Yep I’m doing it again….

Dropped the blogging ball! Things have been rather hectic here. Don’t know when they’re going to get better, but at least I have knitting, and crocheting, and weaving, and spinning to keep myself occupied while the whirlwind sweeps around me, and time keeps flying by at amazing speed!!!  Lookie there, it’s already September!!!

So in August we blitzed on down to TX to help out the family member that was supposed to be helping us. We’ve brought one of her sons home with us, and the 4 yo special needs boy is still back in TX with her. Hopefully they’ll both be here by next month, or October at the very latest. There is no nice pretty new house for them to come to though, so they’re double thinking things. I love my 108 year old home, but not many people like old houses, so I guess it’s a thing. No dishwasher, no bath tub!!! Gasp! Oh and heck, no stove, or oven!!! Yeah, it’s rough out here, but we’re making it. I don’t expect anyone else to understand, or live this way.

In crocheting news… I’ve got some really cute things done, but will have to get picture and insert them later. I’ve finished a minions baby girl outfit for my grand niece. Have to run to town to get pink buttons for it though. In my Huge ol button stash I do not have two matching pink buttons!!! Crazy! Then I’ve gotten another teenage size minions hat made for my crew, and I’m working on some hair bows again. Just little clips this time.

In knitting news… lots and lots of kitty cat hats that I’ve put on my shop. I’ve been working on more CO hats also. For some reason people around here are in love with those things!!! I’ve also been working on lots of different color baby hats for the hospitals. It’s a nice break from everything else! Some of the new colors of Simply Soft yarn that I’ve found have been working up beautifully also! Nice when you haven’t been yarn shopping in a while, and then you go to the store and spot all the new cool colors. I got some in Snow Camo, and some in a colorway called Gold which is a bunch of orange and red hues. Emily drooled. LOL

I’ve been working on some cording on the Kumihimo braid maker also!  After I get the blue and white cord off of there I’m going to start doing long runs of red and white, and green and white for Christmas stuff!

Oh, and I’ve ordered some of those little purse clasp thingies, and I am going to try and make some little coin purses out of some of my Inkle straps! I found a pattern online for a little knit change purse using those Bon Bon yarns. If the people that made Bon Bons ever saw my buckets of little scrappy pieces of yarn though, they’d wonder why the heck they ever created such a thing. 😀 So if making Inkle coin purses doesn’t work out, then at least I can knit a few!

And that’s about all the crafty stuff I have for now.  The new most wonderful biggest news… we bought a new to us used car this past weekend. A 2004 Prius!!! Dh is going to try and take on some extra work that might have him doing a bit of traveling, so it’ll be a good car to have. I’m calling it My car though, because I Love Love Love the way it drives!!! AND since it’s a hybrid we haven’t even used $4 of gas yet, and we’ve driven it from CO Springs to home (roughly 80 miles), and then to town and back twice!!!! It’s getting like 58 miles to the gallon. 😀 Dh asked me, “so which is the best now, Mustang or Prius?”  I told him the young person in me screams Mustang!!!! But the older penny pinching me is Prius all the way. LOL

Anyway, off to do the mundane housework.  Nine loads of laundry yesterday, two more to wash today, and all that folding to do. Such is life.



2 Responses to “Yep I’m doing it again….”

  1. Anna Marie Says:

    Must be nice to have a Prius! 😛

    Don’t worry about not blogging. I’m off for the month of Elul, too. We remaining bloggers are forgiving folk.

    So you’re saying you’re staying in your original Colorado house, and having these people move in with you, there?

    • spinnermom Says:

      Yep, that’s the plan now! There is enough room here if we just fix it up. Our problem is finding the time to fix it up. They’ve got the time to work on it once they’re here, so that’ll be a Huge help. There is also a whole second half acre-ish lot, and they are looking at manufactured homes that we could put on it. Our neighbors might hate us to high heaven though, because they swear part of it is theirs, when it’s not, and they park the front end of a semi truck on it right now. So might have problems there, but that’s why the good Lord made fences!!! 😀

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