So Behind It Ain’t Funny!

Yeah, I’m blog slackin again. No excuses, just not much to blog besides mundane everyday things. So, I guess I’ll start with that.

Election crap… since that’s about where we left off. The week after the elections I got a letter in the mail. On the 19th to be exact. The letter stated that they couldn’t verify my signature on the outside envelope shield thing (verify it against what? I don’t know) and I had til the 18th to contact the county electorate office or my vote would be discarded. So for the first time in 24 years I found out I haven’t voted! Bunch of crap! And yeah, I called and all they could do was promise that they will try and make things better next go around. Blah blah blah!

Thanksgiving… was pretty nice and quiet. It got coooold, and I forget what we were doing, but I had the turkey in the fridge for six days (the website said five for our size bird to thaw), and it didn’t thaw much, and I forget if it was just the cold or what, but we didn’t cook Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving day. We had ours on Friday instead. It doesn’t matter, because no one visits us, and we’re too far away from everyone in our families to go visit anyone else, so holidays like Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and Easter are kind of no fun anymore, so we just do whatever we want.

In Etsy news… everything was going pretty good through Oct and Nov, and now… everything is dead again. No one is spending money it seems. So I’m considering closing my shop at the end of January and just sending everything off to a couple of hospitals, and homeless centers. I have two bins chock full on inventory, and half of it hasn’t been touched in two years. I don’t knit to have it all sit around. I knit so people can be warm! Even dh said it was better when I was just knitting for hospitals and charities, because at least those people Need the items. But with my shop only pulling in between $35-$60 a month, it just seems nuts paying the Etsy fees every month, and spending all my time keeping things listed there.

And in knitting/crocheting news… Yaaayyy, pictures!!!! Here’s what I worked on for the week before Thanksgiving. I was only a day late in mailing it out, but they turned out so dang cute, now dh wants a pair!!! Never saw that coming, but I am now making him Two pairs! He wants to try some warm wool ones as well as a regular pair! So, I might just spin the wool myself, because I haven’t seen any in the store I like.


Then I stuffed about forty more woven hearts. Love handing those out. 🙂


And here’s the boodle of hair flowers I added clips to. I ended up running out of hair clips and still have about eight left to do.


And remember the angels I made months ago? I finally got the hot glue gun out and added magnets to the back of them. They’re hanging on my fridge for a bit, til I decide what to do with them all. Ain’t they pretty!


Still to do projects… So I got smaller crochet hooks a month or so back, and made some more angels with the proper size hook (those up there were made with a K hook, and these were made with a H) and now I have a lot of smaller angels too, so when we were at the craft store this weekend I got some lapel pins, and I’m going to sew them on so people can wear an angel on their coat, or on their bag, or wherever. I might give some to the bell ringer Salvation Army people. They’d probably love them!


These hats all need finishing. The first batch needs to be pom pommed too!


I might pom pom these just for the heck of it.


And this is the little aragarumi bear I started. He still needs legs and arms, and then I got a needle felting kit for my birthday, so I’m going to felt him a face on! More about him and cat toys later.


See what happens when I don’t blog for so dang long. Picture overload! So I promise I’ll blog more this week, because there is so much more to share. I found a place in Ohio that the kiddo’s just need the basics. Mittens, hats, socks, scarves, and stuff. So I’m also working on a box of mittens and hats for them. It might not go out til January because of lack of money for postage. But the longer I wait to send it, the more I can put in it I guess.

And Cat stuff, because everyone luuuuvs cats, right? Haha!

PuppyCat in his full winter coat! Ain’t he gorgeous??? His chest and in between his paws go all grey during the winter months, and then he sheds it all out and he’s all black for the Spring and Summer months. We figure he probably has a lot of Maine Coon in him because some of the cats around this neighborhood have a lot of Maine Coon tendencies.


And then Salmon and Mama taking over my chair!!! Yesterday I came back to my desk to all three orange cats squished up on my chair sleeping. Weird little pick pile-ers! lol


Now, I have to go do chickens chores. We ended up with 156 eggs for the month of November, with seven hens laying. If this is the slow period Spring time is gonna be Fun! lol


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