So today is the day! We’re boxing up and putting the heaters away! It went from being 45 degrees during the day, to temps in the 70’s last week, to temps in the 90’s next week! We’ve been getting so much rain here it’s like we’re back in FL again, so we might as well have the wild temperature swings to match, and go right from freezing Winter into Summer just like back in FL also!  Sorry people of CO if our tropical mojo messed up your 300 days of sunshine! 😛

In crafty news… I’ve gotten out the three foot triangle to weave on. I have two ideas I would like to try. Since my Inkle straps aren’t selling on the Etsy store I’m going to make the medium size triangles, and then add a bit of an Inkle strap the the long side, and make some bandana like head scarves out of them. They seem to be what people are wearing more and more these days, so I’m going to make a few and do like we do my hats in the Winter time. Just wear them around town, and if people ask about them give them one of my Etsy shop cards, and see if they’ll order a few. I’m going to give a couple to the girls and let them wear them for a bit though to see if they pass the endurance test. All the tying and untying, and wear and tear, and all of that.  Must have quality products!!!!

The second idea is putting two triangles together for a neck warmer tube scarf kinda thing. It’ll be about 18 inches deep, but woven fabric is thinner than knit or crochet, so it could be doubled up and just 9 to11 inches or so deep, depending on how you wear it, and then roughly five foot around. Which isn’t a lot considering woven fabric won’t stretch like knit does. So it’ll be something to try out just to see how it works.

In other crafty news. My 9 inch metal hoops will be here today, so I can transfer the woven circle off of the Knifty Knitter and get pictures!!! If the rainbow one sells quickly, I can easily whip up a couple more and pop them up for sale also. With the reaction I’ve gotten from some people just seeing it while I’ve been working on it, and then explaining how I’m going to finish it off, I think these might be my next quick seller, like the Ojo De Dios.  Weird the things people will buy. Weird to me anyway. I must be too frugal and practical, because I just like the basics! But if I make the same basic hat that I think should sell for $8 or so, and add some buttons, and crocheted flowers, and fluff and stuff to it… it sells three times as fast, for three times as much money. People seem to just want more fluff, and the odder you can make something, the faster it sells. LOL Luckily, I do odd well! 😀

And now, I have got to go get something going for lunch!!! After lunch we’ve got piping to do, and more things to tear up out of the basement. Yaaayyy, for a whole week of sunshine next week!



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