Things Are Shaping Up!

This is where most of my week this week has gone. We started last weekend, and if you rent a trailer from UHaul at 4:45 on a Saturday night, and Sunday nights closing time is 5 pm, you pretty much don’t have to have it back before closing on Sunday. You just have to have it back by the time they open on Monday! So we got two days of hauling stuff for the price of one! Yayy!

So we got the 5×8 rental tow behind, and went straight to the nursery we like to pick up some trees!  Since it’s the day before Mothers Day, and they have a crap ton of roses in, and they’re closed on Sunday, they were having a 20% off sale. So we picked up two more apple trees, and three cherry tree/bushes, and some beautiful orange roses already in bloom, all for 20% off! The big ol rose in the picture just opened, and this thing has like eight roses open on it already, and another three or four ready to pop out! Love love love my rose bushes! And so do the bees! 😀


After the nursery we made good use of the trailer, and went to Lowes and Home Depot for some much needed around the house stuff. A tool rack for the shed. And a ladder! We haven’t had a ladder since we’ve moved here three and a half years ago, and now over the past month we’ve had two days of really high winds, and some shingles are loose, so we Neeeeeded to get a ladder! And we needed some more 2x4s and 4x4s for around the house too. We have a floor that needs repairing,  so it’s good to be able to load all of that up in the trailer, and just haul it all home in one run, instead of in five runs in the van.

On Sunday we decided that we would go back to Lowe’s and get some bricks to help build a retaining wall off of our porch, to help with rain water run off, and that will help keep water out of the basement. And after that we went to the grocery store to get about 15 packs of our bottled drinking water. The town has been serving notice since we’ve moved here about water this, and water that, and we haven’t been able to afford a reverse osmosis filter yet, so we have to haul our drinking water from town, four and five packs at a time… unless we have a trailer! So we then unloaded about 26 mason blocks, and 15 packs of drinking water, and then road back to town to return the trailer Sunday night!

Oh, and we ate at Taco Bell on Mothers Day also, and I won a $60 Overwatch game code, and a set of Razor Headphones on my tea cup!!!! Sooooo freakin excited, because I was not going to get the Overwatch game til next year, and just get World of Warcraft Legion later this year for my birthday, because WoW is my main Blizzard game. But now, wahlah! I just win it, just like that! Yaaayyy! Of course it takes 6-8 weeks to get here, so I won’t be able to play til like 4 weeks after it’s released. But I don’t mind. I’ve got things to do. LOL

Ok, so garden pictures! I lost some, because my stoopid phone doesn’t say, “hey, your memory card is full”, and it just starts overwriting crap without warning. Got it all sorted out now, but I’m missing like three days of pictures. BUT here’s what I have…

Beautiful beautiful garden beds. Dh came up with the idea to define the beds, so we had all these little ends from the pvc hoops (lopped off a foot and a half off of each one, and then had to cut up one more whole length, and we had little stakes that dh drilled holes into to run string through at the corner of each bed. Right now we have four of these rectangle beds, and then the one big potato patch defined around the apple trees in the back of the yard.


Here’s about 1/3 of our tomatoes planted and they are all doing sooooooo freakin great with the wood chips down! We’re only keeping them covered with the plastic, because it still goes down into the upper 30’s and low 40’s at night, so they need the warmth.


Here’s my birdhouse gourds planted in three different mounds along the back fence! That picture with three gourds can now be a picture with two also, because something came up the second day they were in the ground, and ate the little one!  Just the whole plant gone!  If it happens again I’m covering them every night, until they’re too big to be messed with! Can’t wait to do a project with the kiddo’s though painting birdhouses from the gourds we grow!




Potatoes coming up!!! We have about 20 plants like this so far. Only another 60 or so to get into the bed, this weekend hopefully!


Here’s the apple trees all in a row. See that third and fourth one down the line?  That’s the wood chipped area where the potatoes are going. We calculated, and we have about five times as much space in that bed, as we did in the FL potato beds, so we’re hoping for a good 250-300 pounds of taters this year if they all come up! This pic was snapped before we had the string defining the beds, and before we had the second hooped area in. Also on the back side of the potato bed, we cleared out all of those weeds, and that’s where my gourds are.


And the apples are coming on nicely too! We have saved about a dozen of them, but are taking a lot off the plants this first year they’re in the ground, so they can get established better without being weighted down by fruit. It’ll be nice to taste a few though.


So in the hoop houses right now we have pepper plants, and herbs, like mint, and parsley, some of my onions. Turns out onions are a great pest repellent, so we’ve put some in the kale and lettuce bed of the plants we already have in the ground, because of aphids. And then something nibbled on the tomatoes we planted, so we put some onions in there, and also a couple of garlic bulbs. All of the bad bugs we’ve seen have headed for the hills wherever we put the onions. 😀

This is the lettuce and kale we still have to plant! Isn’t it gorgeous!!!!


And here is Peanut, aka PuppyCat! He loves the masonry blocks! And he plays fetch! I have to get a video of that, because it’s just hilarious!!! I think this pic was snapped just before he sneezed, but it looks like he’s saying, “if I fits, I sits!”


The End (I had to! I just had to! :-D)


TTYL 🙂 (P.S. Knitting blog in the next day or two)


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