Down and Out!

It’s been a rough week-ish or so. The flu bug has hit us, and it’s starting it’s second round, so no matter how crappy I feel, I had to get up and do something about it all yesterday. By the end of the day I had washed nine loads of laundry, and the kiddo’s worked on folding and putting it all away, and making beds. Then there was just general house keeping to catch up on. Two days of NyQuil haze is enough for me without getting to the point I want to condemn my own home. 😛  Then I cleaned door handles, and light switches, and changed out tooth brushes, and boiled the silverware! Yes, that’s how I roll when the bug hits us this hard and won’t let go.

Now I’m feeling a lot better except for a bit of a cough, and I keep sweating. Three days straight and I feel like I’m in a sweat lodge. No fever, but there’s the sweat. Blah. Every single Fall since we’ve been here this happens in either Sept or Oct. I guess it’s just going to be a thing.

Funny thing though. All the kiddo’s keep asking for their school paper work, and they do it on their clip boards in their beds. They don’t wanna fall behind. LOL I ask them, fall behind what?  They’d just rather take two weeks off for Christmas vacation, and not have a flu vacation. 😛 And no one really has the runny eyes and nose kinda cold/flu, so they can all still see to read their books and write, so it’s all good.

In knitting news… I’ve just picked out random colors of yarn, and I’m working on neck warmers. Cast on 33 stitches and knit every row til the piece is about four inches bigger than a hat, so it slips over your head easily and knit the starting row to the ending row like a three needle bind off.  I like them better than scarves, because no dangling ends to get caught on anything, and they’re easy to have on hand to hand out. Last year in Oct the temps took a sudden dip from in the 70’s during the day, to the mid 30’s right after sunset, and there was this poor woman in the store parking lot asking for money in shorts and a tshirt, obviously Freezing her hiney off because she didn’t expect the turn in the weather. I stripped off my neck warmer, and mitts, and $2 flannel shirt that I was wearing as a second shirt, and just gave it to her so she could be warm. I still had long clothes and my jacket on, so I was fine, and I had extra neck warmers and mitts in our van, so I could easily put more on without worry about the ones I handed off to her. It’s so nice to be able to do that, and it didn’t even cost me $3, and totally made someones day better all at once. Not tooting my own horn or anything, but I really Love knitting and crocheting for just that reason!

In the garden… our zucchini plants are just about done. I will be sad to not have them now. And we ate so much I didn’t get to freeze any for us for winter either. I do have four left right now that I’m going to shred for making zucchini bread though. The other night we shredded some zucchini and some potatoes and then dh spiced it up and added a few eggs and we fried it on the griddle like hash browns and man oh man can you say, “new favorite dish”!!!! We made way too much though so I have some stored in the freezer right along with our fried zucchini to take out and pop in the oven for heat and eat type food! Nom nom nom!

And in the kitchen… Emily was like, “Mom, do you have a pie crust recipe?” Nope. So I look one up, and of course she runs right off making it!  Then I’m like, “what are you going to use it for?” My face when she said, “Pumpkin pie!” :-O  Ummmm, I don’t think we have all the ingredients. Her: “sure we do!” And she proceeds to pull them all out of gawd knows where, and I’m checking dates….. Huh! I guess we do! I leave the room for like 15 minutes, and come back and shes like, “Mom, how do we roll out the pie crust?” We take another fifteen minutes to dig out the rolling pin, and I’m muttering, “This is why I don’t bake. This is why I don’t bake” LOL So anyway, we made it all work! First time making pie crust for both of us. First time making pumpkin pie for her! Yaaaaayyy! Nom nom nom! 😀


And that’s our week so far. Sickness and all. Hows yours going?



4 Responses to “Down and Out!”

  1. promisesunshine Says:

    Doesn’t seem like you let down and out bother you!
    I like the idea of neck warmers to give out. That would be something great to do for the homeless in my community.
    Great job on the pie!

    • spinnermom Says:

      I’m trying really hard not to let it get to me. We’re on round two of the sickness though. Just gotta keep busy and get through. The neck warmers are really easy to make and one skein of red heart make at least two with some left over so at around a dollar fifty I don’t mind handing them out or if the kiddo’s lose one. Or even making them to just leave around town like people have been doing tying them to bus benches with tags that tell people to take it and keep warm.

  2. Anna Marie Says:

    Oh, yeah… I’m doing the sweating thing, too. And we’re just a sick factory over here, one giving it to the next. It’s the seasonal change, isn’t it? Mercy…!

    • spinnermom Says:

      Seasonal change, menopause, the flu. Whatever it is it’s making me drop weight again. We’re almost over round two of our cold/flu stuff. I sure hope it stays away! I guess it’s good our immune systems are strengthening! LOL

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