The Kitty Cat Stuff

In kitty cat news… so, like I said the other day we’ve seen about eight new cats around the neighborhood. Some of them we’ve seen before at the neighbors house, and the neighbors are now gone. Which leads me to believe they turned out all, or a Lot of their pets before they moved. From what we’ve seen there are five cats around our yard now, and three are eating regularly on our back porch.


The Cats…

Oreo, the black and white 6 month old-ish kitten, is pretty much a permanent fixture either on our back porch, or under the shed, or sunning itself in the back corner of our yard.

Captain Jack, is the old beat up one that looks like he’s been in a couple of scraps with coyotes, and lived to tell about it! He’s grey, and only has one eye, and is missing a chunk out of his tail on one side. What a mess. But he’s the sweetest, and most loveable of all of the cats, and will actually follow home whomever pets him last. LOL

Cookie, is the one we mistook for Oreo one night. He’s the same black and white, except he has one brown patch on his shoulder. We called him Oreo for a few days, and then when we found out our mistake we decided he should be a Cookie too.

And the last cat that has come to our porch we’ve dubbed Sonny. Another grey cat with beautiful fluffy fur. Not like the short stubby grey mess of Captain Jack, but not a long haired breed either. But a nice fluff of dark grey. The kiddo’s started calling him Sonny, because Benny (15 yo ds) saw him first, and he did his gramp pa voice, “Get off my lawn, Sonny!!!!”, and that was that!

These are the regulars on our porch now, with one other black cat out on the fringes of the yard, but that one hasn’t come up to eat yet.


Our rescue cats that live indoors with us…

When we were in FL and took in a preggers Mama cat, she gave birth to three kittens, and then we moved clear across the country with Mama and kittens in tow.  I promised I would find a way to keep taking care of these four cats, indoors, for as long as I possibly could! We’ve had them for just over two years now.  Turns out the county law states that each household can have maximum four pets. We’ve already spayed/neutered and vacced our cats, so it is on record with the county that we have four. We cannot take any more animals in for spaying/neutering without the county keeping and possibly destroying them. That’s just how it goes.

It was suggested that I maybe start a Go Fund Me account for the stray cats we’re feeding now.  But I don’t think I want to start a Go Fund Me for them. Since I am already taking care of my four, it’s not that much more to put out a cup of food a day for three or four more just to keep them from starving. And I do that through selling things on Etsy!  Everyone has always told me to do that, but I guess it just took finally getting to a cold climate and having people buying stuff right off my back to get me to realize I could really sell the stuff I make. Having the added expense of keeping the cats helped me along with making the decision to open my shop.

So part of my opening an Etsy store, is the deal that all of the money that I make on there goes to, first and foremost, taking care of our rescue cats! And now that is extending to the new additions of the outdoor kitties as well! And second, the money I make on there will go towards sending out packages of handmade hats, and blankets, and booties, to different hospitals around the country. SO, no Go Fund my Stray Cats, BUT if you feel inclined to help out, please check out my Etsy store SpinnerMomMadeThat, and buy something. If you don’t see anything you would like to buy I am always open for suggestions of things to make, or different colors. Just let me know.  It keeps my hubby from ranting “We can’t afford to keep feeding these cats!!!”, and “We already buy the yarn, and now were paying to send all of these hats away for other people to give out for free too!!!” Hey, what can I say, I like to knit, and when everyone I know has three or four hats, and scarves, and mitts, and slippers… well, it’s all gotta go somewhere! LOL

So yup, the cats have all been fed for the day already. I’m only putting out an extra cup of food a day for them right now, so that’ll be like an extra 15-ish pound bag of food a month, which runs around $17 ish extra dollars. Sometimes I have coupons, or the money I save off to Bluebird from punching in our Walmart receipts for price matching every time we shop. Two dollars here and there really adds up when you shop two or three times a month like we do.

And if this post seems really disjointed and scattered all over the place, just remember I have five children too, and they are quite distracting. 😛 A 900 ish word post is like 25 distractions, written over a four hour period of time. LOL We got a pack of 15 sets of D&D dice in today, so they’re sorting out their characters with a little help from me.  😛




So today is the day! We’re boxing up and putting the heaters away! It went from being 45 degrees during the day, to temps in the 70’s last week, to temps in the 90’s next week! We’ve been getting so much rain here it’s like we’re back in FL again, so we might as well have the wild temperature swings to match, and go right from freezing Winter into Summer just like back in FL also!  Sorry people of CO if our tropical mojo messed up your 300 days of sunshine! 😛

In crafty news… I’ve gotten out the three foot triangle to weave on. I have two ideas I would like to try. Since my Inkle straps aren’t selling on the Etsy store I’m going to make the medium size triangles, and then add a bit of an Inkle strap the the long side, and make some bandana like head scarves out of them. They seem to be what people are wearing more and more these days, so I’m going to make a few and do like we do my hats in the Winter time. Just wear them around town, and if people ask about them give them one of my Etsy shop cards, and see if they’ll order a few. I’m going to give a couple to the girls and let them wear them for a bit though to see if they pass the endurance test. All the tying and untying, and wear and tear, and all of that.  Must have quality products!!!!

The second idea is putting two triangles together for a neck warmer tube scarf kinda thing. It’ll be about 18 inches deep, but woven fabric is thinner than knit or crochet, so it could be doubled up and just 9 to11 inches or so deep, depending on how you wear it, and then roughly five foot around. Which isn’t a lot considering woven fabric won’t stretch like knit does. So it’ll be something to try out just to see how it works.

In other crafty news. My 9 inch metal hoops will be here today, so I can transfer the woven circle off of the Knifty Knitter and get pictures!!! If the rainbow one sells quickly, I can easily whip up a couple more and pop them up for sale also. With the reaction I’ve gotten from some people just seeing it while I’ve been working on it, and then explaining how I’m going to finish it off, I think these might be my next quick seller, like the Ojo De Dios.  Weird the things people will buy. Weird to me anyway. I must be too frugal and practical, because I just like the basics! But if I make the same basic hat that I think should sell for $8 or so, and add some buttons, and crocheted flowers, and fluff and stuff to it… it sells three times as fast, for three times as much money. People seem to just want more fluff, and the odder you can make something, the faster it sells. LOL Luckily, I do odd well! 😀

And now, I have got to go get something going for lunch!!! After lunch we’ve got piping to do, and more things to tear up out of the basement. Yaaayyy, for a whole week of sunshine next week!


I Made an Order…

Yep, I did! Not yarn this time though, but things to go with yarny things I’m knitting. I got a boodle of charms to add to the amulet bags I’m making. Some hearts, stars, tree of life pendants, turtle pendants, peace signs, and the thing the kiddo’s are most excited about, D&D multi-sided dice! A pack of 15 sets of them!!! So yep, some for the kiddo’s and some for selling with the pouches.

I also ordered a dough cutter that supposed to double as a pizza cutter, salad chopper, and it has a ruler on the edge too, so people are saying it cuts perfect squares of fudge, and cookie dough, and the likes.  Our round pizza cutter is horribly worn after five years of use, and the metal on the handle is flaking off now, so I am done with it!

The latest and greatest yarn craft here this week is weaving! I saw a Youtube, that led to another Youtube, that led to a blog about using your old Knifty Knitter looms and you wrap your warp threads around the pegs so they cross in the middle, and then you weave a circle from the center out. I made the first warp thread with just regular ol kitchen cotton, and then let Emily (11 yo dd) go to town with the weaving with yarn from my scrappy pretzel buckets of yarn ends. It turned out Gorgeous!!!! So then I thought it would look better with thinner warp thread, and went and got some of the Aunt Lydia’s crochet cotton that’s about 1/3 the thickness of regular dishcloth cotton. It was tossed into some grab bags that I had gotten on a sale and I’ve never had much use for it, until now. So now I’m working on my own round weaving, and I’m doing a rainbow theme.  So since I was busy placing orders for other items I measured off how big the Knifty Knitter was that we were using, and I ordered up some nine inch metal hoops so I can pop the work off of the Knitters and secure them to the hoops for selling. Of course now no one here wants to sell Anything, because it’s just all too pretty! LMBO!

Yes, I’ll have pictures soon. I am struggling with my camera! It’s like 12 years old now, and it’s being persnickety about the lens coming out when the battery is half charged, and other horrible crap like that. I talk to it a lot to make it keep working. Maybe for Christmas this year dh will get an upgrade, and I can have the six year old camera instead. Blah! I hate change. Took me four years to figure out macro mode on this camera!!!

Now, I’ve gotta bump off of here and get some housework done before lunch. Yesterday was a kind of stressful day, and today I am sooo just gonna be taking it easy after all the chores are done! Oh, and we have a new porch cat! Oreo! It’s black and white. There are some others around too (thanks to neighbors that just turned their ten or so animals loose, and then moved away. Same “christian” people that invited and uninvited us to church because Cassie is on MMJ), but Oreo is the only one coming by consistently every afternoon.


Fun Test Pt 2

My answers to the test…

1) Peaceful

2) Warm earth

3) Freedom

4) Freedom/Energy

5) I want to walk around the wall and find a gate or entryway.

6) Cry

7) Sit down in the woods a while longer and watch the house.

8) Twirl around and let the fog collect on my arms and hair

Fun Test…

So, I took this little online test today. You have to have a paper and pen ready, and just answer one question at a time! DON”T scroll all the way down til you are done with the answers! It’s important!!! But it’s interesting. Made me giggle! I’ll post my answers tomorrow, so I don’t mess with the way anyone else is going to answer.


A Bit of Work, A Bit of Fun

So, I’ve been majorly slacking in one area here. Sorting and filing mail. Back in FL I had a file drawer, and I’d go through all the mail every couple of weeks, at the very worst maybe let it go six or seven weeks, and then file the bill stuff, and chuck the waste mail in the trash, and do a bit of shredding, and I was done. Here in CO, I have a box. It’s still set up with all the files from the file cabinet just like the file drawer. But it’s a Box!!!! So I really really dislike doing the filing stuff.

In January/February I *always* empty out last years things into a flex folder, and label it with the year.  I have all the receipts in a big bubble mailer, and I seal that off too, and write the year on the front of that. Weeeeeeeell, guess what?  Nothing got changed this year, and all the mail has been stacking up. Yep, we’ve gone paperless on everything possible, and do loads of online bill pay, but there is still boodles of things that come in the mail, and the dreaded junk mail!!! All of it’s been piling up for the past 6 months, because I don’t want to deal with The Box!!!

Enough is enough though, and I’m dealing with the box.  😦 Enter long rant here about how much I hate paperwork, and filing. Y’all have heard that enough times, eh? So, I am on day two of sitting in this pile of crap, and sorting and shredding, and I think I am going to have two kitchen size trash bags for the dumpster! Whew! It doesn’t seem like that much when it’s all nicely packaged in the original envelopes, but once you get to opening everything it expands like a foam mattress. LOL

I’ve also been having some fun!!!! I ninja’ed the Kumihimo braid maker back from my daughters. They haven’t worked on the one they were doing in about two months, so I asked Cassie about it, and she was doing a flat braid but had forgotten what she was doing, so she said she was done with it. I can’t stand to waste the yarn, so I brought it out here and used the last of her light grey, dark grey, and white to make a boxed braid. Ended up with five feet of her flat braid, and four feet of my boxed braid. Pretty! Then I restrung the bobbins, and started a purple, pink, mint green, and white, boxed braid. I’ve gotten up to six feet of that so far, and the bobbins aren’t even 1/3 empty, so it’s going to be a good loooooong swack of braid! Which is good, because I have lots of ideas!!! I also need to start a notebook to keep notes of what I did, with which colors, and then add a sample of the braid to it, just so I’ll be able to do it again if anyone takes a liking to a certain braid.

Now, I should get off of here, because as soon as the rest of the paperwork is filed, I need to vacuum everything, and then get to taking pictures for my shop. I have soap sacks, Amish puzzle balls, and amulet bags to add this week. Lord help me with the description pages!!!


I would say…

Slacking again. But only at blogging. Life has been beyond busy here. Just over a week ago we got some really hard rains for several days in a row, and our basement flooded. Well, not really flooded, just got wet enough that the carpet went squish, squish, squish. Wet enough to make you scramble and get anything that was in a cardboard box Up off the ground. Two days later, it was wet enough we decided to pull up the carpet also.

So there was much wet/dry vaccing, and hauling 5 gallon buckets of water outside, and then the Friday before mothers day we decided we’d get a sump pump for mothers day. 😛 Don’t worry. We also got a nice plug in griddle, and I got some wonderful french toast breakfast for mothers day also. Everyone wanted to run out and get cards also. I told them if they were going to spend money, I would rather them spend it on yarn or something other than putting another $20 in to Hallmarks pocket! So Sunday morning they all presented me with beautiful hand drawn mothers day cards, which I love, love, love, more than any store bought card!!!

Sunday afternoon we had to run out and get more parts, because the sump pump wasn’t working correctly, and the floater needed to be lowered so it would go off before the water reached the top of the bucket.  Monday night we finally got that working much to everyone’s delight. No more hauling five gallon buckets out of the basement! Yaaaayyy!

Tuesday we started moving dh’s office out of the basement. It was on the far end of the basement, and the floor in there is just an inch or so higher then the floor in the rest of the basement, so we thought it was safe. Apparently nothing is safe once water gets in. His carpet was wicking up water from the other room, and there also appears to be one little crack in his office wall that was seeping moisture in also. He thought it was smelling terrible in there, and I went down and took a whiff, and all I could think was…. hamster cage! That or whoever lived here before us had guinea pigs, or ferrets, or rabbits, or some other kind of small animal in that room that required cedar bedding. But yep, his office smelled like wet hamster cage. Sooooo, he called off for two different half days of work, and we’ve spent most of our mornings this week from before the crack of dawn, trudging all of his computer stuff up and into the bedroom up here.

Now this house is starting to resemble the FL house, because we are now losing 800 square feet of basement space! We do still have about 100 more square feet of space than we did in the FL house with just our upstairs area alone.  But having to compact everything is just… well, can we cay claustrophobic!!! 😛

So the basement is mostly dry now and we are moving “non-essential” stuff into plastic bins and taking it down there for storage. The only sump pump that was available at the hardware store was one that pumps like 50 gallons a minute or some crazy amount like that. So no matter how bad any flood we get (short of a tidal wave of water) we should never have even an inch of water in our basement. The hardware guy sold us one of the last of two that they had in stock, and he said even people as far north as Denver were calling trying to get any kind of pump! So I guess we were lucky to get it.

So, that’s why I haven’t been blogging much lately. It’s pretty much been a sun up to late night heave ho gotta get it done kind of work around here. I do find time to sit and knit and crochet a bit here and there. But with all of this clean up, plus regular housework, and homeschooling, it’s just been go go go go go for the past ten days or so. I will have pictures in a few days though. I’m working out my set up for craft shows and such. So much fun!


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