Yes, I’m alive!

Oh, hi! Summers gotten me a bit busy, but I had a few minutes to spare, so I thought I’d jot stuff down. 43 dr/dentist/therapy/PT appointments in July! And that’s not even counting the yoga classes, and the library trips, and the farm stand on the weekends. Is that crazy!!! Most days were stacked two and three appointments, and then we usually had one day a week with just one appointment, and there were two days in July when we had no appointments! Thank goodness for those down days.

Troy’s hip replacement is coming up soon, and I am still reeling from all the tests and imaging and stuff they are having him do. He’ll be in the hospital for a number of days for that too, which means I’ll be holding the house down all by myself with running to town each day (that’s why I’m being vague about when the date actually is, ya see)! Holy moly, so much to worry about!

In knitting news… I counted up the child/adult hats I’ve been making for the hospital for winter, and I am up to 38 right now! Each one takes around three hours to make, so it’s amazing to me I have so many in just a couple of months! But the hospital has helped us so much these past four or five months, I just felt the need to do something to give back, especially to the volunteers, and quite a few of the workers. I’ll let a couple of the good people we know there do the doling out, because they know where/who will need them the most.


And here’s a picture of some gnomes I’ve been working on too. These will go off to charity, or to people I know here locally. This is Bev’s pattern from here if anyone would like to make a few of their own. I’ll have a few more for sale on the shop soon too. And see that fifth one from the left? I learned how to make French knots for it’s eyes!!!! Yayyy, for new skills! Here’s the video I learned that from.


In around the yard stuff… the gardens doing good. We have zucchinis, and our cabbage is actually growing good!  Woot! Our kale has taken off! We’ve gotten a few good tomatoes! Peppers didn’t do so great this year. Cucumbers got taken out by crickets. On the other hand the chickens are eating good. They like crickets! They don’t get too very many though, but when they do, it’s a feeding frenzy! And we’re getting about a dozen eggs a day now too! Gotta love that!

And August is shaping up to be just as busy as July was, so I don’t see any signs of stopping til dh is done with all of his surgeries, and physical therapies. So, if you wonder where I am… I’m probably sitting in the van knitting, waiting for people to get out of their appointments. I saw my dr again this month too. She agreed that I prolly don’t need to come back in, except for the prescription food program blood draws and health checks. I’m just as healthy as I ever was (knock on wood). Well, besides the anxiety of everyone else having all of their issues, and people at dh’s work being such asshats! Anyway, that’s about all from here. I really will try to update more often, even if it’s just a quick knitting or spinning pic here or there.


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