It’s been a rough week….

and none of it was even caused by election anything. Blargh! But we did get out on Tuesday and take our ballots in. I crammed like a final exam on Monday looking everything up I had to to understand the things on the ballot and vote for everything with my conscience. Even down to the school board and judges stuff. I did as good as I could. After that I tried not to watch anything about any of the elections. But…

FL voted in MMJ by an overwhelming majority!!!! So of course my facebook messages blew up with “you can go HOME!!!!” Sadly, no we cannot. We could not afford that move twice and we knew it was a one way trip when we made it. But I am over the top happy that all of the people I have met over the past four years that needed to get here to CO or that were considering the move do not have to make it now! And three or four FL families here in CO are already planning for the move home! I am sooo excited for them!

And on top of all of that last week our van crapped out so we threw our savings at it and actually found a wonderful mechanic in the process! And at least it wasn’t the two problems that the dealership were pointing out to us and it was a much easier fix than we expected!!! But now we’re broke again and no wiggle room for shopping. But we’ll be ok because I already have almost all of the Thanksgiving day food purchased from over the past three months. I have several Christmas projects already stashed away. So things are going to be slim but they’re going to be ok.

So then dh had a BIG blow up at work. I don’t even want to get into it here but I think he’s through it now and they understand we neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed freakin health care. So they’re working with him/us on that. It’s not going to cover the whole family but dh has some slipped disk issues and a hernia that is not doing good. If he goes down, we go down. If he goes down stuff he’s doing at work will be halted also. So it’s not good for anyone. Now they see that.

So we’re working through a crap ton of crap lately. Things that are saving my sanity….

The chickens!!!! Five eggs a day for the past three days. Monday we only got two eggs but we think it’s because it got too cold for them. We’ve had the heat lamp on at night now when it goes below 35 degrees and they’re right back up to laying five eggs every day. One day last week we got six!!!! So I’m really close to getting seven eggs from the seven hens!

Pumpkins!!!!!! We scored some dollar pumpkins at Wally World! I picked the biggest they had. We got home and the rind/skin was so thick on the one bumpy pumpkin we couldn’t cut through it so I just had Miss Emily throw it down on the cement slab to break it up. The kiddo’s laughed and laughed over that. And then we fed it to the chickens over three days. If WalMart or the farm stand we go to have any more left over I’m going to go get some more to cut up/bust up and put it all in the freezer for them to have good snacks over the winter months.

Knitting!!!!! I pledged myself to make three pairs of girl youth slippers and ten washcloths for the Pink Slipper Project to be mailed out by Nov 24th!!! I’m going to try and get all of that done up by Tuesday next week. I think it’s totally doable!!! After I’m done that I need to reload my Etsy shop because Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are huge for me!

And that’s about how the week has been going so far.  I feel exhausted but I haven’t really Done any physically exhausting stuff… holding things together around here so they don’t blow up has been hard though. But so far so good I guess. Now if I could just un-clench my jaw so I don’t end up with migraines over the whole mess of everything. Grinding teeth over stressful situations sucks. I wish I were a nail biter or something. 😛

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a better week than us. But looking at the protests and riots I figure it’s going to be a while before things settle. It’s just a blargh-gy kind of month. Thanksgiving seems like it’s just going to bring families together to argue over elections so I’m giving it til the middle of December til things start to feel normal again.


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