Life changes…

…and I guess it’s time for me to change again too. I remember back in my Xanga days I would post three and four times a week about everything and anything, and now with teenagers running about saying, “Mooooooomm, you are Not going to write about That are you???”, and all the mess that life has been over the past two years I guess I’ve fallen into a slump. Not just a blogging slump, but a creativity slump, a OMG I have a life slump, I haven’t really noticed it til now. I have however been writing a massive Diary off line! Some days I feel like I’m going bonkers, so I write write write! One day I’m going to read back over all of it like I do my old Xangas now, and probably just be amazed at the foolishness and craziness of it all.

I think part of the problem nowadays is I haven’t surrounded myself with crafty people lately. I’ve kinda stuck to my own little hole in the wall, and I haven’t been reading  all the knitting and crafting and charity blogs like I used to. I’m getting back to that though.

In October we have Spinzilla coming up, and I’ve signed up to be on a local team to spin with!  I hope to spin at least a mile. I think I spun a whole mile and a couple hundred yards extra last year, so I should be able to do at least that much again this year.

There are lots and lots of knitting pictures I have to share too. Kind of fell off the bandwagon there. I don’t know why. Probably part of that slump I was talking about!

Today I am moving my desk to another area of the house. Out of the dining room where everybody and anybody walks past and deposits just about anything you can think of on my desk. Plates of food, their drinks, toys, games, a loaf of bread. :-/  So I am moving off into the laundry/cat/yarn bucket room where I’ll even have a window to look out of!!!! And we are putting our dining room table back in the dining room so we can all have meals together again!!! It’s been a long and frustrating three months without a dining room table, and my desk right in the middle of all the hubbub!!!

So that’s what’s going on here! Hopefully I’ll have pictures to share soon, and be back to blogging a lot more regularly!!!!



One Response to “Life changes…”

  1. Anna Marie Says:

    Hope the new area inspires you!

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