New places to knit/crochet for…

So, about two weeks ago a lady in one of the knitting groups I’m on mentioned a new place she was sending to, and every one in the group wanted to jump on the bandwagon and help. The place is called Bridget’s Cradles and they knit bereavement items for hospitals! They are just little pouches, with a little blanket to cover the baby, and then a little prayer square, so the family can have a personal item to go home with, or to put in a memory box for their lost little one.

I cried and cried as I was reading some of the stories of miscarriages, having had two myself. I remember going home from the hospital, and all I had to show for it was the bills. I had to go home and put away all the little gifts, and outfits, and things we had gotten for our baby, and it was so Hard!!! So, I am over the top happy to be able to provide items to this group to help other mama’s and dads not have that experience!

But the hard part of it all is, there is a big ol sign up thing that you have to do for them, and they want you to sign a thing that says you won’t share the patterns with others, and you won’t knit these same kind of items for other charities, blah blah blah. So, you have to fill all of that out, and then wait for approval, and then wait again for another email with official sizes that they want, and patterns. Well, almost all of the patterns are pretty basic knit stitch, and seed stitch, and waffle patterns that any knitter can do. But I promised, so I’m not sharing official patterns, or sizes. But it’s all pretty general stuff.

After waiting about a week and a half for all of the official paperwork and pattern getting, I am now making little prayer squares for them. So quick and easy, I could make twenty or so a day, if I had more time just to sit and knit. 😛

Pictures soon of all the stuff. I have hats ready to go out, and a box of items for a nursing home, and another box of items for Visiting Nurses in NY for shut ins, and then all of these bereavement items, and ten baby sweater vests for another charity.

Oh, and this is almost complete too. A Boho beach jacket thing for my sister!  She showed me a picture, and asked if I could make her “something like this” and I told her if she didn’t mind having something I experimented on, I’d send it to her. She agreed that she would take a test item. So, here it is, total free styling with my crochet. Finished pics within a week or two. 🙂




New Adventure!!!

Here we go again! We were at the farm store here in our little town and they will be getting chicks in next weekend for sale, and dh and me talked about it all, and we would like around 20 more chicks. Well, at $3 each for the chicks we’d be spending $60. Then we spotted the incubators!!! $59! OMG, the discussions we have in the farm store. Someone should follow us and video it all, because even I find it hilarious! So we got the incubator and two bags of chick starter feed, instead of waiting til next week to get chicks.

Now we’ve been playing with the incubator for three days, trying to get the temp just right keeping the humidity up in it. Collecting the eggs from the chickens has taken on a whole new excitement. We have to store them pointy end down, and then you have to tip the carton side to side at least once maybe twice a day, so the yoke doesn’t stick to the membrane. Tomorrow we will have probably 18-20ish eggs from our 7 chickens and we’re going to start incubating them! Our next big worry is going to be in 21-ish days keeping the cats from wanting to tear open the incubator, and get at the chicks. Peep peep peep!

So, I’ve been watching videos, and wondering if we can do this. I’m sure we can, and even if we have just a 50% hatch rate, for now, I am going to call it a success!!!!  And this flock will be dubbed the Valentine Crew! The original chickens and rooster we have, we got last year on Memorial Day! So, I see a theme here just having holiday birds. Next up St Patrick’s day!!! 😀 That’s like 10 days after this first batches hatch day! I really really want to do a 4th of July batch also! We’ll call them the Firecracker Crew! 😀

I am soooo excited! Pictures soon!


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