Dr’s visit!

I think I have finally found a dr I might like a little! He answered a whole crap ton of questions, and didn’t force his one and only cure on me! He’s all like, here’s the problems, and here what we can do to address them. He looked at my ultrasound from the hospital, and said everything is in perfect shape! I have no fibroid’s, no cysts, no other problems. It appears the birth control pills are going against my natural bodily functions of trying to go into menopause. He wants me on them for one more month though, so I can have a usual 21 days of no bleeding, and get my iron back up, and then one more period, and then I am going to be off of those things for three to four weeks to get it out of my system, and then go in for more blood work. If my estrogen levels are low enough, I am in full menopause, so I can just live out the rest of my days happy slappy, no more pills, and maybe a bunch of hot flashes. 😛 How wonderful is that!!!!!  If my estrogen levels are not low enough for him to say that, then he is going to put me on a different pill that has low dose estrogen, because the one I’m on now is triple that amount, and that’s what’s causing the pain and the glumpy blobs in my bleeding.

He also said the liquid iron I am on is just fine. I just need to boost it a little when I’m bleeding. Yep, already doing that, but I’ve never bled for 18 days out of the month before, so there was just no keeping up. I can’t afford to be down and out that much time either. If you could see my house. OMGEEEEE!!!!!! So now, the past two days I’ve been doing lots of little Flylady 10 and 15 minute bits, trying to get it all back into order.  It’s still driving be buggy, because if there’s a flat empty surface somebody sets stuff on it. I go around and clear it and fifteen minutes later full of crap again. Ugghh! I will get things in order soon though.

In knitting… I’m just focusing on baby hats. They make me happy. I know they will help some soul somewhere that maybe needs a little boost out of the blue. I might start working on some of those gnome dolls again too. I got my package of 25 little sets of eyes in the mail. The safety kind that can’t be pulled out once they’re locked in place.  I’m sure someone could cut the knitting and get them out if they really wanted to… but they are supposed to be super safe for small kiddo’s either way. Might try and sew a few faces on the dolls also.  Can’t get good at it if I don’t keep practicing.

And that’s about all for now.



Update: dr’s suck!

So after playing phone tag all day I finally get a call back from the nurse at the dr bozos office. Guess what??? I’m severely anemic! Gasp!!!! You don’t say! “How are you still standing?” was uttered again! So we “need you to go online Right Now and order this Iron pill that you Neeeeeeeeed to take because it’s the ~Best~! The dr says you neeeeeed to start taking it as soon as possible” (so order fast delivery? :-/) You know me. Ummm, how about, No.  How about I’m already taking a liquid Iron supplement, and daily vitamins with more iron in it, and maybe you should read my chart before you go heaping on more. “Oh well, if it’s liquid you’re probably peeing it all right out! You Need to get this pill form as soon as possible, and take that instead!” How’s about I look it up first, and get back to you? “Well, you have your ultrasound tomorrow, and the dr will just talk to you about it then” Whatev’s.

So I go look it up. Special website just for these iron supplements. $80 freakin dollars a bottle!!!! I call our health food store to see if maybe they carry it. They don’t, but what’s the company name? Scanning scanning scanning, not seeing it, so I just tell her the mg of the iron, and ask if they have anything similar. They don’t. Ok, bye!

I keep digging… oh look. Found the company name. They’re based out of…. you guessed it! CO! Oh wait, there are reviews by dr’s. Guess who’s pockets me buying these “only online ~special~ supplements” benefit? Oh, you guessed it dr bozo. So, I call back to the office and tell them that the supplement I’m taking is only .5 mg less than the pill they want me to take, and their pills cost three times as much, and I noticed the dr’s name in the small print on the website as a review, and I really don’t need to take one over the other, Especially when they did the blood draw after I had been bleeding heavy for 10 days, helloooooooo, and I already Knew I was at a super low! I got some derp derp derp we don’t know what to say, bs out of the office staff and the nurse.

I unload on dh about my loathing for dr’s that ends up in tears. I call back and cancel my ultrasound, because we’ve already given these jackwagons more of my money than I care to. I certainly am Not giving them another heap for their ultrasound department! They can stuff it!

So we start hunting for a OBGYN again. Dh found one on Angie’s List that looks kind of good, but I don’t see if that even matters as dr bozo’s rating on Angies List is two higher than this new one.  :-/  I also got the name of another dr in CO Springs recommended by some wonderful nurse friends. I trust my nurse friends opinions to the moon and back! So we have a plan, and a back up plan.  And yeah, I’m getting tired of this whole build a new life out west crap.  Except for the happy ending where my daughter got to live! 🙂 Hanging on to those bright spots.


When It Rains It Pours… and then, Rainbows!

Dentist crap. So dh pushed and pushed to make me call around for a dentist. I spent two hours going online toiling away making calls, and really there were only two dentists in the area that I found that had good reviews, and one a friend recommended that was only open three days a week, because it looks like the well liked dentist is old, and he’s winding things down with his practice and slooooooowly turning it over to someone else. I chose the dentist that we saw two years ago when we first got here, and by the third visit they had worked up a whole implant dentures plan for me, and then I chickened out!

Austin had a baby tooth that the new tooth grew in around, and the baby tooth just would not come out for us, so he needed to be seen also. So about three hours later I had appointments made. After much struggle with making the rackemfrackem damn phone work! There is just only so much boooooodeeeebeeedeeeeeeep “you need to hang up and dial a one before the number”, so I hang up and dial it all again and booooodeeeebeeeedeeeep! “the number you’ve dialed is incorrect. Please hang up and try again.” Finally on the fourth or so try I get it. It doesn’t even ring, just all of a sudden and operator is talking in my ear. Freakin weirdness! I hate phones.

So we’re all set to go, and about four days later dh is saying remind me to call and make sure they can do Austin’s extraction the day we go, and it’s just not a simple xray and social visit. We want things taken care of, and don’t want to make yet another appointment two weeks from now, just to have a simple baby tooth taken out. So dh never got around to calling to make sure, but two days before the appointment they call to confirm, and he gets in a fight with them on the phone, ~And~ they don’t even have me down for an appointment time. Whhhhaaaaat???? Well, it was in the notes that they’d squeeze me in with my sons appointment! :eye roll:

So dh gets upset, gets on Angie’s List, looks things over for about 5 minutes picks another dentist with 14 A+ reviews. Takes three minutes to call and chat with them, and tah dah. We have appointments for three days later, and we both get fully taken care of! 100% Looooove our new dentist!!!

Totally freakin frustrated that I had to take four hours of my time, and all the stoopid phone garbage, when dh knows I hate that crap, and he pops and wheelies it all around in just 15 minutes time a week later. Grrrrrr! Now on to getting obgyn stuff taken care of. I did blood work and all kinds of exams last week. Tomorrow I have an ultrasound. This morning the dr’s office calls while I was out, and they wouldn’t talk to dh. I call them back, and have to get put on voice mail. So maybe something came up in the blood work…. maybe they’re just trying to cancel tomorrows ultrasound… maybe they were just trying to confirm tomorrows appointment… but I’ve never had an ultrasound by them, and if it’s a whole nother office within an office, maybe they need a separate “permission slip” kind of thing to tell dh they’re just calling to confirm the appointment. IDK. Dr offices are weird and stoopid like that.


It’s a Mess!

So we were already dealing with water in the basement. Now two basement walls have started to shift. The rain keeps coming. We’ve been advised by a good friend, and home inspector, that we can maybe stay here for 6-12 more months if the rains stop the soil from pushing the basement walls in. There is no quick fix, just big scary expensive fixes, that might not even work. So we’re rearranging, and taking things out of here to storage trying to get some of the load off. I have created a “Free” box, and I’m putting children’s toys in it out front, and if no one stops to take them by trash day, into the dumpster they go.

We are also getting a bigger storage unit so we can purge purge purge our old one, and then move most of what we have here into there. It is going to be a huge job. I need to pack up about 20 bins/big tubs of yarn, and only keep 2 or 3 here also. It’s going to be weird having so little yarn around.

We’ve moved the kiddo’s bunk beds to the living room, so they aren’t sleeping over the basement area. Don’t know what I’d do if the walls gave way in the middle of the night, and we had to scramble.  But we are going to use floor jacks and hopefully if the walls downstairs come in, the upstairs will be supported for a while. Half the house just not useable puts us pretty much at just about the same, or less square footage than our old home in FL. Squish!

So we’re looking for another place. Might end up moving into an apartment for a few months if things go terribly wrong here.  And if all of that weren’t enough to deal with, I’m having women problems. I’m chalking it up to weird menopause, and dh thinks I may be dying. LOL AND I am going to have major dental work done in the next few weeks. Ugghh! When it rains it pours, eh.

So keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I know it’ll all work out, because it always does. I’m just praying for the right home to become available at just the right time. Something with a good kitchen, and a regular bathroom with a bathtub would be like heaven, after living with just this little bathroom with a shower stall for two years. A proper stove and oven would be nice, after working with a single hot plate and a toaster oven for the past two years also. Nowhere to go but up, right! 😀


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