Halloween was good and bad. I got up and did the whole breakfast thing, and then Emily took over the kitchen to make a Halloween cake, and some cookies. The cake was so much fun, she never got to the cookies. LOL Here was kind of the idea…


and here’s our hysterical “nailed it” version. πŸ˜€


The cake kind of stuck to the sides of the pan, so the edges came out horrible, and unfrost-able for the most part. It did look like graveyard dirt though.Β  We didn’t have fancy cookies to make into tombstones, but Benny suggested cutting candies in half, and I painted the ghosties on them with white icing after we figured writing R.I.P wasn’t going to look like letters at all! And at the last minute she put the M&Ms on like they were graveyard creepy crawlies. And it tasted sooooooooo freakin goooooooood! Emily is getting really, really, really, good with her baking! And I told her I would happily eat all of the mistakes!Β  πŸ™‚

In other news on Halloween, I got the tragic news that one of the families that moved to CO around the same time we did, lost their son yesterday. πŸ˜₯Β  Epilepsy is just so horrible and sad, and it just swoops in when you don’t expect it, and whammo! They’ve lost their child. There are two more that need prayers right now also. It just breaks my heart to pieces every time we lose one of our Realm children!!! So, I cried for most of the day yesterday along with many of the other parents.

For any new people here, if you read far enough back on this blog you will read about our move to CO four years ago to save our daughters life!Β  She had an allergic reaction to antibiotics, and couldn’t keep food down, and had extensive nerve damage through her whole body. We moved to CO for Medical Marijuana for her, and it worked! She was 13 years old, and went from 105 pounds, down to 65 pounds in less than six months. It took a couple of years til we got to where we knew she wasn’t going to die, and now, four years later she is up to 122 pounds, and finally back on the BMI scale for her height! I should just do a whole nother post on that with pictures later.Β  About 75% of the parents of the group we’re with here in CO though, are here for seizure children, and it sucks that every now and again oneΒ  dies, and our hearts break over and over again. 😦

Ok, enough of that, because I don’t want to get sad again. πŸ˜₯

Knitting projects… So, I worked on some mittens for a nice lady here in CO (her son is one of the Realm children too) and she has the hardest time finding mittens for him, so I whipped him up a few pair. And we’re on FB, and she knew that I couldn’t find Cake yarn down here in Pueblo, and I was going to have to wait until we went to the Springs to get Cassies meds to see if Micheal’s had any Cake yarn left up there. So in thanks for the mittens she went out and got me six skeins of Cake!!!! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh, was I ever over the top happy!!!! πŸ˜€

So right now I’m finishing up a shawl in Cake color Rainbow Sprinkles. I’ll probably have a picture of it off the needles tomorrow. Right now it’s so squished up it looks like a Rasta hat! LOL The skein was almost enough to do the whole shawl, so I’m doing the last six rows in Red Heart color Amethyst just because it looks better than black!

In other crafting… I made a bunch of these angels for Christmas. All the ends are already done on about 15 of them, and I just have to glue magnets to their backs.


And I have now made three of these guys!!! I am in Love with the pattern!!! So this one was for my newborn nephew, and then I made a medium blue one for Emily, and then if you look behind the angels in that other pic, you can see the purple legs for the one I made for Austin! I’m gonna have to make more, and get them up on the shop soon.


Ok, that’s about all I have time for today. I’ve got three loooooong rows to do on the shawl, and when that’s done, I have this big ol comforter zipper bag of all the things I need to weave in ends for to get things on the shop for Christmas sales. Procrastination at it’s finest! LOL





4 Responses to “Halloween!”

  1. promisesunshine Says:

    I’m so glad your daughter is doing so well. And that you had cake and got Cake. πŸ™‚

  2. Anna Marie Says:

    That cake is… tasty looking! ^_^

    I don’t blame you at all for moving, it was exactly what needed to be done. Shame on the gov’t for not allowing MM to children who need it in *ALL* states.

    My current project is a crocheted frog. Will have to show you, when he’s done!

    • spinnermom Says:

      I can’t wait to see your froggie!!!! Have you checked out the Twitch.tv creative streams yet? I’m not sure if your internet has ever been upgraded to watching online things yet. Anyway I’ve been chatting with some of the amigurumi crocheters on there and I’m getting back into it now too!

      And yep, the cake was very tasty!!! I haven’t even made a cake that good from scratch! My pupil has surpassed me! LOL

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