Weekend of bicycling!!!

Yeah, that seems to be a theme lately.  But the weather has been warmer, and it’s been pretty nice out for the past week, so that’s what I’ve got. 😛 This past Sunday we went on a loooong explore! Saturday afternoon we rented a UHaul tow behind trailer, because we needed to get some wood for our floors, and some piping for our soon to be fixed again plumbing problems. So if you rent the tow behind after five o’clock on Saturday it doesn’t have to be back til late Sunday, but UHaul closes early on Sundays, so just have it back by Monday morning before they open. Yayy!

So since we had it for the whole day, we loaded up our bikes and hauled them to the west side of Pueblo to the Nature Center, and there are bike trails from the Nature Center to the Pueblo Dam, and then another 100 or so miles of bike trails all through all kinds of parks all over the place. I think we crossed through three parks/fishing areas, and the trail went all along the Arkansas River, so we got to see a whole lot of people fly fishing out in the river with their big ol hip boots on! The kiddo’s absolutely loved it!!!!

The kiddo’s and me… (yes, they’re all getting taller than me. weirdness)


Dh with the kiddo’s. (I got a better pic of the dam. I have no idea what dh was thinking when I said, “lets get a picture of everyone in front of the dam and then he gets a picture of 1/3 of the dam and a hill of dirt :-/ )


Here’s some of the trail we rode on. There were a couple of wooden bridges like this along the way, and then the really nice sidewalk like paved part of the trail too! Altogether the trip from the nature center, to the dam, and back again was 8.03 miles! I think it took us about two and a half hours because we stopped and looked at eagles nests, and very large fish in the water, and all kinds of sights along the way! I had dh get the picture of this particular bridge because I want to take one again in three or four months when all the trees are green and beautiful. and then another one in the Fall when the trees change color. just to see them all through the year and it’s an easy spot on the trail to remember. 🙂


And here’s some pictures from around our little town.The view from the top of the Big Hill on the main road.


Irrigation ditch that the farmers around here use.


Water from the irrigation ditch rolling under the main roadway.


Along the side of the bridge. I just liked this one because of the cracking mud! The water was only down that low for a day or so though.


And here are some dark skies from a couple of days ago. It looked much more blue and purple IRL.  It still amazes me that we can see everything all around us for miles and miles and miles here.  In FL everything is just shut off by all the trees and scrub, and unless you’re in town, or by a large body of water you never see so far off in the distance. Here in CO though, everything is just wide open!!!!


And that’s about all I’ve got! The worst parts about our long ride to the dam. Right before we hit the trail I turned my ankle on some stoopid steps that I didn’t see were steps. Blah! So yeah, I sucked it up because it was swelling, but didn’t hurt much to walk on, and I didn’t want to be the one to mess up our first looong ride! So it’s been pretty swollen for two days, but now we’re on the third day and the swelling is going down, and it’s itching like crazy!!!! Worst part number two, both Emily and I took a tumble (while standing still both times no less :-/ ) So we both have our left knee banged and cut up. It’s my right ankle that’s messed up, so I hobble weirdly trying to decide which part of me hurts worst. 😛 AND the third thing that sucked about the long ride. I put sun screen on everyone, but most of us still got sunburned on our arms. Dh just turned tan with his ol Hawaii skin. Blah! But even through all of that no one has stopped smiling! They all want to go do it all again, without the falling and other pains though. 😛

Today, I’ve been working on some of the cutest little crocheted baby booties off of a Youtube. I have about a half dozen other projects in the air too. I need to get things finished off, and pictured, and posted. Too much yarny fun!!! More pictures soon!



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