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So I’ve gotten out my big ol bin of squares. A lot of them are mine, and about half of them are ones people have sent to me to assemble into afghans for the hospitals. So yesterday I laid out four patterns. One in whites and pinks, one in whites and blues, one in a bunch of different greens, and then a brights, with oranges, yellows, reds, purples, and greens. I need to make two more yellow squares, and a purple square for that one though.

I sorted a crap ton of squares out too, and I think if I make a good mess of brown, and cream colored squares, I can put together two lapghans from what I call my Ugly Square pile. The Ugly Squares are all dark greys, 70’s orange, and browns, and rust colors, and just omg where did people get these colors!!! Shocking! But if I can make like 18 kinda ok colored squares, and then use like 12 Ugly’s in with them, I think I can get them all used up in two or three lapghans.

Then there are the over sized, mismatched, patch squares. I have a good plan for those also. I am sizing them up, and putting them into strips, and then crocheting edges around the strips, and then I will fudge it til the strips are all the same length. Width won’t matter, because they can be any ol width, but they all need to be the same length for the blanket to come together. Then I’ll have some fat rows, and some skinny rows, but putting all the strips together it’ll make an interesting blanket!

In other news… In Dec and Jan I saved up a whopping $30 on my WalMart Savings Catcher!!! Took that and doubled it with Bluebird, and yesterday when we were there shopping I got a bit of new clothes, and the girls got some kind of fleece stretchy warm up pants! Woohoo!!! Love getting $30 free dollars of shopping money!!! That won’t last for long though. Looks like the fine print I read back in August was right, and they’re ending BlueBird/Amex doubling the dollars at the end of Feb. But that was a nice long run. All totaled, I got around $70 free dollars out of the deal from Amex, and then $70 of my dollars back from savings to re-spend! Not too shabby for just shopping and plugging in numbers for six or seven months! Now I think I’ll just let the dollars wrack up from my regular savings for the rest of the year and then we’ll have a nice big boodle to spend around the holidays this year. If I keep averaging $15 a month that’ll pretty much pay for our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and all of our cookie making stuff, and a couple extra turkeys for the freezer.  😛

Ok, kiddo’s are done with their reading. Gotta go and engage them in some other schooly stuff for an hour or so. Then if it stays kinda clear outside maybe we’ll go out there and get some garden beds plotted out. In my dream the other night I was in the garden, and the beds were totally different, and I think I’m going to go change what we have going right now, and do it that way instead. When I look out there now with what we have marked off with stones it kinda looks like a pet cemetery! The garden beds in my dream were all rounder, and more flow-y, and took up the whole edge of the cement slab.  That’ll be better for watering things, because rain runs off that slab like a waterfall!!!



4 Responses to “Crafty Stuff”

  1. OJD Says:

    If you had a contest to win one of those “ugly square” lapghans, I would SO totally be entering to win! Wifey loves the Walmart savey thing.

    • spinnermom Says:

      Well I’ve been thinking about doing a giveaway for some of my mitts on my shop. Can’t give the ugly square afghans away because they are made by other crafters that trust that I’ll put them into blankets for charity. BUT I do happen to make a lot of my own squares so maybe I’ll have a contest around Christmas time or so. I’ve had a lot more interest in the things I make since opening my Etsy shop. People are floored that I just make things and give them away to hospitals and such, and here I sat for years thinking my stuff was amateur and not good enough. 😛

      • OJD Says:

        That’s EXACTLY what my wife says about her stuff. She made dresses for our girls on our last trip to Disneyland in October. She had well over 100 people compliment her yet still put up a fuss when I established her an Etsy store. After two inquiries from folks wanting to buy her stuff I got frustrated and took it down. She kept saying “What if they get it and decide they don’t like it..” kind of stuff. Ugh.

        My oldest crochets hats, scarves, blankets and such. She’ll be entering them into 4H projects this year. She’s super good at it too. Me, I can barely nail two peices of wood together 🙂

      • spinnermom Says:

        So you go into the info and appearance section of the shop and there a few other tabs there. One is for Policies and there is a place where you can type in your Refund Policy. Just make it something like “if for any reason you dislike your order you pay for shipping back to us and when I receive the package I will refund your money.” Then specify an amount of time like maybe one or two weeks that they have to get back to you about a return. If you put tracking on the package you will know what day it was delivered to their mailbox and they have that amount of time to get back to you. After that all sales are final. I have had many customers get back to me and ask if I could make something different or in a different size and since I donate so much of my stuff anyway I just leave it with them to “please pass the item that didn’t fit on to someone that can use it free of charge to them.” Then if it’s something not too hard I just remake it for them. If it’s something that requires special yarn or wool then I ask if I’m going to remake something like that that they chip in on the supplies for it. Make sure you take lots of pictures and add tape measures and rulers in them also so people can’t really grumble about the size because it will them be clearly posted in the photos and description of the item.
        I made a corner of my shop for my 16 year old daughters items also after I saw another mom doing that for her children’s 4H projects. Every now and again she’ll sell a couple of cotton wash cloths, or a stuffed animal she made, and be so happy to have some extra pocket money.
        I say talk to your wife again and reopen the shop! I still swear my stuff is so amateur and I’ve been knitting and crocheting going on 20 years and people Rave about things I make for them. I’ve even had a couple of wholesale orders making 15 and 20 items at a time and it’s nice when you get those little $200-$400 perks that you weren’t expecting! 😉 It’s a bit more work, but well worth it.

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