Yep, falling behind again. But I have a few minutes, so I’m writing. Here are some of the knitting and crocheting projects that have been in the works over the past two months. Kind of for charity, but also a great giving back for all of the help we received when Cassie had her allergic reaction. The group that helped us when we were getting here to CO, setting up dr’s appointments, and helping us navigate everything from drivers licenses to MMJ laws, and everything in between, has a golf tournament once a year and I think this is the third year. Well, they also have an auction/dinner thing at the golf club to help raise money, and here are some of the things I’ve made for them this year.

The big thing is this shawl! One of a kind, never to be duplicated by me! Used Sweet Roll yarn. I forget the colorway, but three skeins of it. Tah-dah! I hope it brings in a bit of money, because I think it’s the best thing I’ve sent in… sometimes people don’t think what I think is the best thing, is the best thing at all though. So, we shall see.


Then I did a womens CO hat/mitt set and a guys set. The girls really like the newspaper type brim hat/cap. I have no idea what they’re called. And for the guys hat I just did the basic Elizabeth Zimmerman Maltese Fisherman earflap hat.



Then two sets of these purple and green fingerless mitts. Purple and green seem to be the the ribbon colors for epilepsy awareness, or at least the colors I see that most of our friends identify it with. So wah-lah. Mitts!


And then little stuffed hearts. I don’t mind if they hand the mitts and hearts out as door prizes of some kind, or something. I know children ~Love~ the hearts, and one lady even has me send her a few for physical therapy type things, because her child reaches and gets a good grasp on them. So I hand them out all around to people anyway. But if they auction them, and/or can raise funds with them, all the better.


And I would say that’s about all, but this week I ventured more into the Bridget’s Cradles group and I actually made a couple of the 10 inch cradles, and they came out pretty nice. I’ve also made about a dozen more prayer squares for them, because those are easy and quick to stash away in my purse in a zip lock baggie, and work on anywhere we end up, weather it’s at the dr’s, dentists, counseling, or the ER! Sooo freakin many appointments coming around again.

And the kicker in it all… another tech dude at dh’s work just quit. Now they are crunched for tech people to work on call on the weekends, and they’ve asked dh to come in two mornings next week, so now that he’s part time for health reasons, we’re being barraged again where they’re pushing him to work, even though he has surgeries coming up. They really expect him to just take One day off for total hip replacement, and be back to work the next day “because you work from home. It’s not like you have to drive to work”. Really! So yeah, everything sucks. And We are expected to do it, because, “if you’re going down to Half the time worked, you’re only getting Half the pay!” ok fine… until ~you~ Need Us! Then we’re still expected to work the over time, and the mornings, and every third weekend, and do allllllll the extra for ~You~… for the same amount of half the money.Β  If it were my job I would have quit months and months ago. Dh is still hanging on to loyalty to them. :bangs head on desk: Thank goodness I have knitting, because if it weren’t for that little bit of peacefulness…. I’d be stark raving Mad!!! lol



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  1. cjc22 Says:

    Hi Linda, I have been very remiss and not writing. Then on April 11 I stumbled and fell across my office room. I broke my left leg and the attached picture is just a bit of what I looked like. I have been in a rehab facility for more than a month and may very well be here a couple more. The break is at the top of the tibia and in a place where you have to do all the healing just right. Anyway, thank God for these places. The folks are wonderful and the therapy Is superb. Goodness, you folks have had it!!!! I am praying the surgery will be very helpful and your hubby will be good as new soon. I love your posts. Thanks so much for sharing with me. Time for therapy. Will write again soon. Char Sent from my iPad


    • spinnermom Says:

      Holy Moly, Char!!! Thank goodness you are healing up good, and have such a wonderful rehab place! Dh is already feeling much much better from his hernia surgery last month. Now we just need to get his knee repaired, his hip replaced, and his neck and back looked at too. The knee surgery is going to be such a relief for me, because I’m the one that has to pull his ankle to pop it back into place, and man oh man does that take a lot of upper arm strength!!! Especially when you have to do that 10-15 times a day sometimes! Luckily it hasn’t popped out in about two weeks now though! I’m going to pop on over and check out Xanga now. I’ve been slacking so much on emails and internet stuff because of all the appointments! (((Hugs)))

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