Falling behind a bit again, but things are really really busy. Just take yesterday and today for instance. Two days, four appointments, then stopping at a total of six different stores, and the eye drs on top of that. Along with all of that running, there is still regular work to do for four hours a day in the afternoon, both Troy and me, and then gardening and animal chores after we’re done with that.

In good news… the gardening is recovering and looking a lot better!  We had to replant a bit, so some of it is behind by a month or two, but coming back strong! I was so worried we had lost the potatoes and most of the onions, but we only lost about half of the onions, and we didn’t lose any potatoes, so yayy!

In other good news… Troy had his knee surgery last Tuesday, and the first few days home were painful, but now he’s going to physical therapy two and three times a week, so things are getting better slowly. But better just the same.

Even more good news…. I got my new glasses finally!!!! It kinda sucks because we finally have the insurance to do all these things like eye exams, and dentists, and surgeries, but since we had to go to Troy working part time so he could get the surgeries and other things taken care of, we don’t have the money for things like the actual glasses, or the crutches, or temporary dentures. So three months later we saved the $200 to get the glasses. The ER gave us the crutches, but they’ll be billing us. The actual dentures are covered, I just have to go three months without the temporary ones. So life is horribly tough right now, but things are getting taken care of.  I never actually thought a family of 6 could live on $1600 a month, but we’re making it work! It helps that we set ourselves up so good over the past 20 years making sure our home was paid off, and our van is still doing ok. But it just sucks that things we used to take for granted and just dropped a few hundred dollars on (like glasses), is just not possible any more. You get the eye exam and then there’s nothing for months, because you have to set a little aside here and there.

So anyway, my glasses are bifocals and I am LOVING them!!! I can see my knitting and what I’m reading when I look down, and then I can see everything else when I look up. I get a little woozy and unsteady on the stairs at first, but I am taking my time and blinking a lot more to get used to them. I tried bifocals once before when I was in my 20s, but I couldn’t stand them! I guess it took getting older, and my eyesight being so bad that I needed to do the shuffle and take my glasses off to read, and put them back on to see, and then get handed something else and ~have~ to take them off again! Doing that a whooooole lot makes you appreciate the dual lenses! 😀

And then the most wonderful news of all!!!! So we went to the local hospital here, and then our whole family ended up at the big dr group in the building right behind the hospital. Well, the whole hospital and that dr’s group works with the Catholic ministries, and they have what they call a “food prescription plan” that runs from June 17th thru Oct 19th. It’s a whole study thing, where you show up every Saturday at the produce stand, and they give you 21 meals (3 meals a day, 7 days a week) for each member of your family that goes to that dr group. We all qualified for the study! So, you go in and they take your weight, and blood pressure, and heart rate, and any testing you would need, like diabetics get their sugar tested, and people with digestion problems, like Cassie, can get other testing done, and every month they take blood panels to see how you’re doing there. Supposedly this is the third year they’re doing it, and they’re teaching it at other hospitals across the nation.

The food is all farmers market stuff from local farmers in a tri state area. Some of it is donated, and some of it is bought through a fund set up by the Sisters of Mercy(?) through the Catholic Diocese.  So not only did we jump back into trusting dr’s again, we’re part of a research study too! Yeah, it makes me queezy too! But to find dr’s that will tell you to your face to eat fruits and vegis, and stop drinking soda, and believe it so fully that they set up a way for you to do just that so they can study the effects!!!! Ok ok, I don’t believe it either, but I am trusting that these are those kind of dr’s!!!!  Did I ever mention how much I love CO???? It’s full of all the weirdest and bestest people. LOL

Ok, I have more things to share, but I gotta run for now, because there’s chicken chores and housework to do.  We had a grizzly chicken death last week also. 😥 I’m not too upset to kill them for meat anymore I guess, so there’s that. Damn vicious birds. 😦 Anyway…


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