one or two pics and Bam!ย  That’s what I’ve got for the day. Lets see if I can get back in the groove of blogging things, because I just looked through last years appointment book, and really, that’s all the memories I have of last year is 52 weeks of 5-12 appointments a week. Pretty sad eh? I need knitting and crafting memories. So here we go (she says again. blah)

What I’m working on right this minute! Like right now, today! I’ve started a third Six Day Kid Blanket! I cannot show the first two yet, because they are baby shower presents, but here is the twin size one (11 points) that I am currently working on, and the four colors I am using.


20190413_181301 20190413_181427


And I am also spinning up a lot of my white fibers, because Easter is coming!!!! And Easter means fiber dying, but this year I want to dye some natural yarns I got from Knit Picks about five years ago or more, and I figured I do at least a couple of my own skeins as well and see how it goes. And then yeah, I think I’ll dye the rest of my white fiber in vivid colors also!




At the beginning of this week I worked on boodles and boodles of woven stuffed hearts. Now I am just working on red, pink, bright pink, purple, and white hearts. Gotta have those solid colors for people who don’t think blue, yellow, or orange hearts are acceptable for selling. Chatted with a guy waiting in the dr’s office the other day that didn’t understand why I was making a grey and dark red heart. He didn’t think that was very acceptable, but I told him, to my friend that went to Ohio State that those were extremely acceptable colors! You bring fooooozeball colors into it, and suddenly his eyes were opened! lol So now I have a total of 78 hearts ready, and if I can get that up to around 150 in the next couple of weeks, I will feel more ready for craft fairs. Little things like these hearts, and hair clips, and dishcloths sell out so quickly. I’m gonna try to keep ahead of the curve this year.




Charity knitting: I’m working on three more pairs of slippers for the Pink Slipper Project. My second set of three this year. And I have a couple dozen baby hats going out to a hospital in Detroit that was all out of baby boy hats and preemie items. So this is my first round of goodness to them, and I’m working on another package that will hopefully go out in May or June.




And in other news, yesterday was Troy’s last day of work! Same company for 28+ years. It’s a big step for him. They made it easy leaving, by playing head games with him right up to the bitter end.ย  Funny thing is, he’s still considering helping them, because a few of the customers that he’s done tech support forย over the past 20+ years are pretty much going to be left hanging. New chuckle heads have already messed up a few times trying to “help” them. So it should be an interesting next few months to see if the guys at the office actually try to call, or if they just let the customers stay stuck. Other funny thing is, most of the companies have our home phone number. I know we will at the very least hear from them, but we are under no obligation to help, because they are under contract with the company Troy used to work for, and no one has ever offered to help us, not in overtime, or bonuses, or “hey you saved our asses and databases. Thank you!” Imagine that. 28+ years and not even a thank you! So yeah, I’m really glad he’s done.

He has an appointment with his surgeons two weeks from now, and we’re going to start the neck surgeries first, and then three back surgeries, and then hip replacements sometime next year or the year after. And we found out this week Austin also needs a surgery. Not horribly critical, but he can’t do any lifting of anything over 10 or so pounds, and no physical work for the next few weeks until the dr’s ok things. So yeah, I’m up to my armpits in surgery dates for the time being.

And that’s about all I have time to doย for now, because I was just going to walk away and come back to it, but since I already have a bunch of those posts I’m just going to get this one up before I step away again! ๐Ÿ˜›



So much going on…

Well, last week my new vacuum came in! We got the Shark Pro, and thank you to the three out of six people that recommended that!!! Oh my goodness, the first day we had it was like WOW, and then the second and third day were great, and then I had to clean the brush roller, and I was expecting at least the normal struggle and maybe having to take it apart a bit.ย  But nope! The brush is not driven by a belt to the one side of it or anything like that, that I can see.The spaces between the brush rollers are nice and wide, so I can get in there and chop the hair, and get it cleaned out easily! Only ONE dust cup to empty out, and not three like the Bissell had. AND the hoses all click into place, so no loose wandering parts blowing dust everywhere like the Dirt Devil (that totally lives up to it’s name)!

In knitting news… I’ve been working away at baby hats, and that beach ball blanket! Ohhh, all the pretties I will have to share soon! I am totally loving the yarn I am using too. I know I know it’s just a plain ol plain ol acrylic, but I got soooo many new (to me) colors when we went to Hobby Lobby.ย  It’s great not just using the same ol same ol. I do have to keep my whites straight now though. I’ve gotten two skeins of “soft white” to use on the blanket, and then I have some plain ol “white” to use on the hats. If I get them mixed up then I’m gonna run short on the blanket yarn. So now I am toting around multiple project bags to keep those separate.

In weaving news… I got my belt loom warped up with I Love This Yarn Colors in the color Sorbet Ribbon, and on the outside edges of that I have two warps of cream color in a slightly thicker yarn, which I’m also using as the weft!ย  Oh my gosh, is it ever turning out sooooo very pretty! I think I am going to cut it up and make pouches out of it! Yes, I have plans!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Other than that… summer has pretty much kicked in here!ย  We have computer-y geekness stuff going on! Yaaayy for more hashes, and blocks, and crypto stuff! Yaayyy, for the new game LandMark and all the interesting architecture going on there! Check out this youtube from Ara showing some of the better builds! They chose dark elves as the next race of things that they’re working on for EverQuest though. I was sooo hoping for Dwarfs! I want my chunky clunky dwarven claim inspected!!!! Still working on some of the more detailed things, but for the most part things are coming along great!

And we have yet another kiddo taking the Rubik Cube challenge!!! I swear by the end of the year everyone in this house is going to be able to solve that thing lickitysplit, except for me! I have to totally understand how it falls back together, I can’t just make things line up and not understand how I made it happen! And there are sooooo many ways you can mess it up, and to be able to crank it this way and that and get it to fix… well, I can’t wrap my head around it just yet. I need to practice more I guess. Wish me luck!


Norhtern Living

I tell you what, I have never had to go through all this putting the winter stuff away, and hauling out the summer stuff.ย  How do northerners do this every year???? Gahhh! And on top of all that, we are going through the yard and doing this whole tumbleweed clean up!!! We saw some neighbors the other day just sticking theirs over the fence line, and letting them blow away. For the past four weeks we’ve been taking the ones out of our garage (giant open building we now refer to as the Catchers Mitt for tumbleweeds) and stuffing them in our dumpster, just to have them out of here. Well, they keep blowing in, so we filled the dumpster as best as we could, and then I told the kiddo’s to just start chucking them over the fence just like the rest of the neighborhood. This morning all of the ones we put over the fence are gone, and I have half a mind to go put some more over the fence too! But maybe next week after I recover from the two hours of clean up we did yesterday. ๐Ÿ˜›

The good thing about getting rid of a lot of them, under the trees that line our driveway there are boodles of Lilies!!! I was soooo happy when we uncovered them! I was missing the orange and white ones we had in FL sooo bad this year, and with the late snow I was for certain everything around these parts was just going to be dead dead dead!ย  So, the one side of our driveway is lined with dandelions, and the other side is lined with Lilies!!! And NO I don’t kill dandelions!!! Did you know that during the great depression they were actually a wonderful and sustainable weed?ย  You can make dandelion tea, and soup, and eat the greens and everything!!! Not saying I’m going to do that with anything I park my car over, or near…. but I tell you what! If I were ever starving to death… I would not give one hoot! I would eat them before I ate a tumbleweed. LOL

On the needles… last 15 rows of the chevron blanket, and then that is going up on the store! I’ve also been working on fingerless mitts while we’ve been watching Breaking Bad. I have an idea for the store for Fall! I’m going to make the prettier colored mitts all fancy with lace. I’m going to make a lot more hats too. Those will be perfect summer projects! I’m done with having blankets on my lap for a bit. At least til we get the AC hooked back up, and I can sit next to it while working on them.

Yeah I’m blog slackin again, BUT….

I guess I’m not slacking in real life, and that’s what counts sometimes, right?

10 yo dd is on lesson #67 of Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (our third year going through this book with her), and she is really really getting it this year!ย  She’s reading like a pro!!!! And then I realized that… she the last kiddo’s I have to learn how to read. /cry! My babies are growing uuuuuupp!!!! So since she is doing sooo very well, I splurged and got her one of those big “I can read” story books from the store.ย  It has like six or seven stories in it, and now she is loving going off to her own little corner to read a book just like her brothers. ๐Ÿ˜€

I found out some knowledgeable things about home schooling here in CO, and will hopefully will be joining and umbrella school here shortly. You do all of your attendance and reporting to them, and send them samples of the work, and then they do all the paperwork with your school district! Yayy, easy peasy!!! Still keeping my own records and stuff though. Been doing it for around 15 years now, and I guess it’s kind of a cool little family history to go back and read all my weekly home school logs.

Our plants are doing wonderful!!! I lost a few kale, and some of the spinach, and all of the dill, and chives. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It was just too cold still, even indoors, and they weren’t getting the proper light. But now we have lights set up in the basement, and the weather is hopefully going to stay in the 50’s and 60’s during the day. And then in about three or four weeks we will be moving them outside gradually!!!! Wootness, ~~~garden~~~!!!!!! Once the temps are good we’ll try more of the herbs again.

And then today, I got out a boodle of squares I have sitting around, and I am putting together my fourth baby blanket of the day! Number three still needs some edging too, but one and two are totally finished, and ready to send out! I cannot believe four blankets in one day! Woot! Now I just need to update my Etsy tomorrow to make some $$$ to send these things out to the hospitals!!! Round and round we go!

And that is the quick and easy update. I should have lots of pictures to share by the end of the week!


The knitting stuff…

Yep it’s picture blogging time!!! Got my new items posted to my Etsy, and now for all the behind the scenes stuff here. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Here are the two headbands, that I finished up last week for the shop…


Cassie loooves the buttons on this one and wouldn’t let me post it for sale til I showed her I still had six more of this type of button. LOL


Now that winter is almost over though, I need to start working on more summery things. Market bags, stuff for around the house, maybe some knit aprons, and of course a boodle of baby things.

Here is some of the give away things I’ve worked on over the last couple of weeks. Baby hats, and some more hearts, and a pair of purple mitts all made while traveling north of here in the van this week. 10+ hour round trip makes for lots of good knits. Everyone really really loves how the purple multi color hearts turned out. I’m going to have to make some more of them. But that was the last little end of that skein, so first I’m going to have to find more yarn.


Here’s a look into my little weaving bag that I took on the road. Lots of little ends of yarn to use up!


Another project I started, that I don’t know if I want to give-a-way, or if I should try and sell it on the shop (eventually everything that doesn’t sell on the shop is going to get given away anyhow. I don’t like things to sit. I like them to be used. :-P) A log cabin blanket! Nope, I didn’t do a picture square in the middle this time. Just picked up some yarn scraps from the pretzel barrels and started this. My idea is to do dark color/light color of the whole Roy G Biv of the rainbow. What’s in my head is usually more vibrant than what comes off the ends of my needles though. ๐Ÿ˜›


There were still some scraps left over from each section, so I started this shawl. I have so many of these easy bottom up shawls that just hang all around the house, and you can just grab one and warm up if you’re chilly. So I decided what better way to use up rainbow scraps that are going into a blanket, then to finish the last wee little scraps of yarn up with this. Total scrap balls of yarn used up this past week from doing this, and the hearts… seven! Makin a dent in the stash! Woohoo!


And then another shawl that will most likely be put up on the shop.ย  A simple light weight summer yarn, knit into a simple lace shawl. Been working on this since around October of last year. Sure will be nice to get it finished up and off the needles.


And then I have another scrappy project. I’m just going to knit up, all random like, all the worsted weight acrylic out of my pretzel barrels into these strips, and then eventually seam them all together into a baby blanket/lapghan. Total randomness, and plenty colorful! One of the kiddo’s might end up nabbing this one.


And here is Cassie’s first ever crocheted house slippers!!! She started kind of making leg warmers, but then wanted to add a foot to them. So we went through many patterns trying to find a top down crocheted slipper. There are hardly any out there! And none that really fit what we were trying to do. So she ended up doing the foot part for that first one, and then added it to the purple leg part. Then she started the second one toe up. What a smartie!!!!ย  I told her that for her first ever try at this, she is doing amazing, and if she starts a second pair (which she is already contemplating colors for), she will have learned from all the mistakes she had on this pair. Figuring out heels and toes was a bit crazy for her, but I just kept helping her try and see she was doing it perfectly ok. But she ripped back quite a few times before she could see what I was telling her would all be ok.


And that’s about all for knitting/crafting stuff today. Tomorrow I’ll do a gardening blog. In the past week we’ve planted our seed start trays, and then kapow everything came up gangbusters. 5-7 day germination time. NOT!!!! Today we used up the last of the bagged dirt we had, and some new half gallon pots to transplant a lot of them. Still got more to do, but we lack the good soil til the weekend! Or until something in my shop sells. ๐Ÿ˜› Either way, more pics tomorrow!


And Another Week Goes By!!!

I swear this year is going by unnaturally fast!!! Well, last Friday my computer fried right in the middle of my posting things to Etsy.ย  So I was without it for three days, and went a little bonkers wondering if the things I did get posted were selling, and I just didn’t know it because I couldn’t get on! But dh cobbled me together a Frankenstein computer out of old parts (which surprisingly were better than most of the parts in my old computer, so I have a bit of an upgrade here. LOL), and got everything loaded so I could at least have email, and internet, and a way to bugger with pictures.

And YES, I finally made my first official Etsy sales, and they are being mailed out today (in ‘feels like’ -18 degree weather. Gahh!!! Good thing the post office is just a block away) The first official sales were the three sets of mitts with hearts on them! Now I only have three sets more left in stock, so I think I had better make at least a few more. Maybe white ones with pastel colored hearts on them, so I can also market them as wedding items, and I’ll keep them listed through July. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am also going to try to have at least a few new items every week. I figure if I post regularly, new items every Friday, then I’ll have people hopping back to my page to see the new items on a regular basis. My oldest dd also has a little spot on my shop in the side bar.ย  Just click Cassie’s Corner to look at/buy things she makes. Shes helping me with looking up description words to add to her stuff for better marketing. If anything, we can count this as more home school stuff. Figuring out how much to charge, and what Etsy will take off the top, and how much for shipping, and looking up where items are shipped to as geography lessons, seeing how other people market their items, and photography (which I suck at btw :-D). But all wonderful home school lessons even if she doesn’t sell anything. But shes talented, so I am sure she eventually will.

In other knitting news… I am making many hats and hearts to send to a boodle of hospitals this month and next!ย  They are coming out sooo freakin cute!!!! I cannot wait to put pictures of them here! I am so glad I got that heart loom last month! I can think of a gazillion ideas to add hearts to! We are also making green hearts, and putting the pointy end together to make four leaf clovers. Too cute!

And now I must go read some from a chapter book for youngest dd! It’s The Warriors series, by Erin Hunter. Cats cats cats cats cats! It’s all about the cats with this crew. LOL


A good day on Etsy!!!!

Oh my goodness!ย  Now I have not actually sold *anything* off my shop yet, BUT I have been contacted by so many people saying, ‘hey, I’ve got an idea, and I would like you to make it!’ and I’ve been working on flower hair clips, and mitts, and dish cloths, and boot cuffs, and just all matter of things! I am smiling ear to ear of course! ๐Ÿ˜€ So I am feeling good! I am going to have money to cover the kitty cats needs, and sending out many boxes to hospitals over the next couple of months, AND I get to shop for the yarns I need, and I get to try out new patterns too! It’s like win win win!!!

Earlier this week in the mail I got the latest and greatest Hazel Rose Loom. (I am not responsible for any addictions, and I have collected my Hazel Rose Looms slowly over many many years. Just sayin) Here is the beautiful little Sweet Heart Loom…

First thing 15 yo dd thought of was the Realm of Caring heart, and set out duplicating it! Shhhh, I’m not supposed to be showing this yet if any Realm people are looking. But she has never embroidered anything before, and I think she has done a really awesome job with this first one! Google Realm of Caring to see the leaf in heart logo on their page.

Here is the next big thing we’re adding hearts to, and yep, they are on my Etsy store right now!!!! Fingerless mitts with hearts on the backs. I labeled them for Valentines Day, but heck, you could buy them any ol time really!




And yep, we have other heart projects in the works now also. 15 yo dd has decided to put four green ones together, and make Shamrocks!!! Hee hee!!!ย  The hearts come out to about three inches across and about 2 1/2 inches high, so we’re gonna see how many things we can adorn with them! Someone already suggested I make some and add crocheted string to two puff/sachets and use it at the tops of boot cuffs or leg warmers. Someone else said make cute little door knob hangers with them for the holidays. Sooo many ideas! Do people really decorate their homes for Valentines day?ย  I might do white ones like that for weddings!!!! That would go over great as a keepsake!

Here is some other weaving I’ve been working on with my Hazel 7 inch quilt weaver square, using up little balls of yarn out of the pretzel buckets. Sometimes there’s enough to do one, sometimes as many as three!!! Eventually I’ll just end up with a huge ol pile of 7 inch squares off all kinds of odd colors, and I’ll just go to town hooking together a big ol bed spread for those summer nights. Woven squares are not very thick, but they can provide extra layers that hold the heat beautifully!


Here is the all out planned project I am working on with the 7 inch loom. It’s using Deborah Norville yarn in the colors Pristine, and Berry Burst. I was thinking if I could at least get four squares out of each skein I would have enough to make a nice 32ish inch throw. But look at that! Each skein is going to get me *six* squares (plus one to two little squares on my mini quilt weaver set)!!!! So I am going to have enough to do a big ol 42+ inch throw once I get the crocheted border on it!!!! Soooo excited!!!


And here we have a wonderful ol picture of the kitties.ย  Umm, I mean cats! Few more months and they’ll be a year old already! Time flies! Here I thought I was gonna have a nice big ol bay window for plants, and knick knacks, and all that goodie stuff… but nope. It belongs to them. ๐Ÿ™‚


What are they lookin at? Dirt roads as far as the eye can see, and this…


Ok ok, that wasn’t really took out my front window. That’s a little further north of here. But pretty, eh? 15 yo dd took this shot from a moving car also! Pretty good eye, or just plain lucky! ๐Ÿ˜€ย  I โค CO!!!!!


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