First Day of School

Yep, once again this year we didn’t get started til after Labor Day.  I guess it might become a thing. We only have five more years of school, and then everyone will be graduated! The school board doesn’t care when we start or stop, just so long as we get in 172 four hour days. I still do the 180 days from FL though because they’re all used to it and it makes for a nice even amount of weeks. 😛

So today we’re going nice and easy, with spelling words, and reading, and History. I’m going to try and throw more classics their way this year too. Nobody likes them much, so I might just end up getting Audible books and playing them when everyone is trapped in the van. Just for a regular run to get groceries it’s an hour round trip, so we could get a book knocked out every month or so, if we do that.

In knitting/crocheting stuff… well, I’ve got a boodle of things to finish up. My Nephew is having a baby in two weeks, so I’ve gotta get their package of baby things out. I’ve got pictures. Just not posting them til mama and papa see the gifties first! Then I have another friend in the Springs that had her baby like three months ago, and she was moving just after he was born, so I need to get her package out too.

I’ve also been working on hats, and neck warmers, and mitts, and stuff for the shop.  I need to work on some mittens for a little buddy of mine that just moved here to CO last year. His mama says she hasn’t found gloves or mittens to fit him, so I’m going to send her several different ones for her to try, and then make extras of the ones she likes. Can’t have my buddies hands being cold!

Oh, and there’s wood burning going on here also!  We went to Harbor Freight and they were having a tremendous sale!!! I think my wood burner was like 70% or 80% off! So I got it and I have some uses for it in my kitchen, and I’m going to make signs for Chicken City, and the Fresh Eggs hatch. I’ve already tested it out on a little bit of scrappy wood while we were building chicken city. Here’s what I’ve got so far…



… and that’s just fiddling around with it! Imagine if I got stencils or transfer paper! It does take a bit of setting up though because I’m afraid I’m gonna burn a hole in my desk, or burn myself somehow.  I pretty much will only use it in the morning when my brain isn’t scattered to a million other things!

And that’s about it for today. I should do a cat post. We’re up to six now, and we didn’t take Mammy to the shelter, so she’s still in the spare room too (so technically seven), because I found her a home where they need a good outdoor cat to catch mice. She would be the cat to have for that! I cannot tell you how many birds, mice, and lizards shes gifted me on the back porch in the past year!!! I think these people are going to Love having her around! So, one more week and shes outta here! Anyway…



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