Healthcare and Exemption-y Crap

Yes, I am trying to blog more.  It’s just some weeks fly by so dang quick, with so much to do. So we’ve been at this healthcare/Obamacare paperwork stuff for weeks now.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Whhoooooo hoooo! So it appears there is now an exemption/waiver something or other, but you’ve gotta jump through their hoops to do it! I am pretty much just the paper runner, and dh is the paper filler outter, filer, and keeper of all things important. He contacts the people, and asks all the right questions, and gets things done. I just know where everything he needs is, and can put my hands on any piece of paper that he needs for anything all the way back to 1999!!! He says, “we need the electric bill from November 2003, and the house taxes from 2008!” I can have both of those items in his hands in under 15 minutes!!! We work like a fine tuned machine like that.

Soooo, the waiver thing pretty much needs to be filed by Feb 15th. In our situation we’re going on the part that says you need to be turned down for Medicaid (because we’re like $50 a month above the poverty line. which I still find as a joke because coming from my childhood I feel like we’re livin pretty damn well. granted we are an odd lot, and don’t have a mortgage, and only one family vehicle paid for, and two flip phones only one of which is actually on cuz I hate phones. 😛 but this is a whole nother rant for another day…) and the only Insurance you can find outside of Medicaid is more than 1/8th of your monthly income. I freakin laughed so dang hard at that! Thee absolute most rock bottom insurance we could find is at least 1/4 of our income every month. A better plan would easily be 1/3 or more! Goes to show you how terribly out of touch the Gooberments and Insurance is with regular people.  And it is why we are still paying for all of our medical out of our own pocket!

I swear I am the only one in this house that went to a regular dr last year, and the only reason I did that was because I needed my birth control. And yep, they roped me in with, “we need you to come back in for additional tests, because there was this thing, and we’re not sure if it’s not abnormal, so it’d be safe if you just came back in”  Of course that was a second office visit, and a second set of lab work. Of which the lab when we called them to discuss our $600 lab bill, Immediately knocked that down to $140 for a “self pay” price! WTF!!!! Of course none of that work was for anything my FL dr’s called me back in for. As a matter of fact the stuff the FL dr’s told me was wrong with me never even came up at this new dr. I guess I was miraculously healed of all of that crap they were telling me was wrong, and now here in CO it’s just a whole new set of problems that the FL dr’s never caught! Umm hummm! And yep, paying for it all out of pocket costs us less than a months worth of insurance cost. Even when Cassie had her allergic reaction we paid for ~everything~ out of pocket *and* moved across the country, and it was still less than paying for insurance. Go figure that!!!

So yeah, if we jump through all these hoops, and get turned down for Medicaid, and then I don’t know how many different quotes we have to get, but then we submit all of that, and then the government does some magical wave of the wand, and either gives us some kind of kickback, or finds us cheapo health insurance that will magically be less than 1/8 of our income! Whheeeeee! And then we’ll have piece of mind, and no fee added to our tax return, and hopefully I’ll go to my ONE dr appointment this year for just a simple co-pay (plus the $320 dollars a month, every month, that they’ll be sucking out of our pockets.  :-/ ) Wheeeeeee, my one dr visit now cost my family $3840 instead of the $250 self pay fee, x2 of course if they find something wrong!!!! Gasp!

My head hurts. I’m tired of paper work. I’m tired of the government and insurance companies. I’m tired of wasting money. 😦

2 Responses to “Healthcare and Exemption-y Crap”

  1. Anna Marie Says:

    Can’t even imagine how awful it is. (shakes head)

    • spinnermom Says:

      The only thing that drive me bonkers is if I could have that almost $4K back in MY pocket I sure as hell could invest it, and do a lot better with it than the insurance company could! The government telling me I have to pay a several hundred dollar fine because I choose NOT to give my money to an Insurance Co grates on my nerves a bit also. Having to wade for hours on end through an enormous sea of websites and paperwork is not my favorite thing either. And all so we can prove to the government that the price of healthcare is too costly, because heck everyone should have an extra $14K a year (the price of the actual plan for our family that we’re trying to get the gov. to lower) to kick around on something that you hardly ever ever use!!! It’s just been a bad 30ish days.

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