Snow Day!

So the kiddo’s wanted to go play in the snow!  It’s 22 degrees out! Ack! That’s Miss Emily under that beard! 😀


Then there was this. No they didn’t all die from the cold. Snow angels!!!!


Here’s Miss Cassie! In the scarf she made all by herself. You can’t tell from this picture but that thing is like six feet long. 😛


And yeah, all that hair. I tuck it in the back pocket of her jeans every chance I get! 😀


And then there’s this. You can’t take FL out of this gal! 😉


Happy snow day everyone!  Yeah I had cocoa and hot cider and hot tea waiting for everyone when they got in!




More Hats and Knitting Hacks

So I wanted something more than just plain ol hats to list on the store. I like the tiny mock cable pattern of Sugar on Snow, only problem was I needed to figure out decreases for a hat with knit 2 purl 2 ribbing. Which I found a couple of different ways to do that, but I liked this one best.

Here are the first two hats combining those patterns. I did 68 stitches for the red one, and 72 stitches for the grey one.  K1p1 for ten rows, then knit a row, then start the Sugar on Snow pattern repeat for the body of the hat.  7 or 8 pattern repeats depending on how big/tall you like your hat. 7 repeats is beanie like and 8 to 10 repeats you’d have to fold up your brim.


So part way through the grey hat I knew I was possibly going to screw up the row counting on the four row repeats (three rows of k2 p2 and then the special row that make it look like a twist). So as I was sitting thinking of ways to make little hashes somewhere so I wouldn’t forget what row I was on. someone on a video I was watching said “red, white, and blue” and it hit me… that’s the count to three I need. So I went into my scraps jar on my desk and got out little scraps of red. white. and blue yarn. and made little stitch markers. Now I can put the hat down at any point of the day and not have to finish a row. or worry about which hash mark I was on.  Row 1 = red marker, row 2 = white marker, row 3 = blue marker, then I just knit the special row with the blue marker on, because I can tell the difference between that row and the k2 p2 rows, and then it’s back to the red marker again! Yaaayy! So, I’m on a third hat in the color Carrot, and another hat on another set of needles in Royal Blue! So far so good, no mistakes!!!



Garden Beds

So about two weeks ago the electric company dropped off a wonderful four foot tall-ish load of wood chips.  They were in the area clearing the power lines of any trees that could potentially cause problems.  About four weeks ago a  power company guy came by and said, “Those trees over there. You like em?” I said, “Nope” he said, “We can cut them?” I said, “Yep”. I think it was the easiest conversation he had all day. LOL So they put pink tags on the ones they were going to take out. When dh heard them lopping them a week later he told them to take everything out of the side yard if they wanted to, and if they wanted to drop off truck loads of the wood chips we’d take them! They were happy to hear it. Here’s the happy steaming pile…


Took us two days, with three of the kiddo’s, one pitch fork, two shovels, and four 5 gallon buckets, and here’s what we did…

Behind the shed, along the fence line we have one square bed in the foreground for Miss Emily’s pumpkin patch. Then a looooong bed next to that about ten paces by four paces that I’m going to do potatoes, onions, and garlic in…


Then next to our cement slab (best place for rain run off) is two more square beds about 8 x 8 foot each.  We’ll have bush beans and peppers in one bed, and zucchini/squash in the other. And then do some herbs and tomatoes in planters along the edge of the cement slab. I really would love fresh mints, and oregano, and dill again.


Two of the neighbors stopped by and asked if we had signed up for the wood chip delivery, because they thought maybe the electric company dropped them off at our place by mistake.  There was something posted somewhere on the town bulletin board if anyone wanted them, leave their name and address. Well, we didn’t sign up on that, but we just caught the guys doing the work, and told them we wanted the chips. They told us they couldn’t always give the chips to people, because they didn’t own the property and they didn’t want any angry landlords wanting them to come back and get the chips.

So I don’t know if the old country boys around here are all mad that we got wood chips and they didn’t, but I told them if we get another load they can come by and help themselves to some if they wanted to. I could use like three or four more loads though, if I wanted to suck them all up for myself, but we’ll just start our garden small at first, and work our way up from here.

Each bed is like 6-10 inches deep so far. Over the next two years or so I hope to keep covering them, and have a nice rich layer of dirt at them bottom, and the wood chips holding the moisture.  For this first year of planting though I’m going to have to get some soil and move the chips, and add a shovel of soil and whatever I’m planting, and then cover with the chips. Over time it’ll all break down and take care of itself. Just need to keep after the weeds as they come up for the first year or two.

And here’s whats left of our pile. I figure this will show them where to dump the chips next time, but we still might continue building the potato bed before the snow flies.  If I get another load of chips I have two more places I’d love to fill in where I’d like to put apple and pear trees.  If I don’t get another load of chips though, I’m good for a while.

Maybe shove the rest of them up along that wooden fence and put some berries in there. That would work well.


Oh, and we were wondering, why would anyone plant trees all along under the power lines, along their property.  Power company guys say, people don’t plant them there. Birds poop out the seeds while sitting on the lines, and that’s where they land! I’ve always thought the same thing about trees that are next to peoples houses or fences. Why would anyone plant a tree right next to their house like that!!!! It’s not people!  It’s birds!!!! The things you learn talkin to the power line guys. 🙂


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