The Catz

Soooo, here is a most wonderful cat post.  In November when it started getting really cold the poooooor kitties were scrambling to not have to lay on the floor, and most the time this is how we found them. Two, or three, or four all vying for a spot on the bean bag!

(Wicket and Trout)


Or up on a bucket. It is important to get your bucket space, or you won’t nap well.:-D

(Big Fat Salmon, or Big Fat Baby as we now refer to him. he’s afraid of everything. LOL)


And we all know how important naps can be!  Sometimes you just have to share.

(Maw maw and Salmon the Big Fat Baby)


So what’s a poor kitty to do when all the good spots are taken up.  Well, that’s when I broke out a couple of old sweat shirts, and made the kitties some cat beds.  Here’s the dark purple one, half finished, and Wicket is already in loooove with it.  She sleeps on this one every night now. So basically you sew up the neck, and I stuffed the arms with old socks. I have a bin full of worn out socks that I knew would come in handy for something. I cut the tops off to put around canning jars on the shelf, so they don’t clank together, or the good ones that aren’t so worn get made into sock puppets, or we cut them up and use them in the garden for ties, or stockings get used to support trellised pumpkins/squash, and melons.  Now a lot of the scrappier sock bits have been used to stuff the arms/sides of this cat bed! Then you sew the arms to the bottom of the sweater/sweat shirt, and easy peasy cat bed! Here’s the Youtube on how to do it. Oh, and I just folded an old T-shirt and put it in the body part of the sweat shirt for extra padding, and used yarn to secure it in place like you would a quilted tie blanket.


And that’s as crafty as this blog gets for today. I finished the first six out of twenty four of those heart mitts for the big order on my Etsy.  Ain’t they pretty!!!! They are on their way to the lady’s shop as we speak. I’ve got two more pairs finished now, so only sixteen more to go!  Wheeeeeeee! And more orders came in on the shop, so it’s a good mailing out day! Still can’t believe people are paying for my knitting! But it’s a good thing, because it keeps the kitties fed, and keeps the baby hat packages going out to hospitals!  Yaayy!




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