Sorry (not sorry) I haven’t blogged much after I said I’d try harder to blog. One week ago today was dh’s hernia surgery! It went well, but I’ve been shadowing him for a week now during recovery. First three days it was hard for him to even get up, let alone walk much. Finally Sunday he is able to get around a bit better, but no lifting or doing anything whatsoever for another three weeks. And there’s just so much he does around here from helping to get the groceries from the van to the house, and we have 2x4s and things so we can make another chicken coop and put up shelves in the house, to even last week with our big ol wind storm, and our dumpster blew over. Me and three of the kiddo’s got it up though.

Now he’s going back this week to have them look at his knee. Finally got the MRI on that, and the soft tissue is torn. Then next month he starts Physical Therapy for his hip! So when he’s doing that they’re going to have a surgeon look at both his hip and his knee, and possibly do the surgery on them both! Probably not the same day, but over the next few months it’s going to be surgery, heal, surgery, heal.  Luckily all of this is all on his right side! And he’s been in pain for years, dare I say a decade, so it’s not like all of these surgeries are going to make anything worse.

Add to all of that, Monday night we went to the store, and part way home he had to go to the bathroom, so we swing into a McD’s, and he goes in to use the bathroom and buy a Coke. Well, about five minutes after going in he texts me and says to come in and tell the management he’s locked in the rest room! I go in and they laugh at first, and tell me to go check on him, and yeppers, the stall is one of those twisty locks that looks like it has a key on the outside, and the thing is busted. I go tell the management again, and they send one of the burger flippers in with a screwdriver. He slides under the stall, they take the thing apart, and it’s not working. He goes to get more tools, and slid out and back on the disgusting bathroom floor three times!!! Couldn’t get the lock undone, and I’m telling dh, “you are Not sliding out of there you’ve just had surgery five days ago!”, and the guy is telling dh he doesn’t know what else to do, and if he doesn’t want to slide out it’s going to probably be a half hour or more wait. :-/ Dh slid out under the door… and of course pulled his lower back! Mega Pain all the way home!!! Me telling him he needs to call McD’s and have them file an accident report. But nope, he won’t do it. He says he chose to slide out because he was feeling claustrophobic, so it wasn’t their fault. Ummm hello, broken door = their fault. But whatever he has pain meds for both his hernia and his knee pain, so he says it’ll be ok. Went to the primary care dr today, and she says it’s a pulled muscle, so I guess he’s gonna be ok.

On the up side of things, I got boodles and boodles of paperwork filled out for all of the kiddo’s to go to new dr’s, and a new dentist too! I counted. One hundred and three pages for five of us. And as much as I hate the insurance system, it is pretty cool being able to have healthcare again! And they zip you in sooooo much quicker than if you’re paying out of pocket. Referrals out the wahzoooo also!  I cannot believe the level of care they give here over the crap crap crap care we had in FL!  Now I just have to convince Cassie things are going to be ok. She’s a bit nervous. Oh, and we’re getting family counseling included also. Our health advocate says she thinks we have all been a bit shell shocked and traumatized from what we’ve gone through the past five years. Gee ya think. lol So even more help!!! Thank the good Lord!

So that’s about it for health stuff. I get to go to the dr’s too, but I’m as healthy as a horse. There was one place on the paperwork that asked about bone sprains or breaks, so I put down that two years ago I think I might have fractured my leg/ankle, but we didn’t have money to go to the dr or er, so I just did what I did til it stopped hurting. Took about three weeks til I could walk on it again. They maybe might xray that, but they aren’t re-breakin nothin. It works. It doesn’t hurt. But it would be nice to know if I broke or fractured it. Just for fun.



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