New year, New garden

It’s getting to be about that time again. Yeah, I know it’s freezing and snowing outside, but I can’t help myself. I am looking at seed catalogs and scribbling down where I would like everything to go this year. I am even collecting recipes for things I Know we are going to have, and I would like to can! We have been in this house for almost six years now, and the soil is getting just about as good as it’s going to get with all of the wood chips we’ve been putting down the past three years, and all the awesome planting areas we have now.

So last years boodle of different tomato types failed a bit, so this year we are going to go back to a whole lot of paste tomato types, and then just four or five of the beef steak types of tomatoes. Maybe three of the sweet 100 cherry tomato plants also.

I have my potato starts ready for sure. I have garlic in the fridge that is going to go into the ground in the next eight weeks. And around the end of Feb I will be getting as many onions in the ground as I can also! I can basically put those anywhere at this point, because we’re going to be expanding to the second lot this year for our squash plants, and then lots of sunflowers for the chickens!  And I have a wonderful plan for beans, and carrots, and turnips this year also!

In flowery news… I’ve brought my roses indoors, and I’ve started giving them a wee little water every three or four days, and they have sprouted!!!! Same with our lavender. So, woooohoooo for the minute it stays above freezing out, I’m going to have the most beautiful flowers blooming!!!!

I can’t wait to get my mint and chamomile going also! I’ve been drinking so many herbal teas lately, and I never have enough of my own herbs to make it through the winter! I need to change that! I have started drinking some dandelion tea with ginger lately also, and that has been a wonderful boost during the winter! It’s almost like gingerbread frosting if you put a drop of vanilla in it!

And in other news… my leg cramps are horrible again, so I’ve started drinking molasses and almond milk again. I don’t remember when I stopped doing that, but it has been helping a lot! Especially when sleeping gets interrupted so much. With all of these neurosurgeon appointments we’re going to be having for dh in the next few weeks, and then potential surgeries on his back throughout the next couple of months I am going to neeeeeeed my rest! Once again I will be shuttling everyone everywhere! But the good news is there will be lots of hospital and dr office time for my knitting and crocheting! Just today I got one and a half adult hats done, and started a neck warmer too! Pictures soon! Only had two appointments today, but one of them took around three and a half hours, plus about 20 xrays of dh’s back and neck! Gah!

So, I’ll be on here more, but the posts I make might be kind of short! Gotta run now and get the chickens in for the night!



Happy 2018!!!

So, I’ve heard from a few people and they are really encouraging me to write more, because they have been missing my blogs, and seeing my knitting, and all the things I’ve been up to! So, I reckon I should try and blog more. I really do miss sitting down and writing about my family, and my crafting, and for a while I thought I was getting repetitive, but when I look back on my blogging it really was good for me, and now that I’ve been doing so much journaling with my therapy, maybe I should do some of that here as well.

So, the new year started with, what else, but new pets! You remember last year our Buzzy bird died, and that cage has been sitting empty for around three months now. Youngest dd, Emily, seemed to start saving her allowance immediately, and had a goal that she wanted to get a bird for her birthday! I was resistant for a while, but she was persistent. Then I kept throwing in the fact that birds are flock animals, and even Buzzy had a mate, many many years ago. So she agreed, and started saving for two parakeets!

Of course the week before her birthday we had to go get cat litter, and when we went into the pet store all the stars aligned, and there was thee most beautiful white (albino) parakeet, and she melted! I made her wait though. Three whole agonizing days!!!! She was soooo worried that it would be sold by the time we got back. So was I really, but going to town is 25 minutes each way, and we weren’t going to make an almost hour round trip *just* for birds! Plus there’s the whole, “wait 24 hours before making any big decisions”, thing we implemented a couple years back. But when we got back to the store there the birdy was, sitting just as beautiful, right in the middle of the whole flock!

For her second choice she knew she wanted a blue one, so we looked them all over and there were a couple with really ratty black tails and there was one that was a gorgeous color blue, but he looked a little sick, and I wasn’t taking home a problem case! And then there was the one she settled on. Beautiful blue, with a gorgeous ebony blue tail!

So, those are the ones we ended up with. Say hi to Snowflake (it’s a millennial thing) and Bluefish! The cats haven’t been allowed to meet them yet. lol


This was their reaction to hearing birbs…


Yes, birbs is what we say when we’re using our cat voices. 😀

Anyway, that’s how our new years began! Just one more birthday for January tomorrow, and we’ll be done til oldest ds’s birthday in April! He’s gonna be twenty-freakin-five! Yes, that’s how I’ve been saying it! 😀 I’ll work on getting a knitting post up tomorrow after church. (Yes, we’re going to church now also! The healing in the past year has been awesome! More about that later also!)



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