Some cuteness….

Play time! Pistachio and Peanut. As far as we can figure Peanut is the only boy. Looks like hes not going to be totally black, because one of his legs is getting a wee little bit of stripes on it, and his face has wee little patches of brown. Pistachio is still everyone’s favorite!


“Ok, one more picture for my fans”


“”Blah. I’m just too tired now”


“Really, no more pictures please. Meet my agent Walnut! whispers: Walnut make them take the camera away!”


Peanut is also a loner.Β  The other two wrestle and play, and Peanut goes about his business. When he gets tired he goes and shoves himself between the other two while they are trying to wrestle, and he goes to sleep, making them break it up and go to sleep also. πŸ˜€


And Mammy! I have to keep remembering to call her Mammy, because every time I say Mama when I mean Mammy the children ask, “are you talking about the new mama, or the old one?” πŸ˜› I wish I could get a better picture of her eyes being open. They are outlined black, and she looks just like an Egyptian pharaoh!!!


And here’s the potential father of the bunch. Our outdoor cat Oreo!!! He’s the one that started bringing Mammy around to the porch to eat, and then he would stand guard for her so none of the other outdoor cats could eat til she got her fill. Oreo is a wonderful cat. Then there’s his sister cat Cookie, that looks Exactly like him, except when she turns around to face you she has a brown patch on her face, much like Pistachio’s. So when we first started feeding them, one would show up, and then the other, and we thought they were both Oreo for a while. Then when we discovered the second black and white cat wasn’t the same, and we needed another name… we came up with Cookie… because Oreo is a cookie, and Cookie is a cookie. Yeah, I know. “Moooooooom that’s weird”Β  But ya know, all the kiddo’s keep calling them Oreo and Cookie just the same. πŸ˜›




Knitting for the babies!!!

So, finally some knitting photos!!! I took loads and loads of pictures today for my Etsy shop too! But these are the ones that matter, right?

So here are some hats for a new place I found to give to wayyyy back this past Spring. Jackson Park Hospital in Chicago, IL! You can find the address on Carewear.Β  And I made them a few booties and some of the crocheted pocket crosses also. Not sure if they’re going to want those, but the person giving to the hospital is a Chaplain, so I’m sure they’ll find a use for them. I made them in all colors. I know people like to do just white or cream colored ones, but I figure if they give some to a homeless person it might not stay clean too very long, so I did some brown ones to represent Old Rugged Crosses, and then pink for breast cancer, green because someone might like green, purple because that’s epilepsy awareness color, and I know tons of kiddo’s that are losing their battle with epilepsy, and thought those might be nice to have onΒ  hand for a grieving parent as well.


Here are ten baby hats for WHWB’s. I have up and coming pictures of baby blankets that will go to them as well, but I figure with nights in the 20’s here in CO I’d better get some hats out to them quick, so they can give them out where needed.


Here are some baby hats for Salem Hospital. Hope they get there by Halloween so they can hand out the pumpkin ones. I sent out four other pumpkin hats this year also (2 to Parkland with 8 other hats, and 2 to Arnold Palmer Hospital with 8 other hats), but forgot to get pictures of those. 😦 Doing too much, and not thinking about blogging about it these past few months.


Here are a boodle of preemie hats for the NICU at University of Kentucky Medical Center.Β  What I do to make these is I have that last little bit of a ball of yarn, and I just make hats until the ball runs out. Most times I get two or three little hats, sometimes I only get one.


And here’s my goofy photo helper today. Doesn’t she look warm?Β  She ran and got me props that I needed for different things we were photographing for the Etsy shop. D&D dice for the pouches. An old gift card to photo with little knit gift baggies. Soap for the soap sacks. A cup for the crocheted coasters. There’s a lot that goes into taking pictures, I tell ya!




So for the past two years dh has been like, “don’t start a garden here, because we’re going to be moving soon, and it’s not worth to get it started just to have to leave it”Β  Well, guess what?Β  It’s been twoooooo years!!! And I’ve got to the I don’t care point. So a couple of weeks ago the electric company came by tagging trees to cut away from the electric lines. And we asked if they could drop off any wood chips, and they were very happy to be rid of them if we wanted them. They said normally they can’t do that for people that want them because the people don’t own the property, but since we totally own this place they can!!! Whhheeeeeeee! So it’s been five or so days, and today here they come with the first load!


Isn’t it pretty!!!! πŸ˜€ And yep, it’s already steaming a little from sitting in the back of the truck! So this week we’re going to get this pile knocked down and taken over to the back fence area that gets the most sun. And they’ve promised to bring us more!!! My back yard should be half filled with garden next year if they keep bringing me these beautiful chips!!!!

I’ve already started planning out potatoes and onions first thing in the Spring! We’ll work on other things like kale, and spinach, and herbs when we get more soil to put under the wood chips.Β  Everything back there is just hard packed clay soil right now, and all that grows in it is just tumbleweeds, and scrub.

Time to get our Back to Eden garden off to a wonderful start! ❀ ❀ ❀


Knitting, and weaving!

Yaaayyy, a knitting post with pictures!!! Haven’t gotten the other pictures off the camera yet, but I snapped a few with my phone of projects that I’m working on. Handy dandy phone even if I hardly ever talk on it, it makes for a great camera, and I text a wee bit too. πŸ˜›

So here are the hats that are on the needles right now.Β  I started watching some NatGeo shows on Youtube and knit, knit, knit.

I started a red wine colored hat because I sold three of these last year on the shop. Some withΒ  black or brown color work patterns in them, and some just plain. Seems to be a popular color. And then I started the purple hat, and then saw the small ball of bright pink on my desk that I was going to use to make woven hearts, and thought I’d add a bit of color work to the purple hat. Didn’t get to bed til 12:30 last night because I wanted to finish the color section. πŸ˜› Might do the same pattern on the wine colored hat again too. I don’t know why, but this pattern is one of the best sellers on the shop. Kinda looks like a fence, or a rail road track. I just doodled it on a hat last year, and that sold really quick, so I made two more, and those sold also. All the hats I made with fancy zig zags and diamond patterns, didn’t sell at all. Go figure. πŸ˜›


Then there are these two that I just had to finish off the tops on yesterday. Soon to be kitty cat hats for the shop.Β  The yellow looking one is a cream color, and the other one is a burnt orange color, not as bright as it looks in the picture. Kinda like a dark pumpkin color.


And then the weaving. Many hearts, and many squares!Β  I was thinking about adding some of the hearts to blankets, but I’ll have to do a test square to see how my stitching looks on the back side! I don’t like my stitching much. I need to work on it more. Especially making faces on animals and dolls.


And there you have it. A quick and easy what I’m working on post. When I get the pictures off the other camera there will be a boodle of baby hats to show, and about four put together blankets from donated squares for the hospitals. And then a good stack of the woven blankets, because I found a hospital in MD that needs them for their NICU!


Spinzilla Days 5, 6, and 7 and Hospital Stuff

So Spinzialla day five was wonderful, because I had gotten through the two big bumps of fiber that I had wanted to, so IΒ  popped open my fiber stash to see what I had to spin, and there was some lovely soft colors in there that were carded full of tinsil shiny goodness that was given to me by a friend that wanted to start spinning years ago, but never did, so she gifted me her little fiber stash that she had. Around 8 ounces in all.Β  This pretty stuff was from Bohemia Fibers on Etsy. Not even sure if they’re still around, but I should go check because it was a lovely fiber to spin. The card says the fiber is Mixed Wool with Firestar (the tinsel shiny), and the Colorway was Country Cabin.Β  I spun it all up, and then plied it with cream colored Coopsworth!!! Cassie wants to snitch it, but I won’t let her. πŸ˜›

Day six of Spinzilla was spent in the hospital for me. Not Spinzilla related at all, if anything Spinzilla probably took my mind off of things long enough to keep me out of the hospital for an extra day or two. Just things going on around here finally got to me! I have people upset at me, and it feels like they are psychic attacking me, if you believe in that sort of thing. It started Thursday when dh was talking with a certain someone, and I was spinning away on my wheel, and all of a sudden it felt like I was shoved back in my chair with a brick wall! Took me a few minutes to wonder what the heck was that!!!! Later when he told me about the discussion he had, I *knew* what it was. Since then my chest has been tight. I’ve felt like I’m being pummeled by this person, even though we haven’t really talked. Saturday morning I told dh I wanted to go to the hospital, because the pain in my chest was like a five or a six out of ten, and I knew if it got any worse it would mean an ambulance ride. And we are way out in the sticks, and an ambulance usually turns out the neighborhood with everyone getting the scoop on whats happening. I didn’t want that. So off we went. Luckily my heart is in good working order. Unfortunately once the blood work comes back that it’s not your heart, or you don’t have pneumonia, or some raging infection, the dr’s stop asking you your pain level, because hey, it’s all in your head. Here’sΒ  some pills. Go home and rest, and get over it. Meh. So, here I am still at a pain level of 2 to 3 in my chest. I’ve taken one of the pills, because the other night there was another phone call after much texting, and my pain shot up to an 8 or 9, and I just wanted to be done! That pill knocked me out til 2 p.m. the next day. πŸ˜› Not doing that again.

The last day of Spinzilla I just plied off whatever I had on my bobbins, and then worked on some nice easy cream colored fibers, and some old brown fibers that I’ve had for years! Right around 11:20 p.m. I started plying everything I had off the bobbins. At ten minutes til midnight I was done, done, done! 2661 yards in all it’s glory!!!


I’m thinking about putting most of it on my Etsy shop to sell. I have no idea what to make with it all. Maybe make a shawl out of some of it to sell, and some hats, or neck warmers to sell also. They’ll be a little pricey, because some of the wool silk blends cost me $25-$30 for the batt, and then the time to spin and knit with it. You think anyone would payΒ  $50-$60 for a good wool-silk blend hat??? I guess it’s worth a shot!

So, still having chest pains, but no worries because I’m fit as a fiddle. I’ve been getting some sleep, but as soon as I fall asleep I start grinding my teeth, and wake up with headaches and neck pain and not wanting to chew anything because my jaw hurts so bad. They don’t consider barfing everything I eat a problem just yet, because I’ve got another 30 orΒ  so pounds to drop off before that becomes a medical problem. Losing 26 pounds in two months isn’t that big a deal, and according to the nurse some people would love that! :-/ So, I guess I’ll figure it all out myself. It’s what I do. Pray. And figure my own stuff out.

Got some orders on the shop though, so I’m working on that today. Packages going out, money to feed all these cats coming in. Kitty cat update… Walnut is a little porker. Peanut is definitely a boy! Pistachio is still *everyone’s* favorite!!! Mammy is constantly trying to escape the room, so we let her roam a little yesterday. Only two groans out of the other cats. We might start introducing them to the kitties next week or the week after. They are officially two weeks old today.

And that’s about all the news from here. Knitting pictures coming soon. I’m sending out hospital hats and two special orders of hats with brims on them that I really really like, and might make myself one! AND I might start making those mermaid tail blankets, because that seems to be all the rage this year! At $50-$60 a pop lets see if I can’t get 10 of them sold by Christmas!!!!Β  Wouldn’t that be most awesome!!!!


Spinzilla Days 2, 3, and 4!!!!

So Spinzilla day two looked pretty much exactly like day one!Β  I spun up two more bobbins of the pretty bump of fiber, and that was all I got done. Day 3 I got it plied together, and then got one more bobbin of that fiber spun up. Grand total of yards of two ply, 330 yards, and it is beautiful and squishy soft!!! Might make a couple of hats! Now I have that oddball bobbin to ply off, so today I am spinning up some plain ol white Coopsworth, and that will make for a nice odd skein of yarn for who knows what! Maybe mitts!

Tomorrow I plan to spin the lovely green that I already have a bobbin of on my wheel. So when I do my yardage count for that I can only count for one of the plies, and then the plying. So if I get 100 yards of 2 ply yarn, I can count for 200 yards of spinning instead of 300, because one bobbin wasn’t spun during Spinzilla week. That was the only bobbin I left full too, because I do not want to mess up my yardage count!

In life today… it’s Austins 13th Birthday!!!! OMG, I am a mom to one grown man, an eleven year old, and three teenagers!!! How does that happen!!! He’s happy as a lark too. We got him BattleNet bucks, so he can buy the game packs he wants in Hero’s of the Storm! He’s gonna be so decked out in his games. LOL I also got him a book!Β  Because you know, “Mooooommm!!!” Yeah, moms are like that, getting books and underwear for every occasion. πŸ˜› So I’m running around getting laundry done, and a cake made, and things ready to go so as soon as Troy is off work we can have the party, watch a movie, and play some games!

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! It’s been a rather long week. I think I am coming down with my third round of a cold. I don’t know whats up with my system this year. Pre menopausal, and everything is just… off! Blah! Went through a couple of months of bleeding, a couple of months of barfing and dh thinking I might be preggers (gasp! Hell no, I’m not), and then a month or so of colds, and now the barfy-ness is coming back. I’ve lost 28 pounds since July though. Heh.

In kitty cat news… they are all doing well.Β  Mammy has moved the babies to a new corner of the room though, and it took us like fifteen minutes to find them yesterday. Had to send most of the kiddo’s out of the room, because talk about your freak outs! At one point my youngest was scared that Mammy *ate* them. /shakes head But yeah, they were nicely piled behind some boxes, and we moved things around to give her a little pathway in and out of the new area, so she didn’t have to keep climbing over to get in.

And that’s about all from here! I’ll have more spinning pictures to post soon. And I need to update my Etsy shop as well. I have so much stuff to add there it just isn’t even funny! I’m such a slacker. πŸ˜›


Update: 390 yards of 2 ply yarn spun for Wednesday and Thursday. Spinzilla total for both the singles and the 2 plying— 1,170 yards!!! Grand total for the week so far— 1,584 yards!!!!! Almost got my mile in!!! Yaaaayyy!

Spinzilla Has Begun!!!!!

Today was the first day of Spinzilla, and contrary to popular belief there was a wee little bit of housework done today, AND I did feed my family!!! πŸ˜€ Here is the first batch of fiber I chose to whittle out of my stash!


Here’s what it turned into with two bobbins of singles…


I’ll need to get a better picture of this yarn tomorrow in the sunshine, but for now here’s a shot of the pretty yarn it’s spun into! It’s a beautiful marble color when plied back against itself! I am going to have to try this with other two tone fibers I have and see what the results are.


In kitty cat news!!!! I gave them a little photo shoot today, and here they are right from their naps!







And Walnut, aka Wally!


Aren’t they so darn cute???

These guys have no idea what to think of the whole mewling lot of them! LOL


More tomorrow on Spinzilla fun!


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