A little knitting/crocheting


So, here’s what I’ve been up to in the past few weeks. I found an online link to finger puppets through one of the charity groups I’m on. It’s been a really really long time since I’ve made a puppet, so I’ve forgotten how much fun, and how much frustration they are initially. Fun, because they’re cute, and they can be made quickly. I made these two in about an hour and a half. Frustration, because I S.u.c.k. at making faces and hair!!!! But I did pretty ok here.  Here’s a link to the pattern I followed for her, and you can see the creator has a pretty crocheted tiara, and her’s looks wonderful. I had no clue how her hair is sewn on, so I just cut the pieces for my puppets hair, and then tied it to the top of her head, and spread it out evenly around the back of her head, and whip stitched two or three pieces at a time evenly around the base of the back of her head.  I’m looking at other ways to do the hair next time, because I would really like to give them away knowing a child isn’t going to pull the hair off and eat it or something.


Here’s my pile of booties and hats that I need to get seamed up, and ends woven in so I can send them off. Most of the hats are for preemies, and then the rest are regular size baby hats and booties.


And Here is the Big project! I ran across this Crochet Crowd video and went with making a twin size bed spread. So far I’ve used two Caron Pounders, and I’m going to be starting my third regular skein of Red Heart Love in the color Eggshell, and the darker green is Red Heart Accent in the color Paradise.  I’m going to need four skeins of that I think, or at least three and a half. And no I have no clue where I want to give this yet. Usually something pops up within a month or so of me finishing something like this. Mostly it might just be claimed by one of the kiddo’s. One thing I do have to say is that when I got to about the half way point on this I was panicking thinking that it was going to be too skinny. Right now though I am like, yep this is going to be just the perfect size just how the pattern called for! So five more veeeeerrrrryyy long rounds and this will be done!


And that’s what I am up to making.  I’ve been cleaning out so many half done projects too. I’ve been on a yarn diet also, so I am going to have a couple of empty tubs here soon, and that feels good also because I have like eight more tubs of yarn in storage, and I’d really like to bring them all home soon and just keep plugging away at getting more and more of it used up!

I’m thinking in April for the Flash Your Stash challenge I might just get everything out, and get it all sorted and put back away proper! Since we moved here two and a half years ago my yarn stash has just been out of control and crazy. Baby yarn and worsted weight all mixed in together. Cottons and regular yarn mixed in. Variegated’s and solids mixed and messed.  The only thing I have kept under control is the wool and alpaca, because I know there are so many people will “wool allergies”! So I won’t mix those with anything. More photos in a bit. So much to share.  I just need to find time to sit and type.



6 Responses to “A little knitting/crocheting”

  1. Olha Says:

    Hi there! Your princess looks beautiful! When I wrote the pattern for the finger puppets, I included the facial features at the end. That’s what it says for the princess:

    To make hair, wrap the yarn around the back of her head by threading it with a tapestry needle through 6 stitches on each side of her face (Fig. 5). Her tiara has a headband shape made of 7 chain sts (Fig. 4). Princess’ eyes are made with 2 short basting stitches and her mouth is made with a duplicate st.

    I don`t know if it makes sense but basically her hair is a number of parallel horizontal threads that go through the head and are visible on the back with the little `bump`on the top as if she has a bun. I hope this helps!


  2. Olha Says:

    Oh, I just remembered that I had a photo tutorial for her, too. Here it is https://halifaxcharityknitters.wordpress.com/2012/04/22/how-to-make-finger-puppets-princess/

    • spinnermom Says:

      Oh my goodness!!! That helps me out a Bunch!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I have started on a couple more of the puppets and I will for sure do the hair this way! I was just so worried some little kiddo’s would strip mine bald so I’m saving it for kiddo’s I know wouldn’t do that. But for sending away to charity I was trying to figure out another way!

  3. Olha Says:

    You are very welcome! It was very thoughtful of you to think about safety, I am glad that you puppets won’t go bald prematurely!

  4. Heidi Says:

    Hi SpinnerMom…I am bringing you a blast from the past! I wanted to see what you are up to and knitting and doing these days. I haven’t done charity knitting in forever and need to get yarn back on the needles! You always inspired me and from looking at your blog..I am still inspired by you! 🙂 My xanga blog was Craftymommavt. Now, I wordpress with a very different kind of blog. I think it is time to add knitting to that blog! 🙂

    • spinnermom Says:

      Hiiiii, Heidi!!! I remember you! I’m still posting a little bit here and there, but not as much as I used to. Still a whooole lot of crafting going on though. And guess what? I just got a cell phone in the past four or so months too! I’m catching up to the whole wide world, and off of my land line now. LOL I’m heading on over to check out your blog right now! Last I remember you had moved and had gotten a rabbit!

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