Next Year…

I hope to post more! LOL So looking at my stats I actually had more people visit here this year, but with less comments. Which isn’t surprising, because I posted less this year.

Anyway, I have lots and lots to chat about, but it seems I rarely have time to just sit and post. The kiddo’s are doing that teenager-y thing where they whine, “you’rrreee not gonna post about this arrrrree yooooouuu?” So, I can’t write about their antics much longer. I will say, I got an awesome video of Austin crying his eyes out over a video game, and he spotted me with my phone and he starts giggling, and says, “are you recording?”, to which both Cassie and me say, “Maaaaaybe” and bust up laughing behind the camera! But I’ll be doing good to get knitting pictures edited and up here, let alone figuring out how to get a video up here. And I know how much y’all are missing knitting pictures!!! 🙂

Next year I am also limiting my Etsy shop. I saw an awesome video about the breakdown of selling on Etsy, and how there are only a few really great top sellers, but that the average Etsy store only makes about $144 a month (I make about half that, so I’m lucky to even be close to average I guess). And that’s even sellers that are on the top 500 Etsy Sellers list. If you’re making more than that, you’re probably in the top 100 sellers, and the top fifty or so Etsy sellers make around $15K a year or so. The top twenty or so sellers make between $35K-$100K.

So last year I was looking at it as I just needed to list more items. Supposedly the more you list the better your chance of getting noticed, and zipping to the front pages of searches. But you really really have to work hard, and use all of your buzz words, and constantly go in and if you redo all of your pictures for the different holidays, and stuff like that people tend to look more. The last numbers I heard was for every 100 views on your shop, you should get 10 sales.

So looking at what I’m paying out to list 200-ish items at .20 cents a pop and re-listing them every 3 months if they don’t sell, and then keeping my items relevant to the fashion trends, and color trends… well, it’s just nuts. So, I am going to just leave 10 of each item on the shop. Ten of my most popular hats, and ten mitts, and ten kitchen items. Hopefully whittling my shop down to around 60 items. If people want to request certain colors, or something different, they certainly can. But no more of this making 20 unique sets of mitts, and listing them all and having them not sell for two years. That’s just forking out $4 to list an item that long, and I’m not going to turn much of a profit if I keep doing that.

So next blog… I promise pictures of things I’m working on.  Here’s a little sneak peek! Ornaments for the tree. I made four sets of them. 🙂




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