Busy as a Bee!!!

I have had so much fun this past week! I made up some surprise knitterly things for friends, and today they are on their way in the mail. These are people that are always tossing ideas my way of things to make for my shop, and keeping me up to date on whats in style. I am a hermitty mom to five kiddo’s. I don’t get out and about and shop for all the latest styles, and I really don’t pay much attention to what others are wearing, unless it’s a really cool knit item, and then I go to ask them if they made it, and I get close enough to see the seams, or tags, or whatever, and then I know they didn’t. πŸ˜› So when they tell me about things, and I go ahead and throw a couple up on my shop, and then I’m swamped with orders… I end up knitting gifties for them when things die down. And I know people are tired of the snow… but thank goodness for the extra snow this week, so they can bundle up and use the things I’m sending them! Hee heee!!!

And we took a wee little 3-4 hour road trip north of here to meet up with one of dh’s computer techie buddies. So I worked on making loads of little woven hearts on that trip out.Β  Today I am stuffing them all and I have around 30 of them now! Love love love making these, and having them handy to give out, or leave around town.Β  Kinda like the Toy Society drops that people make, but mine is just a wee little 2 inch heart.Β  I think I’ve sent out around 50+ so far.

In business news… I finished up the neon mitt order, and that was sent out. *Fingers crossed* that’ll be a dance studio that I hear back from again if they need more costume items. And I’ve made two contacts locally, and I hope to either be able to sell my Inkle straps to/at a Yoga place, and maybe start to teach knitting to some people, either in exchange for things they do, or for cash!!! I’ve also been reading some business/money management books, and I’ve started a ledger/goals journal kinda thing, and I am planning out gardeny stuff with the money I’m making from my Etsy sales! (must stop buying yarn. shoot me.)

Gardeny stuff… Ok, so I’ve been watching some videos, and instead of doing raised beds this first year I am just going to make one big ol roundy bed around our back slab of cement. All the water that rains on the slab will roll right into the beds, and I’m just going to fill it with dirt and then straw, and plant a boat load of potatoes there. That will help build the soil for better beds next year when the straw composts down! Then I’m going to plant three apple trees, and a pear tree (might need two pears and two apples for the whole pollination thing though, I haven’t looked into it much yet. but four fruit trees is the plan either way.) And then I’m just going to do maybe 10 five gallon buckets for tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, and onions. Waaaayyy small scale, but better than nothing for right now. Still getting used to this whole CO from FL thing. But the neighbor down the road is going to help guide me this year.Β  He had a bumper crop in his garden last year, and used his trees to grow his gourds upwards!!! That was so pretty in the Fall when all the leaves died off the plant, and there was like 25 gourds hanging there.Β  And getting a compost pit in place is the other thing that neeeeeeds to happen!!! Every time I throw our scraps away it kills me just a little bit! πŸ˜›

And this week there is a change in chore charts around here. I’ve been giving them out to the kiddo’s with school work at the beginning of the week, and expecting them to get things done and checked off, and I’m getting next to nothing from them. They of course get next to nothing for allowance, and then grumble grumble grumble. So I’ve set up the sheets at the actual places to work now, and it seems to be working better. So one in the kitchen with three chores listed on it, and they have to initial a box when they do one of the three. Another chart taped up next to the vacuum and brooms, and they can choose from two areas to vacuum, or sweeping the entryway, and sign off on that. And then another chart by the washer and they can either wash a load, dry a load, or fold a load. I check what they’ve done, and they initial it. Each one of them has so many chores they have to complete each day now before they can have game/play time. And then there is a tooth brushing chart on the bathroom door, and they had Better have every one of those boxes checked off at the end of the week, or I will be putting half their chore money into a dentist jar. No excuses!!!Β  πŸ˜€

And this is turning into a book. I’ve gotta get better at writing every day. Or at least every other day! Congrats if you’ve read this far. πŸ˜€



4 Responses to “Busy as a Bee!!!”

  1. Bridget Says:

    Gosh, you have been busy. I do charts for chores too.
    Your last comment made me laugh! X

    • spinnermom Says:

      I don’t think anything would get done around here if they didn’t have a place to show they checked it off that it got done. I’ve gotta pop on over to your blog and catch up!!! Ever since Xanga went all wonky I’ve missed catching up with so many people.

  2. Anna Marie Says:

    We have check-off sheets, but they’re part of our morning routine, and we don’t always get thru everything. Still. At least it’s accountability, right?

    • spinnermom Says:

      I made the kiddo’s gasp at me because I told them for the first week I’d initial all the areas I do something in too. Yesterday I checked four boxes on the laundry chart because I did four loads of laundry. Only one of them checked one box because they folded a load. I did two loads of dishes (basically I told them empty the drainboard, and then wash the dishes til it’s full again) Then Emily came behind me at last and washed a bunch of cups and glasses. So by the end of the day I had eleven check marks, and they had seven between the four of them. :-/ Then Benny quips, “Man mom, no wonder you’re always saying your tired!” Umm, yeah keepin up with six people will do that to a person. πŸ˜›

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