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Some things I’ve been working on here and there. Up until today of course, because today dh talked me into buying the most coolest pattern ever, and I am loving it. More about that later though.

So here is what I am doing to my bike basket. Just pulling scraps out of my pretzel buckets of yarn and weaving it in and out of the mesh. I was thinking of doing a grass, sky, tree kind of thing, but then saw the yellow and orange scrappy yarns, and went with the sunset/sunrise thing. We’re mostly riding at either sunrise or sunset, so it’s appropriate. I still have some purples and darker blues set aside to weave into the top half of the basket. I also have some super chunky rainbow yarn that I’m going to use along the top of the basket, and some on the handle you can carry it by.


And then here’s the self promoting part of the basket. The flower hair clips, and then little flowers I’m putting on bobby pins, and I’m going to stick them all over the basket and then when someone stops to chat about the basket I’ll let them pick a flower, or a stuffed heart (I always have four or five of those on me also), and give them one of my business cards.Β  For our weekend riding we’ve been hitting the bike trails around Pueblo, and we always run into people and chat for a bit.Β  Last trip out I chatted with a wonderful old senior man who was just so perky. He had a little motor on his bike and he said if he ever runs out of energy he can just flip a switch, and get back to wherever he needs to get to. πŸ˜€


Here are some things that I’ve put on the shop in the past week or so. Once again using up pretzel barrel scrappy yarn. This one Cassie is in love with, because it’s bluuuuuuue! So I have to make her another one kind of similar for her to hang on her wall.


This one Emily is in love with, because it is orange, yellow, red, and the black really makes it pop! So I have to make another similar one for her to put on her wall. I also have to make two more of these for gifties, because people are wanting them that I would feel bad if they spent $$$ on my scrappy projects, so I wanna just have some for handing out. πŸ˜›


And this one has only gotten hits from my Etsy shop, no one I know has really said anything about it one way or another, but it’s got like three likes now from strangers. If they all sell my cats will be good on food and litter for another month and a half. Woot, for no complaints from dh about them costing us a fortune! πŸ˜›


And now on the needles… something dh approved of, but I feel like I spent a small fortune! I was buggering over a honeycomb pattern because I saw a pattern for leg warmers, so I immediately went to look up the honeycomb pattern on a dishcloth site, but then I have to convert it to being knit in the round, and figuring out the stitch counts and such, and after I had been researching and swatch knitting for about two hours, dh comes up and says, “just buy it!” I’m such a tightwad, but I gave in and went ahead and just spent the $16. It comes with a video after all, and unlimited downloads, so I can put it on my androids (plural. don’t ask. me and electronicz don’t mix, but dh keeps gifting them to me. meh), and the girls can watch it to learn to knit the pattern too. It’s really not hard at all, and I can adjust the pattern to make hats, and totes, and pouches, and scarves knit in the round so there’s no bad side. Here’s the link. And then after some searching, here’s the link to the pattern designers Etsy where you can get just the pattern for $4. But I do have to say, I think if I didn’t have the video, I would not have tried the pattern right away!!! Plus having both of my daughters being able to knit from watching the video makes it worth the exta $$$.

So today, there is black with a variegated baby blue yarn on the needles, and everyone is ooooh-ing and aaaaahhh-ing over the leg warmers and the little bitty stained glass effect.Β  Next I want to start some violet ones with bright orange. Kind of Halloween-y-ish. Youngest dd will loooooooove them (note the love for the orange Ojo De Dios up above πŸ˜› ) And then I want to do white and red, and then white and green for holiday leg warmers, and then go with more traditional colors like browns and greens, and and blues and purples. So many ideas!!!

Anyway, off to knit a little before bed.



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