Yep, I know I’m blog slackin again, But… on Memorial Day we went to our local feed store, looking for diatomaceous earth for our bean plants, and guess what?  They had chickens! They said they weren’t getting any til August or so last time we were in, but whammo there they were. Dh and me looked at each other, and the store was closing in 15 min, and we were all like, “What will we need?” A bin to keep them in, wood shavings, feed, water bucket, food dish, heat lamp. Zoom zoom zoom, around the store we ran with four different employees and management helping us pick out stuff. We asked for eight chicks. The manager tried talking us into a dozen. He had a hand in throwing them into the shoe/work boot box, and amazingly we ended up with nine! LOL He really wanted rid of them!

Talking to the one store employee she was saying they were going to have them all the time now thru September, but when we went back to the store for a bigger bag of feed this past weekend they were all gone. Manger guy said, “Thank goodness!”, so I doubt they’ll be getting any more in any time soon. Dh and me both looked at each other, and were sooooo freaking glad we didn’t wait a week or so on the decision to get them!

They are supposedly all Rhode Island Reds, and supposedly great layers, so we shall see.


Today when I was cleaning up their food and water and picking them up to keep them used to getting handled, I thought one was a little tore up and bloody, but nope. They’re all getting their regular feathers around their neck area!  They all already have a good crop of tail feathers coming in too! And one of them had pasty butt, and I got em all cleaned up, and no problems at all yet. :knock on wood:

I still have no clue how much to feed them, because some places say feed them as much as they want, and others say not to.  Some places say you can add greens to their diet, like plant scraps from the garden, and weeds, and other places say not to. So I have no clue, but I feed all nine of them about two to three cups of baby chicken feed in the contraption a day, and usually by the next morning most of it’s gone. I want them to get used to just being fed a bit of grain/scraps in the morning, and then they can forage as much as they want the rest of the day when they’re old enough to be outdoors.

Sooo, yaaaayyy chickens!

In other stuff around here…  All the potatoes are finally in the potato patch! The tomatoes and peppers are going gangbusters. Our bean plants took a bit of a hit from crickets, but they’re bouncing back. Zucchini and squash are coming up too close, so we’re going to make a sixth bed, and thin them out. I need to make two more beds for onions this weekend, and then all of those will be in. OH, and I finally found a rhubarb plant! I’m going to get about three or four more when we have the money. Dh has never had rhubarb. I’ve only had rhubarb pie twice, and now I’ve heard of strawberry rhubarb pie I think I am going to fall in Luuuuurvvv with that! 😀

Also on Memorial Day weekend we did this….

Now you see it…


Now you don’t…


Bye bye big ol dead tree! Only thing I was sad about was two Yellow Belly Flycatcher birds had built a nest in it, so they were sad and displaced for a few days. I was going to be super sad if the nest had eggs, but it didn’t! Whew!  So I had dh trim the tree part that the nest was in, and I took it over to the fence halfway between our house and the neighbors tree where the birds took off to, and I stuck the chunk of tree and the nest in another tree about four feet off the ground and I told them where I put it when they came flapping overhead (yes I talk to the birds :-P), and the next day we watched as the two birds came and went, taking parts of this now messed up nest to a different tree, over our house and across the street to yet another tree. Now when I sit in my front yard I can watch them across the street, and luckily we didn’t put them out too very much. Only took them about four days to rebuild from scratch!


So, I guess that’s a pretty good start to what we’ve been up to lately. I should do a garden blog really quick too, and then a quick knitting blog with end of our school year stuff too. OMG I cannot wait to be done with evals and such this year, and just pack everything away! We had such a rough and crazy start to our school year, and I’m just glad we’re getting further and further away from all the crap of 2015!!!! And time marches on!



3 Responses to “Chickens!!!!”

  1. empress27 Says:

    Chickens are amazing! You will enjoy having them! I’ve never had chicks as mine are all rescue hens from a year old. Looking forward to seeing what you name them 😀

  2. annamatrix Says:

    You can feed chickens as much as they’ll eat. We just fill the bowl once a day, and they’re fine. 🙂

    • spinnermom Says:

      Yep that’s what I’ve been doing also. If they finish it all by the time the sun goes down and they’re scuffling around too much I give them another little half scoop so they don’t act like they’re starving the next day. So far so good.

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