Last Weekend and Crafty Stuff

So this past weekend we were gonna be taking it easy. That never works though. Saturday we went to the library, and then to the gem and incense store, because I had found my powered incense burners but nowhere I looked locally had powdered incense. A friend suggested this small little store, and sure enough they had what I was looking for. My daughters wanted to spend a bit of money on crystals, but we had just went to a friends healing circle thing the night before, and all of the kiddo’s got three new small crystals each from different people there. So fun to pass them around. Kinda like trading cards for my kiddo’s, just in rock form. 😛

The library was so much fun. I love love love books! I could sit there for hours. Dh sees it as a pit of germs and filth though, so he just sits off in a chair not looking at anything. 😦 So the kiddo’s got like six new books each, and I got three knitting and crafting books. I also found Runny Babbits by Shel Silverstein.  Dh frowned at it because it messes words up, and he likened it to the new core curriculum. :-/ I’m mixing words up all the time though. They all giggle at me because ever since we’ve moved here to CO I cannot say Loaf and Jug (local convenience stores), it always always always comes out of my mouth Joaf and Lug. Even when I think it really hard to say it right. Bam. Joaf and Lug! So now the kiddo’s say the Joaf and Lug is run by Runny Babbits. 😛

Sunday was another big big day. There have been plans and much talk about rearranging furniture. So, all of the kiddo’s were sleeping in one bedroom with two sets of bunk beds pretty much since we’ve moved here. And then the boys had one of the other bedrooms for their desks, and the girls and me had the other bedroom for our desks, and when dh and me finally got a bed last year we just put it in the living room. No one really comes over, and if we do have company we were flipping the bed up against the one wall and using folding chairs in the living room. It was blah! Soooooo Sunday we moved my desk to the living room, with all of my crafty stuff. The desks in both the boys and girls rooms got switched around, and we moved the bunk beds into each of their rooms, and then dh and me moved our bed and some shelves to an actual bedroom!!! OMG I cannot tell you how freakin nice it is to have everything so freakin Normal!!! I Love it!!! The kiddo’s love it! And I think dh kinda likes it! 😀 But that was seriously a LOT of work! And a lot of vacuuming!!! And three bags of garbage-y crap tossed too just from all around their rooms and out of their toy bins and stuff.  And I once again realized that I may have a wee little too much yarn! Eeek!

In crafty stuff… today I finally am using the rectangle Hazel Rose loom I got a few months back. I’ve been wanting to make some blanket squares from it for a bit now. I have an idea!!!! I’m going to make a square on my tiny weaver square, and then put rectangles around it log cabin style! Make about twenty of them, and put them in a blanket and then edge the whole blanket with more rectangles. My weaving is getting more and more quilt-ish all the time. Pictures soon. Weaving is addictive. 🙂



Crafty Stuff

So a couple of weeks back a few friends on FB suggested I make some cute booties for some up and coming births. There are two I know of in Ohio, and two here in CO, and my nephew and his girlfriend in AR are having a baby, and that’s just five that I’ve recently found out about. With the winter we’ve had you know there’s probably gonna be more. LOL

So I went a little bonkers the past couple of days and made up this mess of booties from watching this Youtube.  She has lots of cool little tips at the beginning of the video for making the booties look good in packaging, and marketing ideas. I liked that!


And that’s not all the booties, because between the time this photo was taken and then unloaded, and put on my computer, and then a few hours later I cropped and posted it to FB, and in that few short hours I made four more pair! 😛 Today I went through my yarn bins and got out boodles of pastel yarns, and now this morning I’ve made two more pair.  The girls are all happy over the little white ones because, “they’ll make baby feet look like eggs!” Weirdos! 😀  And yep, I’ve posted some on the Etsy store already.  And bumped up my stuffed little bunnies for Easter stuff.  Gotta keep on top of the holiday stuff!

Other things I’ve been working on… a couple more bag bags. Decided to take pictures of them hanging in the kitchen just for better looks.  My youngest daughter never knew the old one we have had a hair tie knitted into the bottom of it for the little opening. Now she thinks that’s the coolest thing. 😛

purpleandmultibagbagP1010078 tealandwhitebagbagP1010077

And the biggie thing that everyone here is in loooove with (but it is safely put away in my Etsy bin), the Berry Red Ponchoooooo!!!!! I think I might have to make several more of these. Yep, the hat and poncho are made from the same yarn and they are both on the shop right now.  I put it up there last night, and as soon as it was up I got two favorites within the hour, and as of right now it is the most viewed item on my shop this week!!! And it’s only been up for about 14 hours! LOL


And now I’ve gotta get back to making booties and baby sandals. I need to crochet about a dozen wee little flowers! I think I might need another small zipper baggie just for flowers! Wheeeee!


Weekend of bicycling!!!

Yeah, that seems to be a theme lately.  But the weather has been warmer, and it’s been pretty nice out for the past week, so that’s what I’ve got. 😛 This past Sunday we went on a loooong explore! Saturday afternoon we rented a UHaul tow behind trailer, because we needed to get some wood for our floors, and some piping for our soon to be fixed again plumbing problems. So if you rent the tow behind after five o’clock on Saturday it doesn’t have to be back til late Sunday, but UHaul closes early on Sundays, so just have it back by Monday morning before they open. Yayy!

So since we had it for the whole day, we loaded up our bikes and hauled them to the west side of Pueblo to the Nature Center, and there are bike trails from the Nature Center to the Pueblo Dam, and then another 100 or so miles of bike trails all through all kinds of parks all over the place. I think we crossed through three parks/fishing areas, and the trail went all along the Arkansas River, so we got to see a whole lot of people fly fishing out in the river with their big ol hip boots on! The kiddo’s absolutely loved it!!!!

The kiddo’s and me… (yes, they’re all getting taller than me. weirdness)


Dh with the kiddo’s. (I got a better pic of the dam. I have no idea what dh was thinking when I said, “lets get a picture of everyone in front of the dam and then he gets a picture of 1/3 of the dam and a hill of dirt :-/ )


Here’s some of the trail we rode on. There were a couple of wooden bridges like this along the way, and then the really nice sidewalk like paved part of the trail too! Altogether the trip from the nature center, to the dam, and back again was 8.03 miles! I think it took us about two and a half hours because we stopped and looked at eagles nests, and very large fish in the water, and all kinds of sights along the way! I had dh get the picture of this particular bridge because I want to take one again in three or four months when all the trees are green and beautiful. and then another one in the Fall when the trees change color. just to see them all through the year and it’s an easy spot on the trail to remember. 🙂


And here’s some pictures from around our little town.The view from the top of the Big Hill on the main road.


Irrigation ditch that the farmers around here use.


Water from the irrigation ditch rolling under the main roadway.


Along the side of the bridge. I just liked this one because of the cracking mud! The water was only down that low for a day or so though.


And here are some dark skies from a couple of days ago. It looked much more blue and purple IRL.  It still amazes me that we can see everything all around us for miles and miles and miles here.  In FL everything is just shut off by all the trees and scrub, and unless you’re in town, or by a large body of water you never see so far off in the distance. Here in CO though, everything is just wide open!!!!


And that’s about all I’ve got! The worst parts about our long ride to the dam. Right before we hit the trail I turned my ankle on some stoopid steps that I didn’t see were steps. Blah! So yeah, I sucked it up because it was swelling, but didn’t hurt much to walk on, and I didn’t want to be the one to mess up our first looong ride! So it’s been pretty swollen for two days, but now we’re on the third day and the swelling is going down, and it’s itching like crazy!!!! Worst part number two, both Emily and I took a tumble (while standing still both times no less :-/ ) So we both have our left knee banged and cut up. It’s my right ankle that’s messed up, so I hobble weirdly trying to decide which part of me hurts worst. 😛 AND the third thing that sucked about the long ride. I put sun screen on everyone, but most of us still got sunburned on our arms. Dh just turned tan with his ol Hawaii skin. Blah! But even through all of that no one has stopped smiling! They all want to go do it all again, without the falling and other pains though. 😛

Today, I’ve been working on some of the cutest little crocheted baby booties off of a Youtube. I have about a half dozen other projects in the air too. I need to get things finished off, and pictured, and posted. Too much yarny fun!!! More pictures soon!



So far we have been out biking for the past four days this week! Tuesday we just rode around the block a few times. Ran into some old neighbors that moved back here over the winter, and their kiddo’s. My kiddo’s are now grinning ear to ear, because there are a passel of new neighborhood kiddo’s in the area for them to ride around with. So we’re setting boundaries of which streets they can ride on. Not the main road without us, and stay at least one block in from the railroad tracks without us too! Some of these neighborhood kids are like 6-8 years old and their parents let them stay out all afternoon, and cross the main road to go to the park by themselves. Trucks come through there sometimes at 50 MPH ignoring the mile or so stretch that’s marked 35 MPH for our town limits.  I guess they grew up just following their siblings around and they’re used to it, but maaaannn, there’s no way I’d let my crew just loose on the streets like that.

So then on Wednesday we climbed one of the bigger hills in town.  It’s a dead end road but the workout going up that incline is great! So far I can only peddle about half way up and then I walk the other half. Found that that works out two different muscle groups in my legs anyway so I’m ok with it!  Then the ride back down is fast and wonderful!!! So we did that again on Thursday and we’re pretty much going to do it every day that we can! I’m planning on picking up a pretty rock every time we make it up that hill as a family and adding it to a collection along the sidewalk here at home. Hopefully by the end of summer I’ll have a nice little garden area of golfball-ish size rocks from all around town. 🙂

So all totaled for the week we’ve already put in over 20 miles of biking as a family. The kiddo’s have probably put in more than that because they zip around here there and everywhere! I’m taking the camera around getting pretty shots of all the pasture land around here and the beautiful mountains off in the distance on the clear days! And I neeeeeeed to get a basket for my bike also. I’m not one for carrying a backpack and I need to take things with me like sunglasses, water, a lock, maybe band aids and stuff for when people fall off (hasn’t happened yet, but with my crew it’ll happen eventually :-P) and I’d like to carry my knife and compass and other small items.

Oh, and yesterday we rode down to the river also! Very pretty down there. I think we might have to take a lunch/snack with us down there and just enjoy the breeze and critter watch! For such a little town there sure are a lot of sights to see around here.



So we had a smell under our house and we were dreading that it was the plumbing under the bathroom!!! And it was.  This is the only house I have ever lived in that there is No Way to get to under the house but taking up the floors! Crazy.  When we first got here we dealt with the plugged pipes. The house had been vacant for a couple of years, but we found out through locals that it used to be the Preachers house. The Preacher and his wife took in many foster children. Well, many maxi pads got flushed it appears. Call out the plumber. One plumbing problem down.

Then there was pipes to the outside spigots. They weren’t insulated at all under the house, so we had to take up a portion of the living room floor last winter and cap off the lines to the outside that had cracked.  Nother plumbing problem taken care of.

So right around the beginning of the year the smell started. Standing water under the house, and possibly up against the basement wall cannot be good. And we’ve had this problem with the bathroom sink since we’ve moved here that water kind of stays in the drain hole, and then goes down suddenly, and then builds back up and then goes down. Guess what that is?  Air in the pipes! So yep, there was a crack/break somewhere. Most likely with the bathroom sink since we’ve moved in here, but then that led to other problems, and all the pipes draining out kinda lead to the same place.

So, we are blessed that the community that we are part of, moving out here for Cassie’s allergic reaction and other families from all over the U.S. moving out here for their children to get MMJ treatment, has a great diversity of people with skills in all areas, and one of the gentlemen does house repair/construction type work. So we gave him a call, and he was supposed to come out today, Thursday, but dh gave him a call Tuesday to ask him a few more questions (we were trying to be prepared as possible for him coming and having supplies like wood, and a wax ring for the toilet, and plumbing stuff ready) and he came right out on Tuesday!

So he gets the toilet off, and nope, no leak there, but the wax ring is like 30 years old and can use replacing. And the pipe isn’t sitting quite right. Hummmmm. And he wiggles it. It’s not supposed to wiggle like that. And zoop the pipe comes out! It was Never glued on to the main drain! Whaaaat?! And then he looks…. and the shower drain looks glued, but the sink drain is just leaking right out the sides like nobodies business! Never glued.

Here’s the amazing part. Under the place where all the water is spilling out…. there’s a bricked and cemented hole in the ground. We haven’t figured out if its an old coal chute (because that’s right where the old kitchen and house stove would have been. Original part of the house build in 1908), or if it was some kind of small storm shelter, or a root cellar or what. BUT all of the water went right into that, so he had to go to the store and get a small pump, and more hose, and we must have pumped 400-500 gallons of waste water out from under our bath room. The smell was horrid for about 4 or 5 hours, but once it was all cleared out and we put some bleach down there, and now that it’s dried, my home is just wonderful again! But absolutely incredible that we thought there would be like a foot or so of crawl space under that area of the house, and we open it up and it’s like two or three feet to the ground, and then there’s all this stone block holding up the house, and this pit that it looks like Gollum could live down there! Things you never knew! And amazingly it saved all of that water from rolling toward our basement walls for the past few weeks!!!! Life is good!


Back at it!

Just when you feel like you’re going along good, bam! Life throws you a curve. Yeah, we’ve all been battling the flu bug here for the past week or two. Started out with 15 yo ds. Coughing and fever. Then it slowly rolled to the other children.  Thing is everyone had a slightly different flu. Some of the kiddo’s got the cough and fever, some had vomiting, some had the runs to the bathroom. Some could stomach some foods, but didn’t want others. We’ve done Ginger ale, and Peppermint teas for the upset stomachs. Light foods like mashed potatoes, rice, bananas, and crackers for them too.  For the others that could keep food down we were doing chicken soup with loads of fresh vegis. Celery sticks were a hit with just about everyone also. Jello, apple sauce, all different manners of hot drinks from teas, to hot cider, to just hot water with honey and lemon! I tell ya, I’ve kept the ball rolling! Dh was the great meds dispenser as far as Tylenol and cough syrup went, and I doled out the Pepto and things to keep tummies feeling ok.

For the past three days I have melted into a pile of buggers and fever myself. But I am now coming out of it! Yesterday I felt ok, but every little thing I tried to do wiped me out! Today I am taking it slow and trying to reclaim the laundry pile, and do a couple of loads of dishes. I’m learning my limits, and taking it easy though. Drives me nuts not going full steam ahead like usual.

In stuff around the house news… we have plumbing problems again. Not to get into it too much on here, but at least we have a friend coming to help us check things out this Thursday. He’s not a plumber, but he’s a carpenter, so at least he can tell us the best way to take up some of the floor to get to the plumbing, and then help us put it back down properly! We also need work hanging a door to the laundry room, and maybe redoing the dining room floor. It’s gonna be a busy Spring for sure. Ugghhh! Is it always like this in the north for Spring? Seems like Winter ruins stuff, and then you spend the first few months of thaw repairing it all! Too much stuff for this southern gal! Guess I’d better get used to it! 😛

In knitting news…. since I’ve been sick and don’t want to work on baby hats, and blankets, and stuff for hospitals, I’ve just been doing a little spinning and weaving on my Inkle loom to keep myself occupied. I did knit a couple little toys for the kitty cats too. They have this little two foot long thing that Emily (11 yo dd) knit on the eight peg loom, and it looks like a flat fat knitted snake. Boy oh boy do the cats love stalking and pouncing that!!! So I made a few more.  I think I might make myself a couple of dishcloths today too.  Possibly tomorrow I am going to finish off a few of the bag bags (plastic bag holders) for the shop. I have one finished in purple with a blue variegated yarn for the middle, and then another one in like a teal green and eggshell color that needs an I-cord, and then I’ve started another in red, white, and blue yarn.

And that’s about all from here. Back to getting housework done in little fifteen minute bits of time, then resting for a half hour! Sickness sucks!


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