The Kitty Cat Stuff

In kitty cat news… so, like I said the other day we’ve seen about eight new cats around the neighborhood. Some of them we’ve seen before at the neighbors house, and the neighbors are now gone. Which leads me to believe they turned out all, or a Lot of their pets before they moved. From what we’ve seen there are five cats around our yard now, and three are eating regularly on our back porch.


The Cats…

Oreo, the black and white 6 month old-ish kitten, is pretty much a permanent fixture either on our back porch, or under the shed, or sunning itself in the back corner of our yard.

Captain Jack, is the old beat up one that looks like he’s been in a couple of scraps with coyotes, and lived to tell about it! He’s grey, and only has one eye, and is missing a chunk out of his tail on one side. What a mess. But he’s the sweetest, and most loveable of all of the cats, and will actually follow home whomever pets him last. LOL

Cookie, is the one we mistook for Oreo one night. He’s the same black and white, except he has one brown patch on his shoulder. We called him Oreo for a few days, and then when we found out our mistake we decided he should be a Cookie too.

And the last cat that has come to our porch we’ve dubbed Sonny. Another grey cat with beautiful fluffy fur. Not like the short stubby grey mess of Captain Jack, but not a long haired breed either. But a nice fluff of dark grey. The kiddo’s started calling him Sonny, because Benny (15 yo ds) saw him first, and he did his gramp pa voice, “Get off my lawn, Sonny!!!!”, and that was that!

These are the regulars on our porch now, with one other black cat out on the fringes of the yard, but that one hasn’t come up to eat yet.


Our rescue cats that live indoors with us…

When we were in FL and took in a preggers Mama cat, she gave birth to three kittens, and then we moved clear across the country with Mama and kittens in tow.  I promised I would find a way to keep taking care of these four cats, indoors, for as long as I possibly could! We’ve had them for just over two years now.  Turns out the county law states that each household can have maximum four pets. We’ve already spayed/neutered and vacced our cats, so it is on record with the county that we have four. We cannot take any more animals in for spaying/neutering without the county keeping and possibly destroying them. That’s just how it goes.

It was suggested that I maybe start a Go Fund Me account for the stray cats we’re feeding now.  But I don’t think I want to start a Go Fund Me for them. Since I am already taking care of my four, it’s not that much more to put out a cup of food a day for three or four more just to keep them from starving. And I do that through selling things on Etsy!  Everyone has always told me to do that, but I guess it just took finally getting to a cold climate and having people buying stuff right off my back to get me to realize I could really sell the stuff I make. Having the added expense of keeping the cats helped me along with making the decision to open my shop.

So part of my opening an Etsy store, is the deal that all of the money that I make on there goes to, first and foremost, taking care of our rescue cats! And now that is extending to the new additions of the outdoor kitties as well! And second, the money I make on there will go towards sending out packages of handmade hats, and blankets, and booties, to different hospitals around the country. SO, no Go Fund my Stray Cats, BUT if you feel inclined to help out, please check out my Etsy store SpinnerMomMadeThat, and buy something. If you don’t see anything you would like to buy I am always open for suggestions of things to make, or different colors. Just let me know.  It keeps my hubby from ranting “We can’t afford to keep feeding these cats!!!”, and “We already buy the yarn, and now were paying to send all of these hats away for other people to give out for free too!!!” Hey, what can I say, I like to knit, and when everyone I know has three or four hats, and scarves, and mitts, and slippers… well, it’s all gotta go somewhere! LOL

So yup, the cats have all been fed for the day already. I’m only putting out an extra cup of food a day for them right now, so that’ll be like an extra 15-ish pound bag of food a month, which runs around $17 ish extra dollars. Sometimes I have coupons, or the money I save off to Bluebird from punching in our Walmart receipts for price matching every time we shop. Two dollars here and there really adds up when you shop two or three times a month like we do.

And if this post seems really disjointed and scattered all over the place, just remember I have five children too, and they are quite distracting. 😛 A 900 ish word post is like 25 distractions, written over a four hour period of time. LOL We got a pack of 15 sets of D&D dice in today, so they’re sorting out their characters with a little help from me.  😛



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