Settle down!

Yep, that’s what I’m doing. Settling down! Last week was the week from Hades. The plumbing went out, and we called the plumber and we think he just made things worse with his auger. We can’t totally prove it, because the floors weren’t taken up, so we don’t know what was what before he started. But we had two popped pipes to fix and he didn’t clear our line, so he offered to come back again for free once we got the pipes fixed. So, I guess that’s something.

So we went a week with no showers, and only using as little water as possible, and Then Friday our friend came by to help us saw up the floor in places we needed, so we could get to the pipes. See that black hose in the pit? That’s a pump to pump out all the water that accumulated in a place we think was the old coal chute under the house, which used to be the side of the house way back in the day.


Saturday we went and did our normal grocery shopping, and then stopped by Lowe’s to pick up the pipe parts we needed. Found out the glue works best when it’s above freezing. The can said 40+ degrees, so there was no plumbing done on Saturday, because it was already 28 degrees by the time we got home.

Sunday we spent most of the day leaning into these pits under the house. Here’s my kitchen sink drain reconnected. (sorry the pic is upside down. IR suck at photos) It formerly stopped right there where that brown rusted lid is. (we think that is an old well system, or some kind of water catchment for the house. It is cut off and has tons of foam padding around it.)


Here is the last big bit of drains we hooked in. Yes, by 8 p.m. Sunday night it was cold enough that we hung a small heater upside down in the pit with tape on the wobbly thing that turns it off if it tips over. We are not conventional plumbers in optimal conditions. We are just doing the best we can with what we’ve got!


So Sunday night at 8:15ish p.m. we finished, and all the glue dried, and we turned the water on and started flushing to see if it would work, and blahhhh! Everything backed up, and started leaking out of the bottom of the toilet and back up into the shower. We were defeated, and deflated, and I just didn’t want to deal with it all anymore.

We realized after eight hours of plumbing that we hadn’t eaten since breakfast. I had barely drank anything all day. I am sure dehydration, and not eating caused my mood to be worse. I was bawling, and dirtier than I had been all week, and we still couldn’t get a shower! Gaaarrrr!

So we did the only thing we could do. We decided to go to dinner! Pulling out of our driveway we encountered Super Bowl revelers driving around our small town blowing their truck horns. Figured that Broncos won just because there was so much hoopla!

We ended up at Wendy’s at nine o’clock at night, and everyone got a big sandwich or chilli. No dollar burgers after the day we’ve just had! Dh called the plumbing people and of course they couldn’t make it out at 8 p.m on Super Bowl Sunday! Duh! But she promised us they would be out first thing in the morning to try and clear the rest of the big outside pipes! And clear it they did!!!!!

So yesterday, I did two heaping loads of dishes, and washed pots and pans, and seven loads of laundry. I still have three more to do today! It just sucks having to go a whole week without water, and burning through towels to suck up leaks! And I washed my hair two times, And took multiple showers yesterday too!

Then I sat down to do this. Because the nightmare was over. Nothing, and I mean nothing, drains out under our house anymore at any point in the plumbing system! And for that I am grateful!!!!


And that was our big ol horrible week from Hades! The floors are back down now. All of my appliances are back in place. All of the saw dust is swept/vacuumed up. All of the pumps and hoses are gone, and things can just go back to normal now. Oh, and Saturday we even bought one of those camping potty seats that hooks on to a 5 gallon bucket! That thing is awesome to have handy! The teenagers were not too thrilled about that. LOL

Ok, I’ve gotta get going and check in this paperwork so the kiddo’s can get to their games and programming stuff. Found a new game on Steam called Arc that they are all thrilled about, except the way it was programmed it uses waaaayyy too much space, and it’s glitchy, and everyone just sits around talking about how they could make it better. I told them all that the designers have probably spent ten years working on it, and it is what it is! Kind of an alpha to beta type thing, that I’m sure as they do updates it will improve. Fun to watch my techies pick it apart though. 🙂



2 Responses to “Settle down!”

  1. Anna Marie Says:

    It’s never a dull moment for you, over there, is it? (((O_o)))

    • spinnermom Says:

      LOL You would think we could catch a break. So far so good on our plumbing though! If we can hold this house together for another six to twelve months we are sooooo out of here! If you thought I was a penny pincher before… things just got pinch-ier!!!!

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