Off the needles today…

Yep you got it!  A knitting post! Finally!

So a week or so ago Anna linked to an owl hat pattern, and it was supposed to be free, but when I clicked the link it was like $4 for the pattern and I think it was only up on the persons website for a limited time, like two years or so, or something. But the pattern intrigued me, so I started digging, and I didn’t have to dig long before I found a pattern on the Way Back Machine. Here it is! So she basically has more rows before you start the owls, and didn’t put buttons for eyes and such. So I tinkered with it. Since the owl pattern is 11 stitches, and the hat brim is a three pattern repeat, I thought I’d start out with the easiest three stitch repeat that went into 11 also. 66 stitches. Here’s the results…


It looks great to me, except its more of a preteen size hat than an adult. I made that one up there in white yarn, and now I’m starting a second adult size hat in a brown yarn. Vannas Choice Toffee color to be exact. I’m going to do the brim in 78 stitches, and then decrease one stitch at the back of the hat, and then I’ll have 77 stitches for 7 owls on that hat!

Next up, the long awaited Mermaid Tail pics!!! No I haven’t finished it yet, because it’s like 104 degrees here in the daytime, and I can’t sit with a lap blanket on my legs knitting on it in this heat! Blah! But here’s what I have so far! The fish tale part of it…


And then the blanket part of it. The colors in the blanket part are a lighter purple, and mint green. I only need to do about three more repeats of the blanket, and then the decreases in the round for the bottom. Here’s a link to the pattern on Ravelry, but it’ll cost you $4.  It’s well worth the $$$, so just go buy it if you like it! You will Not be disappointed!


Here’s my pitiful little bit of charity knitting for the past two weeks or so. The colors a little off because of the lamp in my office area. The top right hat is more blue and white, and not so very grey looking. The three yellow hats are double stranded, because the yarn was very very thin, but I used up two more balls of yarn out of stash! Yaayyy! And then a colorful hat that I don’t really like the way it striped, but eh, someone will like it I’m sure. And green booties. I have a pile of about 20 sets of booties to add that to though, so it won’t be sad and lonely for long.


And the scrap baby yarn scarf is finished!  Wooohooo, for a whole pretzel bucket of odds and ends used up!  Might put this on the Etsy shop as a One Of a Kind never to be repeated item!


And this is today’s fun! I threaded up the Inkle loom again! Beautiful two and a half inch belt coming up!!! I added the hair ties to the pegs on the loom though, because the last belt I was working on PuppyCat kept coming by and kept popping some of the warp off, and it was troublesome getting it warped back on twice!  PuppyCat hasn’t been around as long as the other four, and he doesn’t realize yet the yarn is off limits! Tough rulez for catz! 😀


And that’s about all the projects I have going right now.  There has been the random pair of fingerless mitts, and plain ol hats that I’m stacking up for when the cold weather hits. I was thinking of making a few of these rainbow hats to add to my shop also, just because they are so cheery to make, and life hasn’t been the greatest for the past six to eight months, and I could use a little bit of cheery colors in my life. 😛  What do you think? Would people buy them up?


Stay tuned for garden and critter updates. I tell you what… chickens grow up fast! LOL



2 Responses to “Off the needles today…”

  1. Heidi Says:

    I totally want to buy that scarf. I have been ogling it since you started posting it!!!! Is it long enough for an adult? And if so, can I please, please, please buy it???!!!

  2. annamatrix Says:

    Homigosh, you have some amazing projects going, right now!!

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