Little Bit of Warmth

So, the past few weeks we’ve only had like one or two single temp days/nights, so I have been enjoying the nice warm winter weather a little bit more! Still a little too cold for my FL body, but lots better than feeling like I’m going to die of frost bite, or frost nip.

In all things yarny…. I am Spinning again!!! Woohooo! I’ve been watching some of the creative live streams on and there is actually a spinner lady on there, Luthvarian! And she has inspired me to get working with wooly goodness once or twice a week. So far I’m still just working on the fiber I got back in October for Spinzilla, but I’m doing really really well just getting it all used up! Can’t wait to start making the shawl with it!

In what I’ve been up to news… busy, busy, busy. We’ve gotten our basement all cleaned up, and walls and ceiling ripped out, and a new floor put down, and carpet remnants rolled out, and now dh and my offices are down here!  Soooooo freakin excited about having 1/3 of our home restored after the basement took on water two years ago! Little by little we’re getting it done. Sad part was when we ripped out the ceiling there were disturbing things there. A baby bonnet, and little blanket parts, and some implements that look like home made abortion tools. 😥 And some small canisters that looked like they held drugs, and a broken crack pipe looking thing. So. All we know about the house was the last people that lived here was a pastor, and his wife and children, and they took in foster children. Before that, some guy owned the place in the 70’s, and he’s the dude that dug the basement, and put the two extra bedrooms on. All we can conclude is that the stuff belongs to the foster family. 😦  We’ve got all of the stuff put in ziplock bags, and out of our space, and we’ve saged the whole house again. Once we get the walls rebuilt down here, I’m going to paint them cheery colors, and hopefully that will make this space a Lot more peaceful!

In knitting/crocheting news… I started a scrapghan thing on Christmas Eve with BobWilson123 group on Ravelry and Youtube. It’s looking really dang good now, and I think when it’s done this is one dh is going to snitch right up!!! He’s already asked, “You’re not sending that out anywhere, right?” LOL Here’s a pic of it as of about a week ago. And I learned to Russian Join my yarn, so I won’t have any scrappy ends to weave in when I’m all done! Yaaayyy! It’s a little bit bigger than twin size.


And right this minute, I am working on making some crocheted little hearts to add magnets to, and I’m going to stick them all over my fridge for Valentines day! Here’s the pattern I came up with from looking at someone elses heart that had no pattern with it, and then it took me about three tries, but here’s what I’ve got.

Chain 4 to make a loop, chain up three, 3 triple crochets into the loop. 3 double crochets into the loop. Chain 1. 1 triple crochet into the loop. Chain 1. 3 double crochet into the loop. 3 triple crochet into the loop. Chain up 3. Slip stitch into the top of the loop. (do all of this crocheting over your tail end)  Then you just pull the middle tail tight to close up the hole in the middle of the hearts and weave in all the ends and add a magnet or a lapel pin. I just use a size K hook because it makes a bigger heartss but you can do this with any size hook and yarns and get a wide range of sizes of hearts.


And that’s about all for now. I hope to be able to blog a bit more this year than I did last year.  I miss being able to look back on little day to day things. Like this week when they came to pick up our trash, they left the dumpster on it’s side and drove off!!! Grrr! So, we had to call the town management, and they sent the guys that do the water and sewer stuff out to upright it for us! I was so afraid the neighbors would start tossing trash in it while it was on it’s side, and the feral cats around here would drag trash Everywhere!!! So, we’ll see how the trash company does picking it up tomorrow. Crazy stuff that goes on out in the Boonies!



2 Responses to “Little Bit of Warmth”

  1. Anna Marie Says:

    Homigoodness. What sad ‘treasures’ you found…!

    • spinnermom Says:

      One of our friends suggested me make a shadow box thing with it. Kinda like a memorial…. but I don’t really wanna keep Any of it. 😥 Just horrible to know that some teenage girl went through some really horrific stuff right here in our home. Everybody we’ve talked to says it could have Never happened when the preacher and his wife and foster children lived here! Umm, yeah. So it must have happened in the 70’s when the single bachelor dude lived here. That makes total sense!!!! smh

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