Two weeks later… or Bwhahahahaha!

Spring Garden 2017! The broccoli, kale, onions, and beans might make it. We brought the strawberries, cucumbers, zucchini, and rhubarb indoors. Potatoes and cabbage are gonna be our long shot. Might have to replant. But snowballs that actually hold together…. priceless!!! 😀




Pictures of knitting soon. ❤



Gardening Spring 2017

Been working in the garden this week between appointments, and hospital visits. Yeah, it’s been another one of those kind of weeks. Could use a few prayers for dh if you feel so inclined.  Best part of having animals and gardening things to do is, it gets me away from all the troubles and crap that’s been going on.

So, here’s what we did this week… First we pulled back the wood chips to see what everything was looking like. Beautiful beautiful dirt under it all! I am Loving the wood chips!!! Must get more!


Then we had left all of our tomato and pepper plants in the bed from last year, so we had to pull up all of those, and then the kiddo’s and I got our five gallon bucket and pulled all the green already coming up.  We bucket them so we can take them to our very brown compost pile. Living in a desert sometimes sucks. 😛


But We’re not pulling up these greens yet!!! We already have six onions coming up that didn’t take off last year!!! How cool is that! So now, next Fall I am going to be dumping onion and carrots starts/seeds in a couple of the beds to see how they over winter, because if we can get a big ol jump on those, then I can start canning and dehydrating right away in the Spring, and then we’ll have more room for other plants as the over wintered ones come out of the garden!


And here are some of the apple trees already putting on so many blooms!




Then on Thursday, before another big Emergency Room day, dh saved the day, because I almost planted some of our over wintered potato starts into last years pepper bed! Dh says, “I think potatoes and peppers are in the same family!” So we did some looking up, and yep, they are! So I got potato starts into two and a half beds, and then since I couldn’t plunk some into the holes I had already dug… we planted bush bean seeds there instead! They should take a week to ten days to come up, and that puts us beyond the last frost date! *Fingers crossed* there is no late frost this year!

And it looks like my rhubarb is going to seed!  Whhhhhhaaaaaaat! Yep, so we’ll see how that goes and then maybe see if it’ll do well or not. Sadly I’ve never grown rhubarb before, so we’ll see if I can do this or not.


And I trimmed back all of the rose bushes. Dh was happy to see when we stopped by Pueblo court house that all of the rose bushes there (and they are Amazing when they are in bloom) look just as poorly as ours do right now. I kept telling him they probably won’t start growing for another month and a half, and they won’t bloom til around the end of June, but he doesn’t hear me. He has to hear it from others, or see it himself, to believe it. Blah. Just like it took him confirming with two other people besides me to get him to go to the ER. Men. lol

So, that’s a little update from here. Hope everything is going well with everyone else. I keep hoping things slow down here, so I can read blogs, and watch Tubes, but it’s just not happening. It is, what it is!

Random garden heart! 🙂



So this week began with eye appointments for everyone, and ended with dentist appointments. Cassie is super happy because even though she needed reading glasses when she was little, she is the only one now that doesn’t need glasses! Two of us need them for reading, and three of us need them for all the time! I said I was going to get pictures when we all had our glasses, but everyone wants to wait to show them off to their friends in Colorado Springs first. So I might not get to post a picture for a few weeks until we make time to make a trip north to go visiting!

At the dentist Friday Ben got his one tooth that was bothering him looked at, and now that’s all good. His wisdom teeth are pushing in too, and that’s been giving him some crowding pain. Dentist is working up a plan for that.

I got the last of my top teeth taken out, and I’m preparing for dentures. Sad thing is now we can afford the health insurance, but we’re not going to have enough money to get my temporary dentures. Same with my glasses. Yayyyy, we can now afford the health care, but the glasses are going to be $204 for me, so I have to wait a month or two til we can actually pay for them! :-/ The temporary dentures are around $400, and by the time I can save for that, it’ll be almost time that my gums will be healed enough for the regular ones. So I’m just gonna go toothless til mid July! I have no one to impress anyway, and if people talk, they talk. Blah.

All the waiting around in dr’s offices has yielded some new pretties. I’m making dragon scale pouches. Here’s the first one. Green, so Austin ninja-ed it for his dice and card decks (it could fit about six regular card decks in it, and a set of D&D dice too)…


and here’s the bottom of the bag. I thought of sewing it flat across the bottom, but this will make it more roomy…


and here’s the second one. It just needs the draw string now. Each of these about took up a whole skein of Sweet Roll yarn! I’ll be putting some on the shop as soon as I get the sewing machine set up, and figure out how to put linings in them…


Besides that, I got three more baby hats done this week also. Seems like I’ve been slowing down on that for a while now. I need to get motivated, and just crank some out. Maybe I’ll do a lot of white ribbing brims on my circ needles, so if I have a beginning it’ll push me to work on the hats more.

In other news… we’re going to start some seeds this weekend, so we can get out in the garden soon. I trimmed back my rose bushes too. And all of the apple trees are leafing out and blooming like crazy!  And the new baby chickens are doing soooooo well. Emily caught some pasty butt on one of them too, so now she knows how to take care of that if it ever happens again! And that’s about all from here. We’ve got a full line up of appointments next week. Dh is getting ready for his next round of surgery I guess.  It all keeps happening so fast. See the dr, and boom, a call that the insurance accepts whatever, and whammo, you’re hooked up with another dr or a surgeon… it’s amazing how together this group of drs is. I love efficiency!!!! But it’s making my head spin! lol


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