Gardeny stuff!

Here’s what we have so far. Off to the left where the bricks are, is where flowers are going around the cement slab. We sprinkled seeds in, and we’re going to be adding zinnias and marigolds that we’re growing from seed to that little bed. And then we’re going to have a little walk off the slab area and then rose bushes around the other area of the slab. The first bed at the bottom of the picture is the three sisters garden with corn squash and beans. See too many squash plants in that bed, so we’re going to make another bed and transfer some of them. Only three corn plants are up so far also. The next bed that has the rock dust on it is now the pepper bed, and the next three beds after that are the tomato beds.ย  Dh packed that first tomato bed full, but the next two are more normally spaced. On the way right of the picture where the two white buckets are is our potato patch. Finally got the rest of that in two or three days ago. Yaaayyy, for no more potato starts sitting around in buckets! See our green Gorilla Cart too! That thing is a lifesaver! And it can be adapted to pull behind on our bicycles!


The potato patch! So, we planted that first square of it and called it a day, and then two weeks later came back and planted another portion, and then a few days ago I finally got out there and just dug in and got every last seed potato out of our house, and into the ground! Now they’ll come up a bit at a time, and we won’t have to kill ourselves doing the whole patch at one time. And yes, the five apple trees we have down the back fence line…


are getting full of apples too! We nicked a lot of them off to help establish the trees better though, so we have about eight to ten apples on each tree, and about three dozen on the crab apple tree. Just enough for everyone to sample some. Hopefully next year they’ll set just as well as they did this year!


Here’s a better view of our three tomato beds. People were asking about our hoops. Basically it’s just 18 inch pieces of small rebar pounded into the ground, and then pvc pipe flexed over the bed onto the rebar. 6 Mil plastic from the hardware store, stapled to two 2x4s on either side of the bed to help hold the plastic. We’re only using the cover while it’s still cold at night, but soon we can just leave them off. We use the masonry blocks so we can roll the plastic half way up, so newly planted items don’t die off in the afternoon sun, and also to help hold the 2×4’s down at night. We get a lot of winds out here on the plains but so far it’s all working wonderfully!


Some of our lettuce and kale, and the Easter buckets (we got them for 10cents each two weeks after Easter, and drilled drainage holes in them for extra planters) have sweet onions in them. The black bags have red onions in them. We still have like 250 more onions to plant also, so I’m going to need to get busy making two more beds! That’s my goal this weekend.


More pepper plants yet to be put in. We have all kinds of hot spicy peppers and then about a tray and a half of regular ones too. And some marigolds that we rescued from the store also. Can’t beat it when they have 25 and 50 cent plants that are just about dead. We get them home, and make them live. ๐Ÿ˜€


And this came up in the compost/soil we had delivered! Lambs-quarters, ftw! So I’m getting a bit of salad greens and lambs-quarters to eat every day now!


And the birdhouse gourds!!! These are the last two survivors of the first six we put in the ground. I bought more seeds from the store though, and we popped eight more seeds in the other two mounds, and so far five of them have popped up!ย  Wooohooo, for more big ol gourd plants! They’re going to sprawl up our back fence!


And that’s about all in the garden for now! I’m going to have to get a lot more pictures when I’m out there, because we now have about eight big ol tomatoes that are starting to turn red, and about 50 or so cherry tomatoes on one of the Sweet 100 plants also! We ninja-ed one early yesterday, and it was soooooo yummy, even though it wasn’t blazing red yet! Still 100 times better than the ones at the grocery store! ๐Ÿ™‚



One Response to “Gardeny stuff!”

  1. annamatrix Says:

    Lookin’ good! Ours goes in this weekend, so you’re a head of us.

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