I know when Enough is Enough!

I am taking several days… maybe a week or two off of Facebook. Yesterday I sat there for hours and hours reading the Vaccine debate(?) crap. I don’t dare step into it. But I read enough to know there is much much anger and hate out there.  Things on one of the Mother Jones article links got nasty and heated, and when you put facts in people faces and all they can come back with is… “well… well… well then, YOUR RACIST!!!!” (their misspelling, not mine, and their bit of ugly when the dude ~never~ even mentioned race, or religion, or anything) It was like an, if you can’t beat them, side track them type thing.

And if you are wondering, no, we don’t vaccinate. My oldest son had a horrible reaction to his first MMR shot, and then another reaction to another vaccine when he was going into Kindergarten (back then I ate the load of crap the dr’s fed me, and it only took a year and two months til we pulled him out of school and never looked back. Worst year and two months of our lives!) No one can tell me that some people don’t have horrible reactions to vaccines. Especially since we’ve been here in CO, and working to get my daughter well right along side some of the people that swear vaccines harmed their children. I see it ~first hand~, I’ve lived it with my child’s leg swelling up to three times its size, while he had a raging 103 fever for two days! I count my blessings every day that that is all that happened to my oldest. After Cassie had her extreme reaction to antibiotics almost three years ago now, antibiotics that were in the end totally unnecessary because the foot dr did just what we asked the pediatrician to have her do in the first place, and took her two big toe nails off, and it all healed well right after that! But the pediatrician gave us the scrip anyway, because, “hey Publix is giving away antibiotics for ~Free~!!! Might as well give that a try before you go finding a foot dr!” /kick myself all. the. time. over that one.

So waaaayy back when we decided not to vaccinate we looked into what is causing reactions?  What is in those shots? How long do they work? The first big yuck, and totally against every moral fiber of my being, in the rubella vaccine (part of the MMR) there are cells from aborted babies. If you look up what it takes to make vaccines, there is an ingredient called WI-38 and basically what that is is cells taken from aborted fetuses that have to be at least 18 weeks old. Wonder where the pharma companies get those? So where the hell is all the outrage from the Christian community about this??? You see them all up in the faces of people at abortion clinics, how its so EVIL, and what sinners people are for killing their babies. But sooo many of those same people are now all over facebook yelling at people, “keep YOUR unvaxx filthy child away from MINE, or I will Kill you! I will Sue you if MY child gets sick!!!!!”  and how, “you are a horrible irresponsible parent, and your children are going to DIE, and at the very least should be taken away by the state, because you are hurting them by not vaccinating!!!”  Yes, it got really really ugly. But here these same religious people are injecting their children with fetus cells from the dead babies. The same babies they soooooo want to protect from Those other Evil parents that are making bad decisions. :-/ Then they shut their eyes tightly to any facts given to them. Nice.

So, I’m not saying any side is right, or any side is wrong. Vaccinate your children if you want to. I’ll continue not to vaccinate mine. I also home school them (out of our own pocket too btw), and we can’t afford to take any ~vacations~ that might endanger the whole wide world.  Oooohhh, scary! I’ve been told before that I endanger my children because we can’t afford health insurance also, and people were all snarky and full of Hate towards us, and hoped my children would get sick and suffer, because we were such horrible parents. Guess what? They got their wish. My child got horribly sick, and yes, we paid for it all out of pocket, and moved across the country to get her the medical help she needed, and it’s still cheaper than health insurance! So, when I see people flinging around the, “I hope your child gets measles and suffers horribly” it really hurts me! Good Christians. Heh.

So yeah, I’m backing out of social media, and the poop storm of hate, because people suck. And yeah, I cheered a little when I found out CO was the most un-vaccinated state in the union.  Kinda seals the deal that we made the right move. 😉

TTYL 🙂 (if you’re thinking of leaving hate in the comments just keep it stuffed down inside of yourself for a day or so, and see how it feels. if I find it here, I will probably just delete it anyway)


7 Responses to “I know when Enough is Enough!”

  1. journeyof7 Says:

    A-freakin-men. I’ve just about decided to hide anything & everything that had to do with the vaccine debate. So ticks me off. One of the “requirements” for Camryn’s school is chicken pox vaccine & something else. I can write a letter to say why we choose not to but I thought it only fair to ask her for her opinions. (Since she’s 18 & all that.) “I prefer not to get them since I’ve never had one & am healthier than most of my friends. I prefer not to put all that poison & junk in my body, thank-you-very-much.” I’ll be writing the letter.
    My kids are so much healthier than all the kids at the gym; I know we made the right decision for us.

    • spinnermom Says:

      Yep, ditto that here too! We had one cold/flu back in FL around 8 years ago, and then we had one in 2013 when we moved here. Just spread through all of us here, for about a week, but Nothing like what we saw our friends getting. Most of them were horribly ill, dying with fever for more than 10 days. Our whole family got over ours over seven to eight days, just three and four days per person, all of us getting it at different times. Seems most of our sickness comes when we do end up going to the dr for something. Cassie and her ingrown/undergrown toe nail. Bam allergic reaction! Dh went to the dr for a twisted ankle, and two days later he was dying from the flu. None of the rest of us got it that time though.

      So as a whole family, only being sick really twice in the last, ooooohhh, 20 years! Yeah, it’s no wonder the dr’s wanna inject us with crap. Then when that makes us sick over a lifetime, and they can make more money. ;-/

      I totally understand why some people would want to have the vaccinations. People traveling to different areas, or always around large groups of people, so I don’t totally condemn them. It’s like I wouldn’t tell another woman she can’t have an abortion. *I* don’t like abortion personally, and *I* would never do that. But I would never preach to someone else they shouldn’t be doing it also. Vaccination’s are the same way.

      • dirtpatcheaven on youtube Says:

        My doctor actually told me not to get the flue shot because it CAN’T WORK! There are too many strains out there and it just stresses your system! We don’t vaccinate at all because mine gave me universal reactions after receiving them as a kid…and I still struggle with the side-effects. Love your blog!

  2. Bridget Says:

    Lordy me don’t start me on this one! They didn’t have Vitamin K at birth and that was the start of it. My daughter was offered the vac for cervix cancer at 14, just in case she was having unprotected sex and therefore could get it later in life! I assured the school she wasn’t and therefore she wouldn’t be needing it! I tend to keep my mouth shut about the children’s vacs, the reaction I get is just so predictable!

    • spinnermom Says:

      Yep, the nurses at the hospital we had two of our children at went bonkers when we turned down the Vit K also. Said that the babies could pick something up not necessarily from mom and dad but from a nurses uniform so we told them that our children would have to have limited contact with the nurses and if they needed weighing or anything we would help with picking them up and carrying them wherever the nurses needed us to. Oh Mmm Geeee you would think we turned the whole hospital on end. LOL

  3. promisesunshine Says:

    i’m stunned that people would wish ill upon another person because of a difference of opinion. that is so wrong.

    • spinnermom Says:

      Yep, back on Xanga I got it both barrels from this one angry old lady and a couple of her Xanga buddies when they found out we didn’t have health insurance. Oh, they were all over my blog after that, and as soon as my daughter had the reaction to antibiotics she posted a horrible old “see, I told you, What are you gonna dooooo now?” type comment, and then one of them went on to blog her own sorry blog about people who choose not to have health insurance deserve to suffer. I like to think she was quite upset that we were able to pay it all out of pocket. 😛 I’m pretty sure she still lurks around here, but I don’t think she dares comment.

      And for the record, we don’t chooooooose not to have health care. We would have it, if it wouldn’t take one third of our income to acquire it. Hell, people have house payments that aren’t even that steep, and in the end at least you have a house!!!

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