Yeeeah, I’m just not a blogger :-P

I want to keep up. I really do. But guess what? I’m not. Things are just too busy, and if anyone even reads this anymore it’s just going to be totally sporadic until life levels out a bit.  But here’s the update as things stand now.

No hip surgery for dh until he sees a neurosurgeon for his back and neck.  It took us four months to get into pain management, and now he finally has a little relief. It’ll probably be Springtime before we get anywhere with surgeries, because the white death is upon us. Half of our dr’s are taking the month of December off (must be nice), so we just get to sit tight and be in pain. Blah.

In around the home news… I’ve been doing the brunt of just about everything. Chickens are buttoned up for the winter finally. I’m learning how to use power tools better. I’ve put the garden to bed for the winter. We’re going to try and over winter the kale, and onions, and cabbages. Just about all of our herbs are indoors now. The cats are loving whats left of my chamomile! Not letting them get the mint this year! I am enjoying my mint teas too much! And it’s nice to have some greenery on the book shelves.

I’ve been doing some knitting for the local hospital, and for my shop. I’ve discovered free audio books from our local library. Just get the Hoopla app and put in your library card info in, and from our library they give us 15 books a month. I’ve listened to three myself this month, and as a family we’ve listened to two 12 hour books just going to and from appointments this month.

Appointments are usually stacked out the roof, and a few months back I was wishing for just as many appointments as there are days in the month. July was like 43 appointments. I thought August would be better, and it was slightly. 37 appointments. Then September we hit 47 appointments, and now October we had a whopping 54 appointments, but we’ve had to cancel 3 now, because our van is on it’s last legs. Hopefully getting it repaired this month, and maybe it’ll hold out for another year. *fingers crossed and knocking on wood*

In good news… Cassie is going to probably going to go to college for some work studies, and our dear chaplain knows of some job openings for teachers aides in a charter school nearby, so wooo hooo for working adult children making better than fast food pay! Sooo happy she is finding her niche!

In good news for me… I am having wonderful success with my PTSD therapy! I have learned several techniques such as EFT, and have been doing and will be getting more into EMDR in the next few weeks. There are also a lot of  bilateral movements that I have been able to do to decrease anxiety, and that is working wonderfully!!! So, I am feeling a lot more like regular ol me!!!! And that’s a good thing. 🙂

So, over all we are healing as a family!  Things are moving forward, even if it’s slow, it’s better than just being stuck. And we have made so many good friends over the past six months! A lot of them might even be reading here now! So maybe I might post more here just because there will be more interest here than on Facebook. We’ll see.

Anyway, snow is coming to us tonight. Just a few inches. The next three nights will be in the 20’s. I’m working my butt off to get things ready, and make the house warm. We’ve been living in this drafty ol place for five years now. I guess I’m up for the challenge of the next few months. Never give up, never give in, right? That’s all I have for now. I might do a picture post here and there soon. I’ve got gaboodles of pictures to share.


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