The Good and The Bad

It has been a great week for sales in the shop! I’ve sold a handful of the Viking Hats to some of my friends in the Springs who are starting a movement of some kind I think. I will LOL if they all show up at an event with their Viking hats on! Thanks to sweet little Odin for wearing his everywhere, and making the big folks want them too! 🙂

So the indoor kitties are good, with food and litter for this coming month, and part of the next month already. Now to take care of the outdoor ones. Two weeks ago Emily’s fav outdoor cat Oreo showed up with his tail hurt right at the base like a dog had gotten at him.  This is a rough and tumble feral cat that has scratches all over him from all kinds of fights. Not as bad as Captain Jack down the road, that has an ear taken off, and an eye that’s almost gone, but Oreo is starting to look pretty rough. So he went missing for about four days, and yesterday he came almost dragging in. Walking really really slow, almost dazed, and really skinny all of a sudden. He shouldn’t be that bad off for four days not showing up to eat. So we fear he may have been poisoned. Dh said, bring him in. Now! :-0  Yeah, if dh says bring a cat in the house…. well, either I’ve converted him, or we’re really going to try and save just this one. 🙂

So Oreo’s been in the spare room where we let Mammy and the kittens stay all winter, so they wouldn’t freeze. He’s eating slowly, he’s drinking, and he’s using the litter box as best as he can. But he’s lethargic, and just too skinny! I fear if we had left him outdoors one more night, he wouldn’t have made it! Payday is in three days, so we’re hoping he does ok til then, and we’ll get him some help if he’s not better.  The neighbors about a half mile away have gotten and old school bus, and all I can think is maybe they changed the radiator fluid, and left it out in the open, or something. Maybe Oreo got hold of a poisoned mouse, or a bird. Who knows. It’s just sad to see a cat that romped all over the place, and pretty much lived on our roof in the winter be so limp and sad all of a sudden.


Here he is convalescing on a bathmat, with a heating pad. Getting hand fed bits of chicken periodically. Either he’s going to get better, or his last days are going to be lived out in absolute kitty cat luxury!!!

In the mean time Mammy cat is about to give birth again, so we’re setting up the foam tile birthing suite on the back porch again. I am marking my calendar the day she gives birth this time, and eight weeks out she is going to be spayed at the catch and release clinic (basically the kill shelter in town). The kittens will either be spay/neuter and released, or if they’re pleasant enough we’ll take them to the no kill shelter to be fixed and taken to PetCo/PetSmart again.

Knitting post tomorrow. I’ve mailed out three packages to the hospitals over the past week and a half. I have pictures. Just catz and kiddo’s have been keeping me busy busy busy!



It’s Cold and I’m Knitting!

No pictures to really share today. But it is cold outside and the wind is blowing like Crazy!!!! We’re not getting too much snow yet, but it’s coming tonight, tomorrow, and possibly Friday too! We had about four days of really nice Spring like weather, and now this! Blah!

In gardening news…we picked up a bunch of potato, onion, and strawberry starts at the store this past weekend. Check out guy looks at all the starts and says, “Don’t you need dirt?” and I was like, “Yep! Good thing most of the Earth is made of dirt!” 😀 We were going to put most of the potatoes and onions in this coming weekend, but now we might just wait til the first weekend in April. Dh has some tomatoes started in the little seed trays. I wanted to get some lettuce and kale in too, but that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe the weekend. The basement might not be good for much, but it’s pretty nice to keep seedlings under the lights down there.

In kitty cat news… finally all of the cats have settled down and stopped hissing and yowling at each other. When you bring one home from the vet, I imagine they smell of dog, or whatever, and then all the other cats hate whoever the outsider is, but then they all start acting that way with each other too. Mawmaw has finally stopped staying under the beds all day, and is back on her footstool under my desk. Peanut spends about half the day sleeping on my legs. And all of the other cats have gone back to their daily roaming, and sleeping in the boxes we get from Sam’s Club.

In knitting news… I am almost done the second Viking hat out of six of them! I lucked out when we pulled into JoAnn’s this weekend. The Mall closes at 7 p.m. and we got their at five minutes til. The side mall doors were already locked, and I had to play the rat in a trap game, first getting through one set of doors as people were coming out, and then waiting a minute or two for a second set of people to come out to let me into the second set of doors. Ran down the bit of mall, and all the stores are still open. Zipped to the yarn section at JoAnns, and boom, grabbed the grey yarn I needed. Got to the check out, and the funny manager guy was there. He talks to machines like I do, and we’re not afraid to do that publicly! 😀 He wanted to know, “What’s all the grey yarn for?” Me: “Viking hats!!!” He was like, “Who are we overthrowing?” LOL Then I looked up all my coupons, and add on my teachers discount, and got $32 worth of yarn for $16!!!! Yaaaayyyy, discounts!

So if for some reason you neeeeed a Viking hat next week, check out my Etsy store. You can get your beards there too, and I will customize the hat for a couple of dollars more if you need braids instead of a beard. 🙂  And that is all for now. Pictures to come soon. I have two baby boxes going out to friends having babies in the next month or so, and I also have about three hospital packages going out over the next two weeks. So lots, and lots, and lots, of knitting and crocheting happening around here. I love my life! 😀



Sitting Outside…

yesterday, and it was in the high 60’s and a little windy.  The wind chimes were making pretty noise, and the birds were peeping and squeaking and making all the sounds of Spring, and I was enjoying the little bit of green grass and buds of light green leaves on the trees!  And this morning, this is what we woke up to…


It’s been snowing and in the mid 20’s aaaaaaaalll day! Big fat wet flakes too. Not that sissy light snow. And it’s Wet! By mid afternoon we had icicles hanging off the porch! Tomorrows not going to be much better. But Monday!  Monday, it’s going to be in the 80’s!

So needless to say, I am indoors today. With a cat curled up at my feet, and knitting in hand. Remember this? I need to make about six more of them in adult sizes! They have been requested, and it’s how I’m going to spend about my next ten days, as soon as I get the grey yarn for them. I’m working on the horns now, because of course I have the white yarn in my stash. Needless to say if my crowd of friends all don these at the same time and place… I expect pictures! 😉



On the Needles

Time to stock the Etsy shop up for Spring, so this week I am turning small leftover balls of yarn into pretty flower hair clips. Yeah, there’s two of everything here right now. The dd’s snitch everything that isn’t nailed down, so I’m making extras.


Also working on something special for a local group auction. Have to make a prototype first. Finally found a fin I like!!!! Guess what I’m making? Go ahead and guess. 🙂


And last but not least more booties! I am having so much fun making these up, and I know the group I am doing them for sure is Loving them! I need to get busy and make some more baby buntings for them also! And tomorrow I have a big ol package going out to Salem Hospital! 15 baby hats, and a blanket! I’ll get those pictures up on here soon. Just a few more ends to weave in!


For feeling like I’m not getting much done lately… I sure do look busy! LOL


Yarny Friends…

Are the Bestest friends!!! So my knitting buddy Barbara mailed me another yarny package this week!  Every single time it is something amazing, and lovely, and this time is no different! See, I don’t shop all the fancy online places, I just go to WalMarts and JoAnns and Hobby Lobby for the most part. Every once in a blue moon I’ll shop online if I see something that’s really super great, And most times it’s gotta be a great deal. Like free shipping, or 40% off, or buy 3 get 1 free kinda deals!

So today the box gets here. Oooooooohhhhhh, pretties! I am in Love with all of it! Especially that there pink, white, purple, and blue skein called Hopping Print, right above that little blue skein! And the Mellowspun in the green and another one in blue. AND that there dark pinkish with a little bit of blue in it under the green bootie!!! I tell ya I am spoiled, spoiled, spoiled!!! 😀


And what am I making you might ask. Well, one of the groups I’ve been knitting for since I’ve ever started knitting (Warm Hearts Warm Babies) is in need of booties! I sent 30 or so sets of them off last week sometime, because I saw in their Jan-Feb newsletter that they were in need of them to match up with hats that they already have for layette sets! Now the March-April newsletter is out and they are still in need, so I’ve started some more…


Some knitters just get that second item syndrome. They can make a bootie, or a mitten, or a sock, and they just don’t want to do it all over again so soon. Not me! I can make booties til the cows come home. Same with mittens, or mitts. I’m not really a sock person though, because I can never get my heels to look right, no matter what I do. If I can get the holes to close up on the gussets, something else is usually wrong, if I can fix the something else that’s wrong, I end up having a very square-ish heel. I’ve just never gotten it quite right. Booties I can do though!

In other things… the weather has warmed up nicely, and there is talks of bike riding, and gardening!!! We’ve cleaned off the back porch, and swept up outside, and set the summer time chairs out there, and I am looking forward to lots of lovely afternoons out there just sitting, and knitting!!!!


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