Some Charity Knitting

So there was also a wee bit of knitting for babies done over the past month and a half.Ā  Not as much as I usually do, but right around the time it got cold everyone decided to start buying things up from my shop. I planned for that all summer, and did my best to keep things stocked. But it seems the other Etsy knitters were correct!!! Once the cold season starts, it just goes, and goes, and goes, and goes. I hesitate to maybe put restrictions on my shop knitting next year… maybe, no special orders between Thanksgiving and Jan 1st? But man oh man, I did soooo well this year, and now in January I have another special order, and things are just rocking!!! I might just get used to this having extra little bits of money around to send out packages, and keep our kitties in litter and food, and I’m able to buy the fibery things I want!

Anyway, on to the boxes that went out because of the good amount of funds coming in!

Here are the hats I sent to my hospital in my hometown back in FL. I usually send them twice this many, but like I said, it’s been a busy season. I’m just glad that back over the summer time I was doing one Halloween hat on Friday, and one Christmas hat on Sundays. I had so many more hats because of that!


Then I sent these lovely hats to Salem Hospital in MA! They have like a hundred births a week, so I doubt this even puts a wee little dent in the amount of hats they need. But, it is what it is, and there are a few warmer babies than there were before, and that’s what matters.


I did have twelve more Christmas hats that I sent to Parkland Hospital, but I sent it out when I was sending out Etsy shop orders fast and furiously, and forgot to get a picture. šŸ˜¦ But there were 9 red ones, and 3 green ones just like those up there fwiw. I also had a few blankets I sent out from my woven squares that I forgot to take pictures of. Just simple nine squares, red and white, and green and white blankets. I need to do better at snappin pics.

These are some hats, mittens, stuffed kitties, neck warmers, and very gently used socks, that I sent to my knitting friend Clara in NE. She gives items to a homeless shelter right down the street from her. I know it’s kind of a thing to give already worn socks, but these were not worn more than once, and two of the long pair were never worn at all. We got them home and they were tried on, and either too tight or just hated, and went right to a basket I have of really old socks that I eventually find uses for (sock puppets, hand warmers, stuffing for pet beds, dog toys).Ā  Clara said if they were washed and looked ok, someone would appreciate them. So off they went.


And here are a couple of beards I made for some dear friends. The red one was for a wee little boy of some friends. The parents aren’t together, and the mom went off with the boy right before Thanksgiving time, and they were afraid she wouldn’t bring him back to the state for Christmas, and his dad and the grandparents were horribly sad, but there were lots of prayers said, and lots of hope, and in a show of support and hope I made these two beards and sent them on their way… and the little one was returned home just a couple of days before Christmas!!! So many relieved and happy people!!! And he looks adorable in his little red beard! Hee hee!


So now I am back to making the mitts for the shop. The wonderful lady wants 24 pairs of the ones with hearts on them for her physical store in Upper Peninsula MI.Ā  She said they would sell very very well for Valentines.Ā  I sure hope so! I’ve only sold five pairs of them so far, but if she can keep them moving, I’ll keep making them! šŸ˜€ Love getting to work with people like that! Here’s the link to them if anyone else wants some while I’m on the mitt making spree!Ā  I have them in several different colors also if you want to surf around the hand warmers section of my shop. And I can put hearts on most anything in my shop too. So happy I got that loom from Hazel Rose Looms! Gotta love embellishments!!! šŸ˜€

Hope everyone is staying warm! I think the whole country is warmer than we are here in CO! It’s supposed to get up to 8 degrees today, but I don’t see that happening. Got down to -16 last night! Running all of our heaters wide open, and blocking off doorways, we could only keep the house up to 62 degrees last night! Brrrrrrrr! I think I might take a portion of my sales and invest in a good wood stove for next winter! Tomorrow we have a heat wave of 27 degrees, and… I’m… looking… forward to it!!! There is something wrong with that picture right thar! :-/ LOL



8 Responses to “Some Charity Knitting”

  1. journeyof7 Says:

    Hahahaha! Looking forward to 27Ā°! šŸ˜€

    I sit in front of my little electric fireplace every evening (that I’m home) & think I should be knitting something. I just haven’t figured out what to start with. *sigh* What does it take to send to hospitals like you do?

    • spinnermom Says:

      Just knit some hats or small blankets, and find a place to send them to! Has lists of thousands of hospitals and things that they need! Usually the bigger ones get out thank you notes pretty fast. Some of the smaller ones if you don’t add tracking to your package you’ll never even know if they got it. But you just have to sometimes trust that the hats will land on babies heads, because that’s what they were sent for.

  2. cjc22 Says:

    Sounds like life is good!!!! I am thinking of making hats with little flowers on them and then plain ones for boys. It’s 3:18 PM New Years Eve and the temp is 67Ā° Happy New Year and prayers for health and happiness coming your way.

    • spinnermom Says:

      Ahhhhh, I miss 67 now! šŸ˜€ I know it’s got to be cold there though because of the humidity! My oldest ds keeps telling me how freezing it is, and now I feel like one of those Yankee people that are like, noooo, you don’t know what cold is!!!! But I reckon in ‘feels like’ temperature we’re within 20 or so degrees. I’m just too chicken to step outside and see what it really feels like with those negative temps. LOL
      Hope you have a very Happy New Years too! I think knitting for the babies is a really great way to ring in the new year! (((Hugs)))

  3. Bridget Says:

    I’m going to look and see if we have something like that website in England. Our local maternity hospital doesn’t take hats as they say they have enough being donated already. They are nice to knit in between stuff though so I really like doing them!

  4. empress27 Says:

    Hey, just to let you know I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! I love reading your blog šŸ™‚ I have the optional rules on my page here šŸ™‚ EmpressFibres

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