Photo blog! The Shop stuff!

So I thought I would break this up into shop stuff, charity stuff, and da cats! Because apparently I haven’t posted photos since Halloween-ish. Yeah, I have photos of two out of four of the kiddo’s dressing up and trick or treating, and Halloween hats for the hospitals. You really didn’t wanna go back that far, did ya? Didn’t think so. An no we never even got around to carving the pumpkin. About that time was when dh started his grand obsession with everyone getting bikes for Christmas, and we ended up running two or three extra nights a week to town, to either try bikes, or pick up bikes, or swap bikes, or something bike related. Last week all of that settled, and all the bikes are finally home. That’s a whooooole nother blog though. 😛

So here we go with photos of my Etsy shop things. You can look over the things that are left here.  Yeah, there’s still a lot left, even though I sold a whole lot of things over the past three weeks. 🙂

So first we have the beards!!!! A nice lady I know sent me a couple of pictures, and asked me if I could make something like them. I told her they were crochet (everyone knows my crocheting ~sucks~), and they were bobbles, and I had never done bobbles before, but I would give it a try. And then I bobbled, thank you Youtube!!!  I found three different free patterns for these things, and every one of them had something I didn’t like about it in there. So, I did what I do best. I fudged together my own pattern. Don’t ask me to write it down, because I don’t even read crochet myself. But I can tell you how I did it! The main row is 36 stitches, and then 18 bobbles. You have to put a half double between each bobble, so that sucks up the extra 18 stitches. Most patterns had you reverse bobbling the next row. Mine looked too sloppy. So I chain stitched back across, and just forward bobbled the whole thing. Second row of bobbles, you bobble six, and then chain 12 for the mouth opening. Then go to the other end of the beard, and count back 12 stitches for the six bobbles on the other side, and skip over all those middle stitches. After you do your six bobbles turn and single stitch back but I half doubled when I got to the 12 chain stitches to give the mouth area more sturdiness. Then turn and bobble all the way back 18 stitches. Turn and single chain all the way back and do that two more times for a totally of three bobble rows below the mouth. And you’re done!  Then came the attaching of the strings for the ears. Ok so first we tried buttons to button it to a hat. There was mention of velcro also but we didn’t try that. There are some patterns that just do like a 12 or 15 chain and attach it to both top and bottom of the beard and then you get what you get. Loop it over your ears but it doesn’t always fit good and snug. So I started looking over other designs for face masks and talking to friends and came up with this idea to just attach the crochet chain to the top of the beard (I crochet a chain of 40 for each side) and then just run the bottom of it through the stitches in the bottom of the beard. So you can loop it over your ears and then draw it up for a nice snug fit! Works soooo wonderful!!!

So here’s the ones I did for that first order. That’s after successfully making another white one, and a brown one (the prototypes) that the kiddo’s are still wearing everywhere!!! I had to stop them from snitching up any others. Austin questioned whhhhyyy. I told him, no one wants a beard with strings you’ve rubbed behind your ears dude!!!! To which he has now been cleaning behind his ears a whooooole lot more. 😛


After those on the original order I’ve made about three more of each beard, and then I made these for a friend…


One for him and a smaller red one for his grand child. 🙂  Then after that I made another one for my oldest son in FL, and then made another white one for another friend who mentioned she really liked the white one, so I thought I would surprise her. She is here in CO with her daughter for medicine like we are, except her family is split and her husband is living in another state working. We know a lot of families here like that. 😦 So, I thought this would give her a little perk to her holidays.  😀

Then this is a bigger version of that other CO earflap hat up there.  The prototype so to speak. Once again a pattern I hadn’t used before, but I wanted to try it before I made the actual hat. And it worked out wonderfully, so I made the other hat in the size she needed. Now this one is going on the shop. Kitty not included. Nothing like photo bombing cats, eyeballing the tassels!!! LOL


Then we have a whoooole lot of flowery hats! People keep ordering them so I keep making them. The first set…


Then there were these…

The purple hat had all different colored flowers on it.

purplehat1PB230119 purplehat2PB230120

Then the blue hat had just purple and aqua flowers on it. Kinda fun to make so many different varieties. Loads of work adding all those flowers and leaves though. But I am getting better at it the more I make, so it’s an added skill.


Then there was this mega flowery hat! Yep, someone wanted it like this, and I’m sure if I would have added more flowers they would have just loved it more!!! 😀 Bright and pretty and fun and I got to see a pic of the little girl wearing it and I have to say I could probably be talked into making more of these. Simply because adorable little children look really really good in these! 🙂



And last but not least… soon to go up on the shop, one of every bodies new favorites…


And that is all I have for photos of all the projects I’ve been working on for the Etsy Shop!  Next… yes, there was time for charity knitting also!!!


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