Wait for it… wait for it… wait for it!!!

That’s what I’ve been telling my crew for the past two months, and now it has paid off.  We hit the ChinaMart Christmas Clearance sale today! Yes, we did get a few things a week or so ago.  Some garland for the tree, and a Santa hat for my daughter, and a few ornaments for the tree.

We wanted to try stuffing the clear ornaments with my all the scrap bits of yarn I’ve saved over the years. I have about 8 gallons of scraps total, and tried selling it in quart size mason jars on my shop, but I reckon no one really needs or wants yarn scraps for crafting, and “nooo one uses mason jars anymore”, pssshh. I use it to make doll hair, and put fuzzy’s on dusting mittens I make for myself, and now for stuffing those clear Christmas bulbs.  About a week ago we stuffed six 100mm size balls, and it took around 2 and a half quarts of scraps. So, I said if there were any of those clear balls at the clearance sale I’m getting at least $10 worth! Well, they went from being a dollar, to being twenty five cents each! I got 40 of those suckers! Gonna work on them over the next year, and sell them on my shop!

After seeing the disturbing state of our old Christmas stockings, and Santa hats also, I went ahead and picked up six new stockings, and four new Santa hats. Youngest dd just got one, and oldest dd has her fancy blue one, so we didn’t need to get a full amount of those. $1.25ish each for the nice fluffy ones, down from $4 a piece! And we got more garland and lights, all between 75 cents to $1.25ish. We’ve already got enough wrapping paper for a couple more years, but I was low on gift tags and bows, so all that was between 50 cents to a dollar. Spools of ribbon that was four and five dollars last week 75 cents to a dollar today! Wheeeeee!

And then…. at the very last aisle, they stuffed all the Christmas candy that didn’t sell. So I got gingerbread Twix, Mint M&Ms, and about six packs of regular Christmas M&M’s, and 25 cents a box candy canes, and 33 cents (used to be $2) plastic candy cane stocking stuffers. No, I won’t save them til next year. But if you’ve been down the regular candy aisle lately, you know the big bag of M&M’s are around $11 a bag. I just scooped the 12.5 ounce packs for a dollar a bag! That’s about half the price! The lady at the register said, “well, some people probably don’t like *just* red and green M&M’s all the time.”  Psssshhhhhh! At half price! And it’s still chocolate!!! Oh, and then I got middle ds his chocolate covered cherries too! Totallllllly forgot them as his stocking stuffer. I felt so bad!!! BUT they were 33 cents a box!!! So I got him three! Hee hee! It’ll take him til the end of January to eat them all. But he was very happy I got him three!

And then we got a boodle of shirts off the $2 rack of Christmas clothing items too! I think everyone got at least two. Some were really pretty. I got one that said, “Dear Santa, I can explain…” 😀 And another one that says, “I can help you get on the Naughty List  ;-)” The girls got one with a beautiful full moon with Santa’s sleigh silhouetted against it, and ones with kitties and puppy dogs in Santa hats. Austin found one kinda green tie dyed with howling wolves on it. Cassie got a beautiful black one with gold and silver glittery trees on it. They’re going to wear them through January, and then we’ll put them away til next season! And the girls found 75 cent Christmas cozy socks. Looks like they’ll wear out in three or four months of wear around the house, but not too shabby for 75 cents over the $3 they were a week ago.

Oh, and picked up a couple of fleece throws that were $5 last week $2.44 this week!!!! Yeah, they were mostly holiday theme, but for that price, and as much as everyone likes having a blanket here or there to watch a movie, or to keep their legs and feet warm at their desk, it’s well worth it!

I used my new gps track thing that we got for when we go biking to log our trip around WallyWorld also. We walked 4.25 miles in that place today! And that was just the stop we went in with dh, and doesn’t even count the CrazyTown quick run in I did with just me and Cassie. So I probably walked a good 6 miles today!!! Oh, and we made a little crying girl happy!!! I’ve been keeping little stuffed woven hearts that I make in my jacket pocket, and the little one was just in full melt down mode. I had Cassie run a heart over to her and her mama. Stopped the meltdown lickity split!!! That felt good to see the little girl going up and down the aisles in the cart after that, loving her little heart! 🙂

Now for the next five days it’s going to be below freezing, with tomorrow nights low -5 and Sunday nights low -11!!! The most we’ve survived so far is a -2 night, so these are gonna be all new lows for us! I am happy to say we have a good heater for the basement and for the upstairs now, so if the electric goes out for 10 or so hours because of the freeze, we should be A-okay!!!



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