Normal stuff

Wooohooo, for a good nights sleep! So, I reckon one of the things about menopause might be insomnia??? IDK.  But I’ve been horribly awake for the past week or so. Maybe two or three hours of sleep a night at the very most. It also might be the full moon. It could be anxiety. Who the heck knows!  This past week though, somehow, I seem to have developed allergies!!! NOW I know what people are talking about when their faces are leaking, and your eyes are so itchy you wanna rip them out!!! The night before last when we went shopping I grabbed some Claritin D. Oldest dd does have Benydryl here for her bad days but man that stuff makes me feel funny and knocks me out! Within like ten minutes of taking it I have to nap for like two hours!  Yesterday I took one of the Claritin D and my eyes were still a little leaky, but at least the itchy eyes and nose stopped!!! Whew! It didn’t knock me out all day though, and last night I also slept like a rock for the first time in a week!!!  Yaaaayyy!

Today… We’re taking Mammy cat to the shelter!  She is in heat on our back porch, and Every able bodied tom cat in the neighborhood is circling our house!!!  OMG what a nightmare!!!! And it’s making my indoor fixed cats a little bonkers too! Next week we start taking the kittens in to be fixed. Hopefully then everything will settle down in the month of March!

Knitting stuff…  there are booties!!! Thirty sets done over the past two or three weeks for Warm Hearts Warm Babies!!! In their newsletter they said they have 1300 hats, and no booties to go with them for the layette packages they give to different hospitals! So I figured I’d make a few!


Then there’s this scarf I started. A Youtuber I watch made a flat scarf in garter stitch out of her leftover bits of yarn. I thought, how awful to have to weave in all those ends. So I cast on 40 stitches on my circ needles, and all of my ends will be tied off inside the scarf. 🙂 Pretty awesome so far.


Here are two of the four pretzel buckets of scraps I have to work out of…

20160224_103339  20160224_103322

And then, the baby blanket I am working on. We’re watching episodes of The Arrow (starting season two tonight! Woot!), and XFiles on Netflix with the kiddo’s, so I work on this while we watch.


And last but not least, the Midwife Blanket I’m working on (yes, it looks like the Pounder skein of yarn is going to be enough to do the whole middle of this blanket) I might do the border of it in a different color, but I did buy a second Pounder skein of the soft white, because I thought I was going to run out. So we’ll see how it goes. It’s six repeats wide by eight repeats long right now, and I’m just going to go for that ninth repeat, and it’ll be three feet wide by three feet long! And I know just who I’m going to give it to also! 😀


And just for giggles… this is what I come back to just about every time I leave my desk! *sigh* Silly kitties! The orange one is Salmon, and the dark one is Wicket. The other two oranges ones, Mawmaw and Trout, hardly ever take my chair, but these two… constant battle! Don’t they look comfy? 😛





6 Responses to “Normal stuff”

  1. Bridget Joyce Says:

    Gosh you have been busy. I love the blanket x I often wake in the night boiling hot and I’ve wondered if it was a symptom of menopause, I don’t really want to admit to being menopausal though. I know it’s a bit vain but I’m just not ready for it.

    • spinnermom Says:

      I’ve had a few little baby hot flashes also. Don’t know what I’m going to do when they’re full blown! Heat the house maybe. LOL But since last years big three week Aunt Flo thing and now being off of the Pill I have not had any Aunt Flo since around June, and no cramps or yuckiness! But there’s all this other stuff like the not sleeping, and allergies, and the mini hot flashes.

  2. cjc22 Says:

    Hi friend, I finally figured how to see all of these and reply. Takes an old lady a long time. It sounds like maybe things are a bit better than they were. Life is interesting here. I’m finally getting where I want to catch up with everyone. Your #1 girl has sure become quite the beautiful yarn crafter. Do take care and know you are thought of often. Hugs and smiles, Char

    • spinnermom Says:

      Hi Char! So good to hear from you! YES! Things are a billion times better than they were last year! I’ll have to email you an update! I have been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as well! (((Hugs))) and thank you for all of your support through what was a bit of a nightmare! ❤

  3. Heidi Says:

    Brilliant idea for the scrappy scarf! I will do that too when I have enough of a left-overs stash. 🙂 And I can’t get over how beautiful the midwives blanket is! It is crochet? Right? Is it a hard pattern?

    Love Arrow!! If you like Arrow, you will probably like Daredevil (it’s one of the Netflix original series). It’s a bit darker than Arrow, but oh my goodness, I really like it better than Arrow!

    I need to catch up with my stripes, you are a few sets ahead of me. 😉

  4. spinnermom Says:

    I’m going to do the same scrappy scarf with my baby yarn too. I don’t have as much of it, but I’m going to do like ten rows of either white or purple (the two baby yarns I have the most of right now) and then do a scrappy bit, and then ten more rows of the main color, until all my scraps are used up.

    The Midwife Blanket is surprisingly super super easy! If you can chain stitch and double crochet and know how to skip a stitch, you can totally make this blanket! I don’t even have to count my rows to make sure which row I’m on like I do with some patterns. I can just look at it and say oh this is the row with the two big holes, or this is the row that needs the stitches all the way across! I R not to very crochet savvy, so if I can do it, a noob can! 🙂

    Arrow is wonderful!!! We started watching Flash, and when the Arrow made a couple of guest shots in that show we Had to look it up! We’ll have to look up Daredevil too. I think there’s one other Marvel Comic show too, but I can’t think of the name if it right now.

    After we finish this next square, if you want to set the blanket aside while you’re away I will set mine aside too! As you can see I have lots to work on in the mean time!!! 🙂 If you can take it with you though, I will still work on mine at a snails pace! 😀

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