It’s not that I don’t want to blog….

It’s just a matter of finding the tiiiiiiime to blog! So, here’s whats been going on. December 6th was my birthday, and I got all of my house in order, and busted my butt for two days so I would have no dishes, no laundry, no nothing to do on my actual birthday!!!! Dh took care of a lot of the “Mooooooooom!” stuff, and the cooking, and then we went out to dinner at Wendy’s. He offered the Texas Roadhouse again. But I had just ordered yarn, so felt I really shouldn’t go big fancy on the restaurant. Plus Wendy’s has a Portobello Mushroom burger that is sooooo good!

The yarn I ordered… That was on the second of the month, and I know with the holidays and Cyber Monday and such I probably wasn’t gonna get it ~on~ my birthday. I did not expect it to turn into a giant fight with KnitPicks, and turn into an 18 day fiasco. But I watched the tracking.  Took them from the 2nd til the 8th to get it packed and to the shipping place. That’s not bad, I know they’re busy. I intentionally did not order any back order/out of stock yarn though, so it could have been a weeeeee little faster. But I was ok with it. It’s the holidays. I’m not gonna push.

Then it sat in FedEx Ground in OH til the 10th. Two days, and it didn’t move. Then it started to go. I had hope.  By the 11th it arrived in FedEx Ground Denver facilities, and was marked for delivery on Friday, and then Friday that got pushed to Monday! So it sat, and sat, and sat in Denver. Not moving for four days. I logged my complaint with KnitPicks that this was crazy, and now outside of the 5-10 days time frame they said I would have it in. Three days later they got back to me, and informed me they were overwhelmed, and they were sorry, and gave me the second $5 off coupon for the store (the first one came when it took them six days to pack my order, and they said, “why not make another order. Here’s $5” :-/),  and tried to tell me the time frame was 5-14 days, BUT I had screen captioned my order page, and it clearly states 5-10 days, not business days either. So at that point we were at day 13 (the 15th of the month) and I’m betting she only got back to me because she thought I would seriously have my package by then, and be all cool about it. She was wrong. It’s Monday, and my package is still sitting in Denver. Ha!

So then she gets back to me on Tuesday telling me it’s highly unlikely that it takes more than fourteen days to get the package.  Ummmm, here we are Day 14, and my package is still in Denver, clue phone.  Just now, it is in the hands of the Denver Post Office! Now I have no tracking because Fed Ex Ground doesn’t provide that info after they turn it over to the PO! So I wait. Wednesday Knit Picks contacts me back again, now agreeing with me that this is outrageous, because she got answers from the PO and they found my package, and it’s supposed to land at my post office on Friday this week. 18 solid days later. Outside of both their 10 and 14 day window! Ha! So they graciously refunded 30% of my order.  Nice! Now we’re getting somewhere!

The other thing that made me bonkers, was on day 16 I get an email from them saying, “get it in time for Christmas! Orders $75 and over get Free two day delivery!” My order was $77+ change. It felt like they were rubbing salt in my wounds. Yeah, yeah, I know they had no way of knowing that their ads would wound me so.  But if 5-10 day shipping is gonna take 18 days how much time is going to be added to 2 day shipping? I have no faith, that whatever carrier they choose, is going to be able to live up to their expectations. Pretty sad.

So on the down side, I lost a $40 sale for diaper soakers. On the upside my Etsy shop is still going bonkers with orders coming in! Wish Lists really really work, just so you know. I have had more people tell me in the past three weeks that they “had no idea what to get them, but this was on their wish list!” Yaayyy! That makes me happy!

This past week I got some Weaving Cards and an instruction booklet on how to use them, so over the weekend I am going to give card weaving a shot! Loads of pretty new designs. And yep, I still have so many pictures to show y’all also! I really need to get on the ball and post here at least every other day or so, or I am never gonna catch up! Blah!



One Response to “It’s not that I don’t want to blog….”

  1. annamatrix Says:

    Oh, honey… I don’t have the time, either. Coupled with no inclination, and… it’s bad.

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