July Rolls By Quick!

Well, holy moly! Where did July go? I’ll tell ya where. It went to court dates, and gardening, and chicken coop building. That’s where. I guess lets start at the beginning of the month.

So the first week in July. We decided to buy a few fireworks, because the kiddo’s wanted those popper things. I got to the tent, and people were buying hundreds of dollars of fireworks, and I felt a little out of place with my little $15 budget. I got eight boxes of the poppers, so each child could have two, I got two packages of those things that you light and they whirl around on the ground and make like a small pyrimid of light, and then they pop and sparkle. And then I got two of the small Purple Rain. We Always have to have a purple rain. This year it was just the small ones, and since everything was buy one get one… we got two. We sat out on the back slab after dark and shot off everything we had, while watching the neighbors pop some high in the sky fireworks. There were so many we almost thought our little town had a show at the park, but it was just like three different families just doing their thing. We hollered out “Thank you”, when it was all said and done and they hollered back, “De Nada”! 🙂

Then we were building the chicken coop. Remember that blog right there, where I said the chickens were going in their new home? Well, they didn’t. Then I hoped for July 4th. It being Independence Day and all. Then I was hoping it would be the next weekend, and the next. Nope, and nope. We’ve had the drawback of other critters being able to get into the half of the shed where we’re building their space. So we’re adding extra chicken wire, and boards to block foxes, and marmots, and feral cats, and skunks from getting to the chickens! Could you imagine if I went to feed them in the morning and found a skunk locked in with dead chickens, because it could have gotten through an unfinished area of the wall? Ugghh! I don’t wanna have to deskunk my coop!

So it’s all still in progress, and the chickens will be out in the next day or two at the very very most! We have to go to the store and get three more 2x4s to complete the outside part of the coop anyway. But I have got to say I am amazed at dh and my own abilities to build something this great! We both sat outside hammering in those U shaped fencing nails for tacking on the chicken wire and other wire fencing we have, giggling our butts off because we dubbed the coop Chicken City and then we both started singing Starships We Built This City… “We built chicken city on roooock and roll!” 😀  https://youtu.be/K1b8AhIsSYQ

Then we had court. Bankruptcy. I have been super depressed and totally emo over it all. Sitting there in court bawling to the Trustee and showing her pictures of Cassie three and a half years ago at 65 pounds, and telling her about our move here to save her life. Lordy, I must have looked a bit whooped by the end of the morning. But it’s all done now, and it’s all in the courts hands. I bawled a couple of months ago too, filling out the paperwork, and basically what the paperwork told us is that we are a family of six, living on less than what one person in CO should be living on. Crazy that! The first thing to value on the paperwork was kitchen appliances, and the first appliance was “stove”. Oh, we don’t even have a freakin stove! We have a single hot plate, and a toaster oven. Trustee raises her eyebrow to that. So we showed her pictures. She believed us then. So really the only thing we have of value at all is our guns, and our bikes. Cassie will get to keep her bike, because it’s medically necessary for her to build more muscle. The rest of us might lose ours though. I’m really hoping we don’t.  When the lawyers office and the trustee were going through our paperwork they were expecting Mooooore stuff! We don’t have gizmos and gadgets like we used to though. Heck, I didn’t even have a cell phone til late last year, when I caught up with the rest of the world. But they can take that if they want it. I’m really not all that impressed. 😛

And that’s about all for the month of July. Chickens, gardens, and court. I’ll do some picture posts over the next week or so. I have some awesome things to share!



2 Responses to “July Rolls By Quick!”

  1. cjc22 Says:

    Sounds like life has been “interesting” for you folks. Hope it gets less so soon. I have some more yarn. Want me to send it? I was in hospital with a TIA but am recovering well and mostly back to normal – whatever that is.

    • spinnermom Says:

      Yep it has been most interesting. I’m happy the summer is almost over. Kiddo’s get evaluations next week for homeschool and then we can start all over again in four or five weeks! So happy to hear you are out of the hospital and doing better!

      Yes! I would love some more yarn if you can’t use it! I haven’t been knitting as much as I used to, but I’m still getting a good 20+ hats made a month, and a blanket done here and there. Lately I’ve been working on burial buntings for a local charity, and even though I know what they’re going to be used for, I still love making them. They are so small and precious! Let me know if you need my address again!

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