It’s been a Crazy Week!

Yes it has! Dh has been feeling awful. We had his migraines under control, and now the past couple of months he’s had this horrible pressure in the back of his head, and down through his neck. Like horrible knock you out for a day type pain… except it’s been just about every day, and we can’t afford for him to take every day off. So he’s been popping the aspirin and Tylenol (finally got him to stop taking the Excedrin because popping two of those is the caffeine equivalent of  four cans of Cola) to stop the inflammation, and off to work he goes. Of course you can’t use too much Tylenol either because it’ll wreck your liver. He got that straight from the dr, so thank goodness I don’t have to fight him so hard on that matter like I had to with the Excedrin.

Today three kiddo’s woke up with sore throats and yucky tummies, so we’re doing the warm tea, Jello, crackers, Ginger ale, and soup/broth thing.  Hope all of this passes quickly. I will not get sick! Nope, I won’t. Moms just gotta keep on truckin.

I renewed our library books online, because I don’t think we’re gonna make it there today or tomorrow. I was soooo looking forward to getting some knitting and crocheting books. I forgot to look at them last time we were there because I was so busy showing all the kiddo’s all the cool things in the kiddo section. Blah!

Yesterday my yarn order from came in too! I was so happy it finally got here. Their service is suck though. It says 1-3 days to get the order together, and then I chose 2-4 day shipping. They screwed it all up. After four days and it hadn’t been shipped I contacted them got a standard “your email will be answered in the order it was received” crap. Then on day five I get the “your order has shipped” email. Yaaaayyy, right? Nope. The tracking number didn’t work. I sent them another email on Monday (day 8) got another “your email will be answered in the order it was received” email back from them. The tracking number started working on Tuesday. :-/ They answered my first email on Wednesday informing me the tracking number was now working. Well duh! They answered my second email on Thursday saying that orders generally take 3-7 days from the time you place the order til you have it. That was day 11 for me. Then UPS popped a weather delay on there, and said I probably wouldn’t have my order til Saturday. But it came on time yesterday anyway. At least UPS gets it right and keeps you informed and up to date. though still has my reply to them in queue somewhere, and I’m sure I’ll just get a “I see you got your order. Happy knitting.” email despite the fact that it took twice as long to get it as their order page said. They just don’t give a crap. From now on I’ll just pest my local JoAnn store manager to order the colors I want, and just go back to the store the next week to buy them. Faster and easier.

In actual knitting news…. Here’s what went up on the Etsy Shop yesterday. Ponchos in both adult size and toddler size…

I loved working on this green one because I needed some Spring color. Winter white and grey and brown has really been getting to me lately!!! I try not to look outside! Blah!!!


Then there’s This lovely pop of color! I no long have a child small enough to model it though. Emily would love me to make her one of these in a bigger size, except I *just* made her one like the greens one in her favorite yellow, orange, and purple!!! Now I’m working on a pale yellow, light purple, dark purple one, and then a solid deep red one to add to the shop next week.


And then there are these bag bags.  A friend saw the one in my kitchen and suggested I make them for the shop, so I made this one. But I think I need to make more normal colors, because aren’t people kitchens usually green and yellow, or blue and white, or… just not this popping bright? 😛 So I’m going through my odd balls of not so bright stuff to make more choices.  The one I’ve had in my kitchen I’ve had for 12 years or so, so I know these suckers really last. I did have to replace the top draw string on it one time though about 3 years ago. But the pony tail elastic knitted into the yarn at the bottom of the bag really helps keep the plastic bags from all falling out at once, when you need one.


And that’s about all from here. I need to get back to blogging through the week. I had so much I wanted to blog this week, and everything just goes to crap when dh is sick and things aren’t going well here. Such is life. Meh.



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