Spinzilla 2016 Days 1-3

Ok, I have gobs and gobs of pictures to share. I had a sale on my Etsy store, so some more packages can go out to hospitals! Yaaaayyy! So, I’ve been getting pictures of the hats, and booties, and blankets I’m sending out. BUT first I have to keep up with all of this spinning I’ve been doing, and now we’re on day three of Spinzilla and I do believe I am at my Mile already! Yaaayyy!

Ok, so I got the Spinzilla 2016 Fiber Variety Pack (3 Colors) from the Woolery, and I was thinking I could dye some of it, and spin for all different kinds of knitting, up until the night of Spinzilla, and then I thought, the first year I participated in Spinzilla I made beautiful rainbow yarn, and then made a shawl from it. Last year I spun some fiber I bought at a local shop, and that was spun in mind of making another shawl, just with Etsy stuff I haven’t gotten around to making it yet. But why not spin this year to make a shawl also? Here’s the woolly goodness I have to work with…


So I am spinning up all three colors to use in a beautiful shawl, that I’ve already picked a pattern for (not sharing that yet, but soon). And here’s what I have done up so far…

Day one: I went ahead and started with the medium (not too dark, not too light) color, and I wanted to start at 12:01 and spin until I filled a bobbin to kind of give me a gauge of how many hours I’ll have into this when I’m done. With a few interruptions it took me around an hour and twenty minutes to fill the first bobbin, and then off to bed I went.


I woke up early, still the first day of spinning and filled three more bobbins and then Zzzzzzzz! (we also did gardening and got some kale and other greens into some garden beds for the winter. And then other outdoor chores too, so it’s not like I just get to sit and spin spin spin all day, as much as I would like to :-D)

Day 2: I started plying stuff off. 930 total yards spun for Spinzilla between doing the single plies, and then you get to count the yardage for plying them together also. So even though it’s 930 yards spun, I have 310 yards of yarn from the light grey bag of fiber.


Then late last night I started on spinning the darker fiber, and I kept spinning til around 1 in the morning, and I got four bobbins full! I had to ply off a wee little skein of cream colored yarn to free up bobbins to be able to spin all four bobbins in the dark colored fiber, so I get to add the plying total to my Spinzilla totals *just for the plying* of the cream colored yarn. 56 yards plied!

Today was day 3: There was gardening to do, and general housework, and school work, and I woke up late because I went to bed late. Blah! But I got those bobbins plied off and about half of the dark stuff totaled too, so I am officially tomorrow going to be at my monster mile of spinning! Yaaayyy! Here’s all that’s done up so far, and I have another skein of the dark grey added to this pile now! Just a hundred or so more yards (which is already on my bobbins, but I’m not adding it til it’s officially plied up) and I’ll be at the Mile!!!


And that’s my week of Spinzilla so far! If you are Spinzilla-ing, hows it going? Are you using spindles, or a wheel, or a potato and a stick? And good golly, share what fiber you’re spinning. I have some more of that cream color fiber up at the top, and I’m thinking about wildly spot dying it, because at this rate I am going to be out of this three pack of fiber by Friday and it’ll be good to spin some pops of color by the weekend! Tomorrow, knitting pictures!!!!



One Response to “Spinzilla 2016 Days 1-3”

  1. Anna Marie Says:

    Holy WoW… what an amazing, consuming job!

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