Part of the Reason….

I think I get stuck writing blogs… I can’t think up a cute title. LOL So, maybe I’ll just try not making titles for these things. I need to learn better how to add tags to my stuff too. You know I am almost always going to talk about knitting and crafty stuff, so is it weird I tag every post knitting? IDK Blogging has been hard since I’ve been off of Xanga, but I’m gonna give it a go again.

First, this has been a rough couple of weeks for me, because my knitting buddy Barbara has gone to the hospital. Shes not young anymore, and she has some medical problems, and she also caught the ugly flu! πŸ˜₯ So, until I hear from her or her daughter, I am going to just keep thinking good thoughts, and hopefully she’ll be home and all patched up soon! Hopefully they will at some point let her back online if they don’t let her go home, and she will at least be able to see my blog and read what we’re up to here! If you can read this Barbara, I miss you!!!! πŸ™‚

So in knitting stuff… I have around 20 regular baby hats, and 15 preemie baby hats to weave in ends on, and then they are out the door!Β  Here’s a few of them. I’ll get more pictures when they’re all finished! Excuse the messy desk. We’re in the basement now, and I don’t have all of my yarn bins around, so stuff stacks up a bit. And by stuff, I mean yarn. πŸ˜›


I’ve also used up three whole skeins of my Sweet Cakes yarn in the Peaches and Cream Pop color, and crocheted a triangle granny shawl, and as I was putting the fringe on it two of the children sat at my heels, and waited for the last piece of fringe to be added, and whoooooooosh! It was taken from my lap in record speed, with oldest girl child hot on the heels of the youngest, and I called out, “I also have three colorways of that yarn in blues!!!” to which she went and picked the one she liked, and pitched it down the stairs at me! LOL Pictures of the already finished shawl in a day or so, before it gets messed up too bad!

In outdoor news… yesterday I watched out the back door window as about seven or eight little birds flitted all around the bottom of the chicken house. There are areas in the chicken mesh in the coop that the chickens with all their scratching and shuffling things around drop sunflower seeds out of the chicken coop in the shed. These little birds (hopefully headed north) stopped and were snacking the morning away. So when we went out to feed the chickens, I took a couple of cups of seed and scattered them all around the shed, and the garage. Didn’t want to scatter too much too close to the garden areas though, because we don’t need any birds taking our seedlings off when we get them in the ground in a few months! Yes, garden plans are in the works!

And that’s about all for now because I have videos to watch and these hats to clear outta here!




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