Falling behind a bit again, but things are really really busy. Just take yesterday and today for instance. Two days, four appointments, then stopping at a total of six different stores, and the eye drs on top of that. Along with all of that running, there is still regular work to do for four hours a day in the afternoon, both Troy and me, and then gardening and animal chores after we’re done with that.

In good news… the gardening is recovering and looking a lot better!  We had to replant a bit, so some of it is behind by a month or two, but coming back strong! I was so worried we had lost the potatoes and most of the onions, but we only lost about half of the onions, and we didn’t lose any potatoes, so yayy!

In other good news… Troy had his knee surgery last Tuesday, and the first few days home were painful, but now he’s going to physical therapy two and three times a week, so things are getting better slowly. But better just the same.

Even more good news…. I got my new glasses finally!!!! It kinda sucks because we finally have the insurance to do all these things like eye exams, and dentists, and surgeries, but since we had to go to Troy working part time so he could get the surgeries and other things taken care of, we don’t have the money for things like the actual glasses, or the crutches, or temporary dentures. So three months later we saved the $200 to get the glasses. The ER gave us the crutches, but they’ll be billing us. The actual dentures are covered, I just have to go three months without the temporary ones. So life is horribly tough right now, but things are getting taken care of.  I never actually thought a family of 6 could live on $1600 a month, but we’re making it work! It helps that we set ourselves up so good over the past 20 years making sure our home was paid off, and our van is still doing ok. But it just sucks that things we used to take for granted and just dropped a few hundred dollars on (like glasses), is just not possible any more. You get the eye exam and then there’s nothing for months, because you have to set a little aside here and there.

So anyway, my glasses are bifocals and I am LOVING them!!! I can see my knitting and what I’m reading when I look down, and then I can see everything else when I look up. I get a little woozy and unsteady on the stairs at first, but I am taking my time and blinking a lot more to get used to them. I tried bifocals once before when I was in my 20s, but I couldn’t stand them! I guess it took getting older, and my eyesight being so bad that I needed to do the shuffle and take my glasses off to read, and put them back on to see, and then get handed something else and ~have~ to take them off again! Doing that a whooooole lot makes you appreciate the dual lenses! 😀

And then the most wonderful news of all!!!! So we went to the local hospital here, and then our whole family ended up at the big dr group in the building right behind the hospital. Well, the whole hospital and that dr’s group works with the Catholic ministries, and they have what they call a “food prescription plan” that runs from June 17th thru Oct 19th. It’s a whole study thing, where you show up every Saturday at the produce stand, and they give you 21 meals (3 meals a day, 7 days a week) for each member of your family that goes to that dr group. We all qualified for the study! So, you go in and they take your weight, and blood pressure, and heart rate, and any testing you would need, like diabetics get their sugar tested, and people with digestion problems, like Cassie, can get other testing done, and every month they take blood panels to see how you’re doing there. Supposedly this is the third year they’re doing it, and they’re teaching it at other hospitals across the nation.

The food is all farmers market stuff from local farmers in a tri state area. Some of it is donated, and some of it is bought through a fund set up by the Sisters of Mercy(?) through the Catholic Diocese.  So not only did we jump back into trusting dr’s again, we’re part of a research study too! Yeah, it makes me queezy too! But to find dr’s that will tell you to your face to eat fruits and vegis, and stop drinking soda, and believe it so fully that they set up a way for you to do just that so they can study the effects!!!! Ok ok, I don’t believe it either, but I am trusting that these are those kind of dr’s!!!!  Did I ever mention how much I love CO???? It’s full of all the weirdest and bestest people. LOL

Ok, I have more things to share, but I gotta run for now, because there’s chicken chores and housework to do.  We had a grizzly chicken death last week also. 😥 I’m not too upset to kill them for meat anymore I guess, so there’s that. Damn vicious birds. 😦 Anyway…




It’s been a wild week so far! Tuesday the skies opened up, and we could hear it on the vent pipe that goes out the roof. Hail!  Two inches worth by the time it was all over. Here’s some of the pictures I posted on FB…







Everything took a hit! So we’ve been busting our butts out there clipping away at the damage, and seeing what’s saveable, and where we have to plunk in more seeds. I lost about a dozen onions out of over a hundred. I waited til today to trim them back and see what was what. Most started sending out new shoots, so I’m doing better than I though I would be doing at first.

Broccoli is shredded. Cabbage is done for, except maybe three of them Might make it. Kale is shredded, but about half of them are trying to send out new growth. Beans took a hit, but they are putting on flowers, and some are sprouting new leaf buds. Not sure how it’s going to grow a bean when they barely have any leaves. But they’re trying, so we’re going to leave them and probably make new beds to do more, just in case these start heading south.

Potato plants are shredded too, but dh says the crickets ate them up worse last year, and he thinks they’ll rebound.

We lost every apple on every tree. 😥 And all of the tomatoes that had already set were knocked off. Same with the pepper plants. We hadn’t even gotten to see that they had set yet, but there were two wee little peppers on the ground. Those plants might be ok, because they’re still only around knee high.

Pumpkin starts we just got in the ground from peat pots the day before. Each of them had the two start leaves on them, and one had the second set coming on… out of all eight of them there was only One leaf left.

So yeah, big lesson in you can’t count your chicks before they hatch. And speaking of chickens…. at least we still have eggs coming in. *knocks on every wood surface near and far* I don’t think this would be half as devastating if we weren’t counting on this food for when dh is going to be out of work this fall for surgery. I just gotta keep telling myself, we’re going to be ok. We’re going to be ok. We’re going to be ok.

On a brighter note, we went metal detecting last Saturday. Just around the yard, and driveway.  Here’s what we ended up with. Classic. lol The kiddo’s found the fork in the ground pretty funny. Not sure what to do with it all, but it’s fun to keep a photo journal of the stuff at least.


Now everyone tell me something happy that happened this week! I need happy thoughts!


New Adventures!

Two years ago for Christmas we got a metal detector! Today we put the thing together and got batteries for it! Are you ready for all of the pictures of the stuff we’ll find around the yard, and around town, and we’ve even checked into metal detecting at the parks! Gotta replace your divots! 🙂

And today dh (and I, in a way) started some therapy/counseling. I like the counselor a Lot! That’s about all I can say though. I am very happy it is happening, because he needs to talk to someone.  I’m mainly support, and story line filler inner.

Besides that I finished knitting on a Boom Shawl!  I came across a blog where the lady did it in Cake style yarn, and when the color changed she did a row of yarn overs. You can find it on Ravelry in the 407 projects, link to the pattern is here.  And besides that I am working on a crap ton of knitted dishcloths for the shop, and some for charity, and then I started knitting on some children’s hats. We are going to be getting help from different churches, and I want to be able to give back, so I am making hats, and mittens, and scarves, and dishcloths, and stuffed animals. No one at church will be cold this winter!!!! And I greatly appreciate their help while Troy is going to be laid up from his hip replacement!

And that’s about all from here!  We’ve gotten a great bunch of yard work done yesterday! Troys knee surgery is in the next two weeks, so we’re getting as much done as quickly as we can! The mower started up again for the 8th year in a row on the second pull!!! Woo hooo! I love that mower!

Hope everyone is doing well.  What are some of the projects everyone is working on??? Inspire me!


Sun up til sun down, and then some! Today we woke up, got the van loaded at the crack of dawn and went to Good Will to drop a bunch of stuff off. Yeah, I know they’re crap and pay ceos boodles of money, and short change their workers, and blah!!!  I needed stuff out of here that wasn’t landfill ready, and they’re the only ones in town that would take all of it in one swoop. They were more than kind, and gave us a boodle of cold colas, and water, and then we went and dropped Cassie off at her appointment. From there we went to do a quick grocery shop for end of the month stuff, bread and milk and whatnot. Went and filled the van as full as we could with wood chips (buckets and feed bags work awesomely), and then went to pick Cassie up (her appointment went well. Yayyy).  From there we went and filled propane, put gas in the van, and picked up prescriptions.

Went home, dumped wood chips, put the buckets and bags and shovels back in the van. Went in made lunch, and started dinner all at the same time. Dinner was 15 bean soup, so it required occasional stirring, which meant more up and down the stairs than I wanted to do. Dh got off of work, and we went for round two of wood chips!!!  This time with only three of us, so we ~stuffed~ the van good and full!!! Holy moly the gardens looking sooooooo freakin good! Gotta remember to do a picture blog soon! Here’s us with wood chips in the van.


So yeah, my day ended at 9:30 sitting down to dinner. I’ve had a wonderful rest at my desk now for about an hour and thought, if I wrote it all out, would it feel like I got much done? Because I don’t feel like I got much of anything done at all today, because we were out and running like maniacs today. Oh, and I’ve gotten three dishcloths knit today too. Gotta list a boodle on the Etsy shop soon. Tis the season for all things summer!


Yep, falling behind again. But I have a few minutes, so I’m writing. Here are some of the knitting and crocheting projects that have been in the works over the past two months. Kind of for charity, but also a great giving back for all of the help we received when Cassie had her allergic reaction. The group that helped us when we were getting here to CO, setting up dr’s appointments, and helping us navigate everything from drivers licenses to MMJ laws, and everything in between, has a golf tournament once a year and I think this is the third year. Well, they also have an auction/dinner thing at the golf club to help raise money, and here are some of the things I’ve made for them this year.

The big thing is this shawl! One of a kind, never to be duplicated by me! Used Sweet Roll yarn. I forget the colorway, but three skeins of it. Tah-dah! I hope it brings in a bit of money, because I think it’s the best thing I’ve sent in… sometimes people don’t think what I think is the best thing, is the best thing at all though. So, we shall see.


Then I did a womens CO hat/mitt set and a guys set. The girls really like the newspaper type brim hat/cap. I have no idea what they’re called. And for the guys hat I just did the basic Elizabeth Zimmerman Maltese Fisherman earflap hat.



Then two sets of these purple and green fingerless mitts. Purple and green seem to be the the ribbon colors for epilepsy awareness, or at least the colors I see that most of our friends identify it with. So wah-lah. Mitts!


And then little stuffed hearts. I don’t mind if they hand the mitts and hearts out as door prizes of some kind, or something. I know children ~Love~ the hearts, and one lady even has me send her a few for physical therapy type things, because her child reaches and gets a good grasp on them. So I hand them out all around to people anyway. But if they auction them, and/or can raise funds with them, all the better.


And I would say that’s about all, but this week I ventured more into the Bridget’s Cradles group and I actually made a couple of the 10 inch cradles, and they came out pretty nice. I’ve also made about a dozen more prayer squares for them, because those are easy and quick to stash away in my purse in a zip lock baggie, and work on anywhere we end up, weather it’s at the dr’s, dentists, counseling, or the ER! Sooo freakin many appointments coming around again.

And the kicker in it all… another tech dude at dh’s work just quit. Now they are crunched for tech people to work on call on the weekends, and they’ve asked dh to come in two mornings next week, so now that he’s part time for health reasons, we’re being barraged again where they’re pushing him to work, even though he has surgeries coming up. They really expect him to just take One day off for total hip replacement, and be back to work the next day “because you work from home. It’s not like you have to drive to work”. Really! So yeah, everything sucks. And We are expected to do it, because, “if you’re going down to Half the time worked, you’re only getting Half the pay!” ok fine… until ~you~ Need Us! Then we’re still expected to work the over time, and the mornings, and every third weekend, and do allllllll the extra for ~You~… for the same amount of half the money.  If it were my job I would have quit months and months ago. Dh is still hanging on to loyalty to them. :bangs head on desk: Thank goodness I have knitting, because if it weren’t for that little bit of peacefulness…. I’d be stark raving Mad!!! lol


Still not coming up with any titles for the blogs off of the top of my head, and I think that’s one of the big thing that stops me from blogging, so I guess I’m just going to not stress about it, and just write stuff. 😛

So, I am having so much fun working on another scrappy scarf!!! I always start it and by the time I’m about five colors in I think… this is going to be horrible!!!! But now that I am 42 balls of scraps in I am loving it sooo Much!!! I dunno if I want to attempt to put it up on Etsy as a OOAK never to be duplicated item, or just keep it! 😛


I have a bunch of other photos I want to share but I’m waiting on the people to get the box, so they don’t see it on here first! In the meantime here’s a few other things I’ve been working on…

I’ve been making little three and a half inch Prayer Squares for a group called Bridget’s Cradles that give bereavement pouches and squares to moms/dads/families that have suffered miscarriages. But that got boring so I switched to making crocheted hearts while at dr’s appointments. Here are my first few. Don’t mind the messy desk. 🙂


Here are a few hats I’ve made over the last two months for different hospitals. I’m thinking about giving some to St Mary Corwin here locally! I have to get in touch with the volunteer coordinator though to see if they need them!


And here’s just a random ol picture of PuppyCat. We brought a whole lotta boxes home from storage over the weekend to save a ton of money cleaning all of that out. Here he is as king of the boxes. lol


And here’s one of Cassies projects. She’s using up my safety eyeballs that I think are way too small and shes making these little Marshmallows! Too freakin cute!


Alright, I guess next blog is either going to be more knitting and crocheting stuff or it’s going to be a health update!  We’ll see what I can come up with!


Yes, yes, I need to squeeze in an update, don’t I? So it took all of that snow two days to melt, and the garden came out of it better than it was! So good to have a nice big snow  drop all that water, because it is soooo stinkin dry out here!

Now it’s been raining pretty good for three days, and everything is really popping!  Just about all of the beans have second and third leaves popping. The broccoli is doing fabulous!  We clipped the first leaves back on the kale, and fed them to the chickens. We have about 22 or so zucchini plants in the ground from our own seeds from last years plants.

For the zucchini we saved seeds two ways last year. We harvested some from the last zucchini out of the garden, and let them dry on a paper plate, and then we just let some get tremendously big on the plants, and then when they felt all woody and the plants were dying off, we cut them off, and then stored them like we did the potatoes over winter. We get those cardboard flats from the store, like PowerAide and Coca-Cola come in, and you just lay them out so they aren’t touching, and then keep them in a cool place.

Our whole house stays pretty cool over the winter, so mostly I just kept them in the kitchen. Next year we’ll save shelf space under the basement stairs though, because some of the potatoes we saved were near a heater that we turn on in the kitchen on below freezing days, and they started sprouting in January, but then we moved the heater, so they grew really really slow for a couple of months. They are in the ground now, and coming up just fine though!

But, back to the zucchini… the seeds on the paper plate we’re horribly horribly dry, so we haven’t test sprouted any of those yet. BUT when we cut open the woody zucchinis that we saved, the seeds in there already had a wee little white shoot coming out of them so we got them into some dirt!!!! Three days later we had 22 out of 24 plants coming up! And we still have three big woody zucchinis to cut open, and aren’t even half way through the first one!  It’s all a grande experiment though, so we’ll see what they produce, and we’ll tell ya how it goes. I think we might be buried in chini soon! 😀 That’s good news for the chickens, because I hope to cut their feed cost down to next to nothing when we have zucchini, sunflowers, and pumpkins and other squash to feed them. Oh, and the crab apples too! The guy at the nursery told us if we had a crab apple tree it would pollinate all the other apple trees wonderfully!  Then I found out from another source that they have two crab apple trees, and that helps feed their chickens! Win win!

The Pi Day chickens…. are getting BIG!!! We are going to introduce them to the Memorial Day Weekend flock this weekend! Should be interesting! I’ve gotten lots of advice on how to do that, so they don’t go all crazy and try to kill each other. The Pi Day ones are white though, so the Reds are gonna know somethings up. They might be dumb, but they ain’t that dumb! So pray for a happy pecking order!

Ok, tomorrow (or the next day) will be a knit and crochet blog. I’ve been working on special projects again!  I am so excited!!!! Kind of happy to be finished with the big projects, and we have dr appointments for most the rest of the week also, so I’m going to go back to baby hats and small little knits for a bit of a break!



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